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Video: Young UK Ripper Gives New SixSixOne Helmet a Proper Test

Feb 7, 2019 at 5:18
by SixSixOne Protection  
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The 661 Protection, RESET MIPS Helmet has landed.

A MIPS addition to our best selling full face at the most affordable price point.



The dust barely settled before we hit the road to go test ride our final prototypes. Join us for a rad Reset (first) ride with @lil_o_robbo (aka Owen Robinson) and Caldwell Visuals.

For the first time, SixSixOne are bringing MIPS Technology to a full-face helmet with budget friendly price-point. We’ve worked closely with MIPS to become one of the first brands to feature their brand new E2 System, designed specifically for Full-Face helmets to reduce rotational forces transmitted in a crash.



The RESET MIPS will be available in two brand new colourways – Geo-Blorange for those who want to stand out , and Deep Forest Green for riders who want something a little more understated.

Like our standard RESET Helmet; it will be available in 7 sizes from three separate shells from XXS to XXL, the Reset MIPS will fit riders of nearly all-ages with exceptional comfort.


- MIPS “E2”Brain Protection System - low friction layer designed to reduce rotational forces transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.
- Lightweight ABS shell
- Large angular vents increase cold air intake and heat exhaust flow through
- Large sculpted eyeport for great vision and goggle fitment
- Complies to standards: CPSC, CE: 1078, AS/NZS 2063
- Sizes XXS-XXL (48 - 64cm)


MSRP - $149.99 / €159.99 / £115.00
Shop RESET at www.sixsixone.com


Rider - Owen Robinson (Lil Robbo)
Video - Caldwell Visuals

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 Nothing and I mean NOTHING pumps my nads to ride then a Tommy C video. Every time I watch one of his films I mentally try and reschedule my day to see if I can f@#k work off and ride, more often than not I can't but sometimes oh sometimes I do. Full respect for capturing how turbo rad it is to be a shredded in the U.K and for bringing young talent to the masses.
Keep on knockin em out the park bwoiii
Full bore or f@#k off.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Feb 8, 2019 at 4:17) (Below Threshold)
 I agree hiw videos are great but calm it down with Shredded in UK hahah, one can have this vision painted by Caldwell Visuals and then you meet Brits in Alps or Spain and you wonder... what happened... why do you people hate brake rotors so much? Why do you burn them?
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 Bet he doesn’t wear this off-camera, cuz ITS NOT DH CERTIFIED! These “full face” 661 helmets piss me off, they have not passed the ATSM1952 downhill test, yet they’re marketed like they’re suitable for DH. Thats why they’re light and cheap too btw. Smh
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 @dtm1: dh certification isn’t worth much anyways. Met Parachute 2 got it. Does it mean it is as good as D3 or Rampage Pro? Erm no.
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 @WAKIdesigns: your logic is illogical... thats like saying “hamburger meat is FDA certified but its not as good as filet mignon, therefore FDA certification is worthless”. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Congratulations.
  • 2 3
 @dtm1: well according to label logic you should get a hat with CE, mips, fair trade, DH cert, AsTM stickers
  • 3 0
 @WAKIdesigns: and according to your “logic” mind as well just wear a carved out watermelon.
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 @dtm1: no, according to my logic you have to go to a shop and get the helmet into your hands. Cheapest helmets have never been good. If you cannot tell a solid helmet from a crappy hekmet by holding both, well natural selection will take care of you. If this goes beyond your cognition skills you have more things to worry about than wnether 661 hlmet is safe or not.
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 @WAKIdesigns: WRONG. Motorcyclist magazine tested numerous helmets and found that expensive isn't necessarily better. In fact it could kill you. Snell 2005 standards made helmets too hard before yield. DOT only certified helmets were actually safer. It pays to research the rationale behind different standards. I love the look of this helmet as well.
Read this:
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 @woofer2609: I see no corellation. I didn’t have this 661 in my hands but I had a few cheap generic helmets in my hands and on my head and I would always choose a solid helmet like D3 over them. Even D2. I own Poc Coron and one season on it is enough for me to see how “big and robust” can go wrong. I will not use it again. But it is not me judging the book by the cover here. It is people like commenters above who demand DH certification as if it wasn’t meaningless. I gave an example of a sunday trail ride helmet (Parachute) being equal to D3 according to the labels and bashing this 661 having Nothing to back it up with. Do you remember Bell Super 2R mess? When they were accused of the same thing, yet they provided best chin piece test up to date? All I am saying is that it is foolish to judge a
product by the label, which in most cases mean half arsed tests (as proven by sites like helmets.org) Quite frankly I don’t give a tiniest sht. All I care about is what I and my family wear. People can Mips them selves up their small intestant
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 @WAKIdesigns: you said "cheapest helmets have never been good". Motorcyclist found the opposite and fired the writer because of pressure for advertising revenue from Shoei and Arai. Cheap and value are 2 different things. I think one has to research different standards to find what aligns with them. I prefer DOT with the addition of MIPS. YMMV.
Ride safe!
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 Re-reading my above post, is it normal for a 41 year old father of two and part time teaching assistant part time respectable gardener to be talking in such a way?
F@#k it, watcha gunna do
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 Maybe not normal no, but who the hell wants normal?!?
And any video from Mr Caldwell has the ability to make even the most distinguished of Gentlemens and Ladies go completely off the wall!
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 haha, i could relate to your words very well -40 year old lawyer and father of two (positively) mental boys. at least we are not going to football matches to beat the crap out of other "fans" - u gotta do something to feel alive i guess.
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 If it's not normal it f@#king should be.
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 What's age got to do with it?!? I'm 46, been riding since the beginning. We're the original MTB'ers, right?!
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 I’m 41 as well with 2 kids, and I get stoked from these vids as much now as i did 20 yrs when i was riding bmx. To hell with pretending to be the most mature person online, get out there and have fun!!
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 Nah man never forget your wild side!
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 Im I the only one that thought because of the title "Young UK Ripper Gives New SixSixOne Helmet a Proper Test" that he was going to hit the ground head first? For me that a Proper Helmet Test
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 I was thinking a tree, but yeah.
And what constitutes a "proper" test, anyway?
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 @woofer2609: it means the test took place in the U.K.
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 These clickbait titles have got to stop. I only find myself clicking on about half the articles on pinkbike anymore. With the blatant lies in the title (chasing a drone, giving a helmet a "proper" test), it's impossible to know which articles are lies and which aren't. It makes pinkbike a far less credible website and I find myself coming here less and less due to this.
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 Nice vid, but you test my consumer intelligence with hyperbolic click bait titles!
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 That's not a proper test. not even a test. unless it's a sizing test.
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 Sick video and cheers do us +40 crowd still rippin. I'll be 42 next month still think I'm 25 on most days riding!????
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 If you buy this and ride downhill, on any kind of bike, you're telling the universe you just can't be pissed with doing the research to make sure the helmet you put on your head to potentially save your life is actually up to the task.
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 this kid can ride holy fuck
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 Full face with MIPS for $150 ????
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 BUT the chinbar does not meet ASTM DH certification.
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 Not having the ASTM F1952 rating means this helmet didn't have it's chin bar tested as @ThunderChunk pointed out and as well, large portions of the helmet are never tested at all. The CPSC and CE certifications used here are meant for normal bicycle helmets used mostly by commuters. That means they only test the areas of the helmet that would exist if it were a half shell helmet. That means that everything below your hair line if you got a bowl cut Dumb and Dumber style is pure decoration on this helmet.

Best way to really realize this, go look at this helmet in person next to an ASTM F1952 certified helmet (which is meant specifically for DH racing), feel the difference in weight, thickness to the chinbar padding, thickness of cheek padding...

I was looking at my old 661 comp helmet (the one we all have apparently) and I'm so glad I never crashed bad in that thing, it feels so flimsy compared to my Giro Cypher. Not my Giro Disciple.

As others have pointed out MIPS is not a proven technology, it's just a reason to charge more for product. In this instance entirely hilarious too "Hey, we have MIPS, and we put it in a full face that is only just safe enough for little johnny to use riding down the driveway!"

Come on 661, you're drunk, go home.
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 I can still ride like a 25 YO, problem is I can crash like one too, and unfortunately, I heal like a 43 YO
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 Marketing guy: "How on earth are we going to sell this eye sore?".....
Sales team: "Make it $150"
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 Something about that chinbar and British teeth......ummmm, not too worried about looks.
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 I've tried this helmet. The chinbar ventilation is awful. My hot breath blowing back in my face, hard to breathe. Other than the chin bar I really like it.
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 maybe try some teeth brushing? :-P
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 @BochyTheKid: You should know by know dentists aren't cool here on Pinkbike.
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 @BochyTheKid: haha then I'll have minty hot air blowing in my face!
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 It doesn't look sped up to me, and I'm normally first on the case? Dudes just a loon
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 It is defnitely NOT soed up. Just watch all the dirt and leaves being kicked up.it would fly and fall at an unnatural speed and be completely obvious that something is amiss.
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 That paint scheme looks fuckin sickkkk
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 Get one for kite surfing on west dennis beach
  • 3 1
 Fair play the kid is shredding!
  • 2 0
 kids these days..jk -britsih loamfeat madness is my favourite -mmmmhhh
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 This guy knows a thing or two about testing helmets.
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 Where is this!!!!
  • 3 0
 SW Warrington
  • 2 0
 @s100mphplus: cheers dude
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  • 2 1
 Looks like a session... Mint!
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 Love the colourway of that sled.
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 Please SIXSIXONE, bring the Evolution Helmet BACK!
  • 2 0
 Go on lad!
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 1.51 Nice dismount.

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