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Slicy Announces 2021 Line of Frame Protection & Tubeless Products

Apr 20, 2021 at 1:58


PRESS RELEASE: Slicy Products

Bicycle protections have been made the same way pretty much since they were invented. Until now.
We show off fantasy, allowing the complete protection of your bike and a new perception of it.

Propain Hugene X Slicy Tatoo style
Enduro DH // Mudguard

• 20 designs
• Fits on most of the forks : Enduro, DH, E-bike
• From 26 to 29 inches
• Digital printing / Numeric cutting
• Made of recyclable polypropylene
• Weight : 35gr only
• 19,90€

FUN CAP // Headset cap

• 20 designs
• Weight : 12 gr (screw included)
• Material : Aluminium
• Srew included (black with Slicy logo)
• 14,90€


SUBLIMISTICK COLORS // Frame protection

• 20 designs
• Glossy or mat finish
• Thickness : 160 micron
• UV protection / Non-yellowing
• Self-healing property
• Anti-adherent / Self-cleaning
• From 34,90€
Our 2021 collection is out, with ever more stylish and zany designs. If none meet your design expectations, be creative and create your own protections on our online platform.

With the same desire to stand out through fun, our tubeless range was born.


SMOOTH V2 // Tyre insert

• Easy mounting – cut to desired format (26, 27.5, 29)
• Protect rims from impacts and damages
• Anti-pinch flat system
• Help to finish your run flat
• Run lower pressures / Increase your grip
• Compatibility : 2.3 to 2.6 tyre width
• 44,90€

BANANA SMOOTHY // Tubeless sealant

• Banana smell
• Synthetic latex pure
• Nano Flakes chips from recycled tires
• ECO-REFILL program
• Seals up to 6mm holes
• From 250ml to 5l
• 11,90€ for 250ml
Slicy Banana Smoothy

STICKY LOOP // Rim tape

• New generation polyester film
• Perfect sealing
• Slightly stretchy, easy setup
• 5 available width : 23 / 27 / 32 / 36 / 42mm
• 2 available lenght : 10 / 50m
• From 18,90€

THE ROCKET VALVE // Tubeless valve

• Aluminium 6061 / CNC machined
• 40mm / Universal
• Integrated valve core remover caps
• 12 gr/(pair)
• Robust & durable
• Tyre insert compatible
• From 23,90€


Innovation has been part of our production process since day one, taking what is accepted and making it better step by step, resulting now on fun and pretty efficient products. These two words we try to combine every day.

Click HERE to discover the Slicy universe.

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 "Innovation has been part of our production process since day one"

Gotta be honest, nothing really innovative here. Am I missing something?
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 They named their sealant after a Banana. Innovation!
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 Not a single innovation here as for example the colored protection was invented long before them, and custom top caps, and custom mudguards. The only eye opening here is to see where pinkbike came to, when a brand can make a self proclaimed post as if it was a serious and imparcial review or something....This world is really going to be a pile of shit in a few years...I'm afraid guys!
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flag justwaki (Apr 21, 2021 at 3:24) (Below Threshold)
 It's good these inserts are hidden, I doubt those riders will use them. Cushcore/ Procore are way better and the weight penalty is worth it, even if you already have a DH tire on. This looks like Huck Norris which works for XC but not for rough EWS stages later on in the day where you may not be as sharp anymore and ram into more rocks than optimal.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Apr 21, 2021 at 5:11) (Below Threshold)
 @justwaki: Stop talking and posturing like you actually ride aggressively, I remember your old videos where you showed off your grandma level riding skills.

Nico uses these in ews e bike racing, despite your completely illegitimate and unfounded doubts.
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 I could be interested in that rim tape if it’s stronger than average. Installing cushcore can get wild to the point that I dislodge my rim tape from its seal and I’m left with a tire that slowly leaks air because the tape is jacked. Understand this is user error by not being able to cleanly install my cushcore, but it’s a bear and I’m willing to bet I’m not the only this happens to.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: okay mr ebike shredder. Waki could be a world cup winner he's just too busy winding people up
  • 6 8
 @DoubleCrownAddict: they can downvote you all they want, what you said is true. Wiki is an absolute gaper lmfao.
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 Banana smell is a win for me.
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 YESSSSS!!!! 2020 had Covid and Tiger King. 2021 Has more Covid with Waki and DoubleDownAddict... So trend right now. What a time to be alive.
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 @diegosk: yea man. How long does it take to leak out? My rear tire will basically leak out over night. Such a pain in the ass. I'm over cushcore at this point. There's no way to get the tire on without the levers pulling and tearing on the rim tape. It's so f*cking dumb.
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 @T4THH: he’s winning in downvotes, what am I doing wrong?
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 @skiboot1: I hear you. Some things just should be... easy. It takes some practice and luck to get it right, perhaps they should change tolerances a bit. I hate when sealant is leaking into the rim cavity. For a carbon rim it’s a real problem, especially of one uses alloy nipples. But to be fair... I destroyed some gorilla tape by just installing/ removing DH tires. I think I have a good grip on cushcore though. Maybe I’m just lucky. Procore was waaay worse in my experience. Basterd would never seal around the valve hole right away = small leakage every time until it seals after a couple of days.
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 @diegosk: @diegosk: installing Cushcore was a struggle until I watched their video on how to do it properly. I don't mean that to sound snarky...I just was shocked at how easy Cushcore installs were after watching it lol
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 @swillett116: really? I’ve heard such horror stories haha, this makes me want to try
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 @nvranka: yes. I installed them for customers all the time. Hated it until I actually took the few minutes to sit down and watch their official install video. After that it was easy breezy and no rim tape is damaged in the process. I barely even need levers... can do most of it manually.
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 @swillett116: very nice. Although I’ve heard of wizards who can put wire bead dh tires on by hand, and I’m over here snapping levers occasionally because even after 12yrs of riding and racing I’m still a buffoon with maintenance.

I’ll give her a go. Interested to see what exo+ with CC feels like vs DD without etc.
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 @nvranka: dependent solely on the rim and tire marriage... I can install a once installed Maxxis DH tires on DT Swiss wider than 25mm with my hands. At least as long as I have water around. It ain't easy but it works my thumbs and them forearms a lot... fresh one needs a bit of help with the lever and preferably some soap in the water - or Sealant...
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 Seems like nothing compares to cushcore from what I hear, I've never used inserts. Anyone have an opinion that other brands can compete? I've heard some pretty good things about the tannus tubeless inserts though. Also waki vs doublecrown troll battle ftw!
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 @DylanH93: Procore is best but only between the time it is installed with no leaks and between you flat... and you can flat anything, destroy a rim and what have you. It’s a btch to install and I have no time for this nor will to be covered in sealant. Cushcore is second. Haven’t tried he lightweight one. For XC or Enduro front tire, Pepis tire noodle is very good. Heard T-Anus is good too... Huck Norris - only for XC.

As to DCA I am still waiting for a video of him riding. I’ll lay pancakes above his head and whip his bum until then
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 @Trudeez: monkey sealant. That is a good enough reason for me to buy it!
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 @justwaki: Thank you, excellent break down. And for the record I'm definitely rooting for you over DCA haha!
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 @DylanH93: As soon as I wrote this I got afraid some BMXer will get onto my insta and say: this is not a pancake!!! not even close!
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 @diegosk: get that Cushcore install tool they make. Easy peasey from there.
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 Seeing how expensive these mudguards and things are, I swear down I can make that mudguard in my ex university workshop for less than 10 cents, I think I may open a business of custom mudguards and caps were everything will cost under 2 euro
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flag justwaki (Apr 21, 2021 at 3:44) (Below Threshold)
 Just take the plastic cover of your thesis paper man. Extra points for phallic shape.
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 That's exactly why so many of these companies exist...
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 It's way cheaper to make a mudguard than customize it my friend Wink Don't forget about the artist that draw then... If not, we would sell picassos for 10 bucks as it's simply a canvas with paint lol
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 20€ for a mudguard, yes, no.
And does "Help to finish your run flat" should be listed as pros when selling a tyre insert?
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 For 20€ you can 3D print like 50+ of these. Minus the flashy design of course.
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 As for the runflat aspect of the inserts, pinchflats aren't the only reason you might get a flat tire, so it makes sense to advertise. Then again, having worked with and ridden similar inserts, they don't offer as much protection as other systems and add no sidewall support.
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 Stylish and zany to remind us not to take the sport so seriously.
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 I'm dyslexic and of Italian heritage. I keep reading it as Sicily Sicily inserts are likely made of foccacia.
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 Tat Fony
  • 2 0
 I always have a mudguard installed to protect my overpriced fork...and I like the ability to customize the graphics, but Fox forks already have threaded bosses. You can install a molded plastic fork with screws and not use rubbing zip ties to secure it. I know the investment in tooling something up to fit is way more than laser cutting stock and digital printing but I like the integrated look and it closes off all the ribs so they don't fill with mud too.
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 DCA and Waki arguing in comments is gold
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 They're two cheeks of the same arse.
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 Is this the old waki back from the grave? At first I thought it was someone new but this really seems to be the exact same guy.
  • 1 0
 @DylanH93: I really don't know. It might be, but I've seen at least one other account claiming to be waki recently.
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 It may just be me, but selling frame protection kits with unique art, and not actually letting you see the designs before you buy them is kind of strange.
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 I like their designs and and have a few of their mudguards for my bikes, in fact I just bought one yesterday for my new bike. Well made, good designs, quick shipping, I can't fault them.

If I ever want tire inserts (I don't ride hard enough these days), I'd give them a try. Sealant? Not so sure - I was caught out using 'Peaty's Sealant' when it first came out a few years ago, when the first batches weren't up to scratch, so I'm very very loathe to move away from Stan's there - despite the banana smell! (And my Balcony is still covered in glitter!).
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 Amazing mudguards, the customization tool is very well made. It's a nice present idea to make a custom mudguard that matches your friend's bike
  • 2 0
 Amazing how you can easily customize your mudguard with your trail dog's face!
  • 2 0
 never had a mudguard on my bike, do these tiny ones do anything or am I better off getting something like a mudhugger?
  • 1 0
 I would go for a Mudhugger, no advantage of a smaller one in my opinion
  • 2 0
 They do a lot imo. You can get them for less than 5 bucks elsewhere though.
  • 1 0
 @colincolin: Yep, they do a surprising ammount of work for their small size. They catch the water & dirt which otherwise would make it's way through between your fork stanchions and get blown back in your face by the headwind.
  • 2 1
 they keep a good amount of dirt from making it's way to your fork seals, but they offer little to no protection to the rider
  • 2 1
 They do what they're supposed to do. Catch mud thrown up by the front wheel and prevent your face from being blasted by dirt. You'll obviously still get splattered by trail debris no matter what, but your goggles will not be caked after the first corner. They won't keep your lower body clean though. They're mostly about keeping your vision clear. Bigger ones like mud hugger work even better. I have the medium and large sized Zefal fenders and they look and work great imho. They're also relatively cheap.
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 I've always used a mudguard. Less for the mud and more for the dry summer months where it's super dusty. Definitely helps reduce dust on the fork stanchions and headset area. Plus there are pretty cheap one and I like the look.
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 I tried the insert, its a little better than first gen HuckNorris but far from as good as rimpackt/panzer.
I like the Mudguard.
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 As someone who works on older bikes, i can tell you old sealant does NOT smell good. I wonder if this will fix the problem...
  • 3 0
 Or make it worse. Old banana smell... YIKES!
  • 3 0
 The thought of putting Slicy in a tire should make everyone nervous!
  • 2 0
 Is the smell !! Tha smell .....
  • 3 0
 So edgy.
  • 1 0
 Am i the only one thinking, that producing latex dispersions which smell like food isn't a good idea?
  • 2 2
 Vouilloz runs the Slicy insert apparently. That’s gotta mean something if the Professor uses them. Seem to work for me too
  • 4 0
 It means he gets paid to do so. He'd probably run fresh baguettes if he was sponsored by the local bakery.
  • 2 0
 Et is the cleanest rider ever so he obviously doesn't need this! I just install their foam to protect my new set of wheel that I already pocked on a landing. Easy and light, not the burliiest option fit sure, but just buy what you need (and stop trashing like all the thread does!)
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