How to do a No Footed Can

Aug 24, 2010 at 16:22
by Wil White  

People have been asking me how to do NFCCs so I thought I would post a blog on how to do it! This is the way I like to do it. Many others will do it differently, and these tips may not work for everyone, because that's just what this is, a series of TIPS on how to do one.

How to No Foot Can inside,

Here's a quick description that may or may not help with no footed can cans. Read on if you want to try one, or if you need help completing the trick.

First off, find a good jump. Step ups are always nice as they hurt the least. I recommend finding or building a softer landing. Just throw a layer of fresh dirt onto it to help. *You should be able to do a no footer before attempting this!*

Make sure to have a helmet on, and body armor with knee/shin pads as they will always help as well. Don't get frustrated and keep trying. You will get it!

When you leave the lip of the jump, use the preload motion to lift your body over the frame. Kick your legs out, and bring your body back in, glance down to spot the pedals and ride away.

Step by Step:

1. As you're approaching the jump, crouch down to prepare to preload
2. Push up off the jump like a normal preload, but also use it to slightly help you lift your feet over the frame.
3. Drop the rear end of the bike to allow your feet to clear the top tube. This should happen as your outside leg is going up into a "cannon ball" position.
4. Kick your legs out to the side.
5. Using the bike to help, suck your leg back up into the cannonball position.
6. Use your arms to level out the bike and extend your feet down into the pedals. If you miss the pedals, or don't catch them in time, let the bike land and you will still drop into the pedals. If you miss, save your balls and shins and land on your ass.

1. Getting up and over

Let your outside foot, for me it's my right leg, start to go out for the can, bring your other leg, my left, up into your chest to clear the top tube. Note the dropped rear end.

2. Extension

Kick your legs out. Start mellow and then experiment with further extension/twisting. Different styles include the SuperCan and Indian Air, along with lots of others, such as pushing your legs down, instead of to the side.

3. Bringing it in

Same thing as getting out. Bring your inside leg up into your chest and over to your pedals. Your outside leg just needs to come in towards the pedals. Again, note how I dropped the rear end to allow for extra clearance.

4. Landing

Look down for your pedals if you need to, suck the bike up into your feet, and at the same, you let yourself fall back into place.

When done correctly, it can be one of the best tricks to look at, and you always feel stylish when you do it. It takes practice to land a good can can, as you can see, I'm still working on them!

Here's some awesome examples from the PB community!

Great example by Kieth Christman from the Ridgecrest team (Photo By bikeridgecrest) :
Sequence shot showing the step by step maneuvers
Sequence shot showing the step by step maneuvers

NFCC Backflip by Scott Alleyn (Photo by: DishBoy14)

Me on the DH bike!

Huge Extension by Sam. Photo By Bolesy

-Wil White
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 Another tip that might come in handy (may not work for everyone) Kick to the opposite side of the foot you have forward. So if you ride right foot forward, kick out to the left. This just means that when your pulling everything back in, your feet should just automatically fall into place.
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 Yeah, I forgot to mention that.
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 Thats a sick write up Wil! Thanks for the tips!
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 I actually wrote this like 2 years ago, and just never published it haha. No problem though dude!
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 Nice write up!
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 que loco até a noite vçs andam!!!e isso ae.

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