BikeBlingZ Announces Unique Bike Accessories

May 30, 2019 at 19:22
by stiingya customize your ride


For those of you looking to distinguish the style of your bike from everyone else! We have some creative suggestions! We call these "ShredTubes". I know, kinda cheesy. But hopefully in the way that keeps the name rolling around in the brain!

The truth is our bikes, even budget builds can be rather expensive! And for sure there are a lot of us who would never dream of covering up the brand name or factory designs and logos after spending all that money on them! We may fiercely debate style and seem to go back and forth between wishing bikes were available in wild colors OR were just simple, RAW as the welds or layup would have left them. But just as fiercely, for a lot of us, we want to distinguish our bikes from the factory floor. And to throw in with all the various and amazing accessories available I'd like to add the ShredTube

For certain there have always been custom head tube badges; but most often they are specific to the frame or brand. Sometimes they require commitment in how they attach and the holes needed in your frame! Also, some of them are rather flat and not very dimensional. The idea behind BikeBlingZ is to create unique and personal designs, not limited to just a brand or niche. Based on collaboration and interaction and the inspiration that gets us out on our bikes! (not like it takes much to get us out on our bikes) They are not permanent, they are very light and flexible and mount with 3M extreme tape quick, easy and secure for most mountain biking. (Maybe someone will ride off a Rampage launch some day for more testing data?) They are one size fits most, good for straight or tapered tubes but for sure some angular carbon bikes might be tricky. Change them as you change your style or change your mind, OR keep around for as long as you keep your bike! (It only adds to the style when you wall mount your favorite ride!) So I'd like to encourage you to comment, follow links and stay connected while adding your thoughts and ideas to the mix. I'll be continuing to reach out, interact and update!

I know, my Photoshop skills are lacking some realism here, and likely you wouldn't spec a green badge with orange stickers. But at least this gives a quick idea of new possibilities.

bigquotesThe idea behind BikeBlingZ is to create unique and personal designs, not limited to just a brand or niche.

The dimension is desirable! Prototypes have been tested for months now with no issues other than maybe needing a wipe down with the rest of the bike!

Here is a sampling of some proposed new designs. (Follow this link to see more.) Some are from my initial thoughts on this concept of bike accessories, and others added along the way from talking to fellow riders or from posting in various forums and getting feedback and ideas. I started with the Pirate/Skull N Bones because I often feel like I need to steal time to get out and ride. Life is often hectic, and family and friends come first! (Fortunately, some of them ride too!) I've added to these sketches every few days at least and value more input on the designs so far and new ideas to come!

New designs added all the time. Collaborate and share your passion!

I also try to post new idea's here and feature my humble and hefty steel super model in various poses around the trail. I'm no Photographer and don't pretend to have any mastery of the art. But I do like the memories...

So, if you make it as far as the Kickstarter page you'll see that I probably hit the ramp without knowing what kind of landing I'd have. (Which is really unusual for me cause I'm scared of heights!) Time is running out on that specific endeavor. BUT, I'm going to follow it through because I don't want to give up on this idea and because hit or miss I will learn from it all and the website will build on this idea, one way or the other providing access to BikeBlingZ accessories. Let the comments flow and the ideas and collaboration come forth!

Thank you!

Words and Images by Chris Stenger


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 I would like to order some with phallic designs to put on my friends bikes. The more lifelike the better.
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 for "your friend" right... JKN!
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 I'm expecting some heated discussions over the many controverises this product brings to the floor.
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 Awesome !

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