Win a chance to ride with the SOLOS athletes!

Dec 18, 2010 at 13:35
by Mitch Cheek  

Hunter, Sorge, Agassiz, Gulevich, Doerfling and Buehler!

Solos Productions is proud to release our site to the world! To celebrate our launch we are giving you the chance to win a day of biking with our athletes! Also a chance to be involved with the production crew for a day.

We hope you enjoy our site and look forward to providing you great content!

Attention fellow mountain bikers!

I know that you would all love to ride with your favorite pros. What if I said you could?

Now that I have your attention, this is what we are up to and how you can win a day of riding with one of our athletes! Go to and check out our store. Purchasing a screen saver enters you in to a draw to ride with the athlete on the screen saver. It also enters you to win an autographed poster of the screen saver. There is no limit on your purchases, so the more you buy, the better your chances of winning are! You will see that there are two screen savers that have more than one rider, purchasing these screen savers enters you in to a draw to be filmed by Solos or for you to join us on a day of filming with the pros. We are proud to offer you this opportunity!

Check out our site at, add us to your favorites and come back often to follow our adventures!

Rules and regulations can be viewed here. There will be separate draws for North America and Europe.

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 I'm too scared! What if I win? And look like the talentless dork that I am. Oh No!
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 Ha, I agree, I'd be happy to win but nervous to ride with these guys.
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 So where's the disclaimer that says, "No purchase necessary."? Hate to be a stickler here people, but it's actually illegal to run a contest where you are required to purchase something, as that would turn the "contest" into a form of gambling, which would require the contest organizer to procure a lottery number from the government.
  • + 1
 yeah i was looking for some small print somewhere but i cant find any...
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  • - 7
flag D1rtJumper (Dec 21, 2010 at 0:15) (Below Threshold)
 I beg to differ.
  • + 19
 They expect me to pay 2.99 for a desktop picture? HAHAHAHA
  • + 1
 WTF you could just download it for free
  • + 5
 I'd rather just put my name into a hat and someone draw it out randomly.
  • + 2
 hmm pay 2.99
or right click - set as background?
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  • + 3
 sorry, but this is a terrible idea!!

Buy a screensaver for the "chance" to go riding with one of these guys?

Come on, are these guys really that arrogant that they would expect someone to "pay" just to go riding with them? I personally doubt it , because mountain bikers are some the friendliest people on the planet. But that is basically what this "contest" is saying.
  • + 2
 Sorry but this is lame. Why is it in mtbing that the film makers and photographers are out to get all the credit instead of the riders?
I feel that the current climate in the mtbing industry for film makers and photographers alike is bs, I want to see more by riders for riders influence in the global scene and cut all the slo-mo art school film crap out! Where is the raw feeling and the camera angles that show pictures that we can relate to as fellow riders?
I feel that it also needs a type of 'body' to tread on the toes and make people up their game! like ffs what ever happened to smooth style in comps and people actually getting tricks dialled…i know its out there happening but if i have to watch another sodding slo-mo front or backflip in gonna go insane! haha!
sorry turned into a rant…i need to go ride my bike and get off the computer!

ps. I actually like the photo at the top. but why have a not well composed pic with a cameraman in it…?
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 I appreciate your feedback! With this contest we have two 2 objectives. We are giving half the money to the athletes and half the money to funding our projects. When it comes down to it, we as a crew want to work together and we are looking for ways to make sure we can keep providing "you" videos and photos on a regular basis!
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 They do more money than it costs to permit this to somebody... and they still say "We are proud to offer you this opportunity!" ?!
How can that be ? Actually people who buy a screensaver offer this opportunity and an additional profit.. there is nothing these guys can be proud of...
  • + 1
 Just a question for all you here how much do you spend on renting a movie at blockbuster. If buying these posters means I get more videos and photos to look at... it is a no brainer! Remember the reason why you are on here. It is because of the riders and the filmers that are making content for you to post your awful comments. These guys have everything to be proud of....
  • + 2
 yeah im with Worm-Burner what if you do win and your a like bmx'r or a dirt jumper you will obviously get smoked by all the pros!!! they will prolly be sitting at the bottom of the trail when your half way down!!
  • + 6
 then dont enter its that simple
  • + 1
 Screen Saver != Desktop Picture. Just saying...
  • - 2
 2.99 for a chance to ride with the pros that’s f*cking cool don’t know what your all on about

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