Summer of Summit: Why Does Winter Have to Come?

Feb 18, 2015 at 2:52
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Do you find yourself spending your off season days entranced by your favorite videos of summers past? Who isn't transfixed on bikes during a winter season, especially when this winter just doesn't seem to want to start....when trails are visible from the base of the Bike Park, it's all we seem to think about!

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Justin Roy
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 Fuck winter!
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flag Daddybear (Feb 18, 2015 at 15:46) (Below Threshold)
 Best period of the winter is the summer
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 Winter is over here. 10 °C and sun. Semi-dry trails. Leaving the office when i finish my coffee...
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 I'm from SoCal we have no winter
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 Central Cal, no winter either and summers are pure hell.
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 Santa Cruz, hardly a winter. Still totally able to shred. California for the win!
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 Yeah I love California, I'm so thirsty, does anyone have any water?
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 Here in utah its been 50s and dry all winter aside from one snowday.. And I guess it might snow this weekend. But it's like winter never came haha! Sorry to rub it in... Wink
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 I think they are referring to ski resorts and lifts. F*ck skiing melt that snow at first chance.
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 Here on the northeast our trails are covered by 5 feet of snow
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 Gives me the confidence to try new things, nice cushion to land on.
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 I loved the video and the music. The riding was stellar, and the intro was creative. Good job. Now if you excuse me, I have to get my gear ready to ride in Laguna tomorrow. It will be sunny and 65-70* and nobody will be on the trails. (Sorry - was that mean?)
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 I'm counting the days until Northstar is open for bikes again. I only got one day at Northstar last season... It's all I've been thinking about
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 at this rate it will be sooner than later
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 Thats the hope
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 I have been riding in Cumberland and Campbell River all winter. Thinking about some shuttles on the dh bike in Forbidden. Hopefully winters bounty will not feck up the summer.
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 Dylan kissed my brother at bills last summer
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 that got me emotional man. thanks now im all sappy great edit though!!!!
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 The extension and hold on that Sui was killer!
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 Snow? What snow? Even the local mountains in Vancouver don't have snow...
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 It would take two guys with shovels about an hour to clear crabapple hits of snow.
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 Been riding at lunch time, almost too hot. And this week end I could go skiing, or doing some sea diving.
Who need heaven when there is such place on earth?
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 That shot at the end, that face is priceless
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 It must be really rough having an actual winter... Thanks Vancouver!
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 Ride = Awesome
Music = Massive Downer
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 I live in whistler. Plenty of riding this "winter"!
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 Funny how we race in winter in Australia to say cool Razz
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 10 degrees on the east coast today and half a foot of snow. Cannot wait for spring.
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 This edit is sick, that intro was steller Winters bull-shit, summers much better.
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 Sooooooooo rad boys!
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 If you live in Vancouver it doesn't.
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 Awesome video, amazing music and great rider Wink !!!
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 Radness of the highest order!
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 You know the guys a beast on a dh if he does a backflip...
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 Was that like Christian music...
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 they have good stuff on the bar! ( at 00:39 )
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 dam that was sick!! that guy at the end hahah
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 now there's coastal gravity for us in BC
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 Holy steez in that one. That no foot can! Yeah?
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 Awesome vid, Deserves VOD guys
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 Great vid
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 great vod fur sure
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 What is winter?
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 That was sic as fuck!
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 Winter? What's that?
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 Nice one, Dewey.
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