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Jul 27, 2010 at 10:49
by Jordan Holmes  
Known in the biking industry as a videographer, Taylor Sage has recently been added to the SRAM corporation to create unique content featuring their riders, and products. Before that Taylor was working on a video project called Antonym, and was part of a video and photo company with Adrian Marcoux called Sagerian Media. Taylor Sage has his plate full, so...

Here is some insight into Taylor Sage...To start things off who are you, and what do you do?
My name is Taylor Sage, I am currently the videographer and party liaison for SRAM.

Where were you born, and where do you reside now?
Born in Newport Beach, California and I call Costa Mesa, California home. I live 3 miles from my birthplace and I plan dying there after outliving all of my friends on a strictly Dr. Pepper and bacon diet.

How did you originally get involved with video? Have you ever done photography?
Cameron Zink and I were having a slumber party at my house when we decided to make a video, shortly after Git Sum was introduced to the world. I decided my mountain biking career was coming to a close, bought a Sony VX2100 with all the money in my bank account (I vomited in the parking lot from anxiety), quit my job and went out to Utah with Cam to follow around the Freeride Entertainment boys. I developed a relationship with those guys and a few months later Big D called me and asked if I wanted to work for him. I had no idea what I was doing, but apparently I played the part of a cinematographer well enough until I developed some camera knowledge. I do a lot of photography with my cell phone and that is the extent of it.

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What was your first video camera?
Sony VX2100.

What camera do you shoot with now, and what program do you edit with? Mac or PC? Why?
Sony EX1 that also wiped out my bank account and caused me to vomit. Final Cut Pro on a Mac because it's what I know.

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Quick reasoning for the the love 26 inch wheels?
I feel like people who ride other size wheels are confused.

Clearly not confused
Clearly not confused

What is Sagerian Media?
Myself and Adrian Marcoux. We are a marketing powerhouse for hire, he shoots the photos and I shoot the videos and as a team we make your company look really good.

Now that you're working for SRAM what is going to happen with Antonym?
Antonym will happen, I ran into some budget concerns there for a bit, but it seems to be back on track. I'm really hoping to have it finished for Crankworx or Interbike. Tyler Morland is being really strict so hopefully Crankworx.

If you could shoot with anyone, anywhere who would you take and where?
I would take Evan Warner (SRAM mechanic) to any sleezy bar and film his interaction with big girls.

Who is one person you would like to shoot video with, but have not been able to?
Megan Fox.

Clearly is Megan Fox...
Clearly is Megan Fox...

What's the craziest thing you've witnessed while on a shoot?
Bourdo breaking his back, which was also the scariest thing I have ever seen. We carried him off the mountain on a tail gate a solid 50 miles from any kind of civilization. Smutok sinking his snow mobile in the lake at Highland was pretty amazing too, watch for it in Antonym. Blatant plug.

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What's your favorite place to shoot? Least favorite?
Green River, Utah is both. It's a bad ass place to shoot, bangers galore, but the whole middle of the desert-being stalked by sixteen year old girls and ingesting the same meal for weeks at a time doesn't sit well with me. Did I mention the 3% beer?

What's the best part about mountain biking in general? What's the worst part?
When I actually get to do it and lycra clad kooks.

You did a road trip to Canada years ago and ended up racing mount Seven. How did that road trip change your life?
Basically since the birth of "The Battle Bus", Griz's 1978 Tioga motor home, my life hasn't been the same. The things we did in that motor home are priceless, memories I can't remember. The entire trip was documented by one of our buddies and apparently there will be a movie about it soon. We were 18 year old shit heads on a mission to race and we took things into our own hands.

Who's played the biggest part in getting you to where you are? Who has helped out the most?
My parents first and foremost drove me around to races my entire childhood. Everyone at Freeride Entertainment made me the filmer I am today.

What do you have planned for the near future?
Antonym is a big one, when I get that finished it's going to be a good day and mainly just putting out web edits like it's going out of style.

Where do you think you would be if you didn't pickup videography?
Two words, paper hat.

Any shout outs you want to give out?
My parents, my hot ass girlfriend, all my crews around the world, "a for effort", "liquor pigs", "delicate geniuses".

Filming wise, Big D and the guys from Freeride, Tyler Morland for making sure I make good decisions, Brandon Semenuk is tickling Adrian's foot right now and it's weird. Mr.Malek my English teacher in high school that told me I was a waste of a brilliant mind, The Game, Dr.Dre for making The Chronic, Lynyrd Skynyrd for Freebird, Paul Basagoitia for ballin, Anna Kournakova, the game called "lime in the eye" for entertaining me and WU TANG.


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 Oh man, Taylor Sage actually made something of himself. I was expecting to hear of him getting ravaged by a grizzly or passing out drunk in Mexico and never returning. Good to see that the 18 year old shit head got his shit in order and is producing some sweet videos. Proves to all those haters that he is actually about the riding.

Taylor Sage gets an A+ for keeping it real.
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 And on second thought, this is about the best example ever of the rebels taking over.
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 Why no shots of him riding. He is crazy smooth and boosts higher than just about everyone else.
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 There is one on the article...
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 Dear killacali
How can you ride a bike when you have beer goggles like that?
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 Dig his videos, good feel to them. Really like the fact that he doesnt slow mo EVERYTHING.
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 Dialed!! I always though he was from Aptos, but I guess not. Socal represent!!
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 Look at Megan's left thumb, she an alien! I still definitely would tho...
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 That, sir, just made my day.
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 yeaaaaa Tsage tellin it straight!
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 Wow i was worried that Antonym was a lost cause!
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 Nice T-Sage.
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 that is sick!
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 what's the song's name?
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 i was being sarcastic
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 Straight balla
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flag killacali (Aug 19, 2010 at 1:24) (Below Threshold)
 DUDE, how did you meet megan fox???Wink
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 Look at the pic little closer and think one more time!
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 facet chyba sobie jaja robił albo chciał byc smiesznyBig Grin
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 way to go
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