The GT Bicycles Malverns Classic to go Ahead in August

Feb 23, 2021 at 7:54
by Si Paton  

Press Release: The Malverns Classic

Boris Johnson the Prime Minister of the UK, yesterday announced the easing of all lockdown restrictions by the 21st of June in England. The UK's biggest MTB Festival, the GT Bicycles Malverns Classic is all set for the 26-29th of August (Bank Holiday Weekend) at Eastnor Deer Park, near Ledbury, Herefordshire. HR8 1EN.

Prepare for the biggest party in British mountain biking with a packed weekend of challenging and exciting events including flat-out racing across all disciplines. The UK's largest Trade/Expo with over 120 trade stands. Live entertainment with live bands and DJs, licenced bar, free fun fair rides, dirt jumping, pumptrack and the air bag! Then watch the UCi Downhill Mountain Bike World Championships Live on the big screen, all in a chilled out friendly, fun and safe environment.

GT Bicycles Balance Bike Cup
Race over three days to be crowned the Balance Bike World Champion

Eastnor Deer Park is a beautiful venue and we openly encourage you to bring your bike and ride. All of the courses when not in use for either official practice or racing will be open for you to ride at no additional cost to you. Racing? Take your pick of what you fancy entering whether you are a seasoned racer or a newbie first-timer to the start gate.


-15:00 Gates open to the public
-Mongoose Pump Track race
-Live DJ's

The pump track will be open and free to ride throughout the event

-GT Bicycles Dual Slalom race
-Haibke e-Bike Challenge race
-Rippers 4x/Quad Eliminator race
-Balance Bike World Championships - 4x/Quad Eliminator race
-Lezyne Exploder Contest
-Live Bands and DJs

Bring your bike and ride as all tracks are open to ride when they are not being used for official practice or racing.

-Schwalbe Downhill race
-Balance Bike World Championships - Dual Slalom race
-Rippers Dual Slalom race
-Muc-Off Retro Show and Shine
-Dirt Wars MTB Dirt Jump Competition
-TRP Lake Ride
-Lezyne Exploder Contest
-Live Bands and DJs with old skool ravers 'The RatPack' headlining

It's all fun and games at the Malverns

-Watch the UCi MTB DH World Champs Live on the big screen courtesy of Red Bull
-Balance Bike World Championships - Downhill race
-Rippers Downhill Race
-Dirt Wars BMX Dirt Jump Competition
-Funnduro 4x stage enduro race
-Cannondale Cross Country race
-Lezyne Exploder Contest
-Exit site at 18:00

Trail Forks Stage
Watch the UCi Downhill Mountain Bike World Championships Live in the main arena on the big screen.

FREE Attractions:
-Mongoose Pump Track
-iXS Air Bag
-Fun Fair with Dodgems/Bumper Cars, Climbing Wall, Bouncy Castle Slide, Merry-Go-Round and Trampolines

Cannondale Quad Eliminator

Children aged 12 and under go for free, no ticket required. Everyone aged 13 or over must purchase a festival ticket to attend. To purchase tickets and to find out further information, please check out the Malverns website.


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 Can we please get rid of the picture of that blundering bullshitter from the front page We have to see enough of him as it is, I dont come to pinkbike to see more of him Back on topic I really hope this goes ahead
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flag nick1957 (Feb 23, 2021 at 11:32) (Below Threshold)
 yeh what a twat , only 17million people vacinated , no vacine for stupid im afraid mate
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 That's no way to talk about Si Paton
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 @nick1957: Incorrect statement: 17 million people with one dose, just to show the UK > to the EU. Maybe, maybe not. Very risky strategy to space the second dose up to 12 weeks instead of 4 as per protocol considering we currently have ZERO f*ckING DATA indicating this is gonna work. Maybe it's a great choice, maybe it's 17 million doses down the drain. Future well tell.
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flag yrrethtims (Feb 23, 2021 at 11:43) (Below Threshold)
 Let's see you run a country shall we? People like you that have zero regard for authority rly pee me off!!! Get a life
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flag tremeer023 (Feb 23, 2021 at 12:12) (Below Threshold)
 Slagging off a Tory politician - how novel.
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 @yrrethtims: Why would you have regard for an authority that has absolutely zero regard for you, the majority of the population in the country, or the f*cking truth. That's not respect, that's settling into an abusive relationship.
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flag nick1957 (Feb 23, 2021 at 12:13) (Below Threshold)
 @EnduroManiac: too many trees hey. hard to seee the woods for some , just one stupid vacine dose would be good for some. promised myself not to talk with a certain mentality .good by and time may help your outlok
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 @nick1957: how do you know one dose may suffice for some? There are indications it may be enough for people who already contracted the virus. But nothing too sure yet. Especially no one has been tested for their antibodies against covid before their injection, so we will just never know for sure. I hope it works for you but that’s a serious gamble. If I recall correctly his last gamble was ro get a better deal for the Brexit. I am not quite convinced he managed it to say it mildly. Actually no one in the world except some brexiters believe he managed it.

Yep really hope it works cause I have a trip planned to a beautiful EU country : Scotland ???? cheers, and have fun riding a bike.
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 @nick1957: one last comment: stop writing bullshit and read science. It helps understanding.
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 Scotland isn’t in the EU, plenty of people have had antibody tests (I have) and the companies that did trials of the vaccines provided information about antibody levels after the injections. @EnduroManiac:
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 @EnduroManiac: Read the science then - indicators show the extended period between vaccines is working as intended and the UK are now no more than 4 weeks away from stating second vaccines too.

Don’t let weird Brexit comparisons or the fact the government have ruined almost everything else in the pandemic and otherwise detract from the the fact the vaccine rollout is a huge success.
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 @mtb-scotland: the EU thing was irony.
I think you absolutely misunderstood the idea of antibody testing BEFORE injection. That’s related to the concept of a single injection. Whatever.
If the pharma was not testing AFTER injection then they would fail at their job. It’s the basic of a clinical trial. They would neve have been allowed to run a phase 2 let alone 3 otherwise.
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 @justanotherusername: indicators. Yes indicators. Just like what I said. Nothing more so far, and in case you didn’t realize the spacio temporal issue: we have indicators NOW. And totally out of the frae of a clinical trial. Not 2 month ago.
I a not saying the roll out is not a success (what do you change my words?! Or can’t you understand english? Or did you read too fast?) but that the strategy is risky. Very different right? I also said it may work or not. Future will tell. Do you understand now? And I hope it works. Thanks for reading at least twice, and take your time to reflect before answering. It helps sometimes.
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 Oh how I do hope the weather is nice
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 @EnduroManiac: dude I'm a scientist.
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 @EnduroManiac: Getting pretty worked up about this huh?

Sure it was a risk, it looks like it’s paying off and data is coming back to support this, however frustrating you find that.
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 @justanotherusername: it was a gamble and a justifiable one

So far it looks to be paying off, Israel (only vaccinating those without antibodies) & France (only offering 1 dose to those whove already had it) are also experimenting with dosing, the entire world is a clinical trial right now.
What we don't know is how varying dosing spacing will effect long term efficacy
As I said its a gamble, but one worth taking

John's Hopkins analysis this week shows that UK has one of the worst death rates in world and the worst fatality rate!

Johnson gambled on locking down late (twice) and 1000s have died as a result.
His gamble on vaccines seems to be a smarter one (he's listening to the scientists this time)

The UK has
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 Would be a smashing weekend if the sun is shining
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 Blundering... yep Bull shitter.... yep checks out Factually Correct Plez continue
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 Fingers crossed it goes ahead, but to say definitively at this point is a level of optimism I can’t join - not with the absolute shite house of a government in charge and the completely unpredictable nature of the last year.

I give my thanks that the vaccine rollout wasn’t privatised like track and trace as that is the sole above average performance from this shit show, other than the death toll of course (I live in the UK before anyone whinges)
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 How is anyone meant to leave site at 18:00 after watching the world champs? I for one will be having a very hard time walking, stringing together sentences, and just with life in general.
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 I bought my ticket and so have my mates !
Yeah things have been crappy but hey, try and be positive!!
Personally I’ve worked right through the shit storm and played by the rules, I’m gunna get my vaccine and see my friends.
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 hopefully better drainage will be in place so its not cancelled like in 2019. like thousands of others I went to the malverns classic all though the 90s & loved it.
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 No thanks. We won’t be ready for mass events by then, regardless what the clowns in charge say.
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 Lets hope the weather doesn't do what it normally does on a Bank Holiday.
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Posted this on an article about stolen UK bikes. Just gona carry on posting to raise awareness. Please help....

Hey PB how about doing a Weekley post of stolen bikes to help your readers and raise awareness? Had my 7k Ransom stolen and I'm livid Frown The current situation is getting worse and we need to help each other and raise awareness. Anywa, here's a copy of my stolen listing for any UK folk to be aware off. Please like and bump up to the top to help me x

Stolen from Whalley Range Manchester 17.11.20

Scott Ransom 2019 920 heavily modified
Unfortunately I didn’t take a pic after I completed this build. But it was caught in photos of other parts as pictured.
It is the 2019 920 but with the silver/raw finish of the same 2020 one.
I had the horrible sand/brown/orange paint stripped and the bike clear coated.
So it has no branding either but it does have this protective vinyl skin
If anyone has done the same to their ransom, please show me pics that I can use to post.

Look out for any shoddy sprayed ransoms. I imagine they will probably strip and sell the parts and maybe respray the frame to sell later as that’s the most traceable
Serial no GW1805288

Full spec
Large Scott Ransom 920 Bike (acid dipped and clear coated for the raw/silver finish)
FOX Nude T EVOL (I upgraded this to the kashima factory version and removed the branding)
FOX 36 Factory kashima Grip2 170mm black (removed the branding and with a oneup axle and oneup edc steerer tool with threaded steerer)
Hope silver ZS44/56 headset
ULTIMATE USE Vyce 40mm stem
Spank vibrocore bars
Ergon GD1 black grips
Shimano m8120 XT 4pot brakes
Shimano m8000 XT gears with a e13 9-46t cassete
Shimano RT86 203mm rotors with sliver Ti bolts
Race face atlas black 165mm crankset with a 32t chainring
Front wheel: Spank vibrocore 29er rim on a black hope pro 4 boost hub Magic Mary 2.35 soft orange grip
Rear wheel: Spank Vibrocore 650b rim on a spank spike XD hub Rock Razor 2.35 soft orange grip
Oneup V2 210 dropper with the new shimano lever
SDG YT saddle
DMR Vault pedals
Hope pressfit BB

Thanks in advance. Rewards for info btw
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 21st is a best case scenario. Still way too early to predict anything.
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 I was standing in the corner, searching for my rizla....

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