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Video: A Kingdom Odyssey

Oct 22, 2014 at 13:50
by Elliot Wilkinson-Ray  
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A Kingdom Odyssey was shot in Vermont’s Kingdom Trails ( perpetually rated one of the premier mountain biking networks in the country) only a stones throw away from the Canadian border. The trails include the Burke Mountain Resort downhill trails as well as the Kingdom Trails Association network - a non-profit comprised of over 50 landowners.

Featuring pro gravity rider Adam Morse (POC) and trail design legend Knight Ide (Santa Cruz Bikes, Shimano, 5/10) the video showcases the variety of riding available in Vermont, from tight single track and gnarly rock lines to manicured jump lines.

PR images for Kingdom Trails video

PR images for Kingdom Trails video

Intro narration by Political Scientist and former Professor at the University of Vermont, Frank Bryan. Read his books.

The Wilkinson-Ray brothers of T-Bar Films grew up mountain biking and exploring in the Vermont forests, and have been dedicated to capturing its natural beauty and quality riding.

This production was supported by the Kingdom Trails, Burke Mountain Resort, and VMBA (Vermont Mountain Bike Association).

Kingdom Trails Association
Burke Mountain Resort
Vermont Mountain Bike Association
and T-Bar Films

PR images for Kingdom Trails video

PR images for Kingdom Trails video

Kingdom Trails

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 After visiting Burke and KT for the first time last year I finally got up the guts and pulled the trigger... Quit my job of five years, Broke up with my girlfriend and moved 4 hours away from Boston to study Mountain Resort Management at Lyndon State and after being in the North East Kingdom for only Six months I can honestly say it was the best decision I've ever made
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 Your courage inspires. Big congratulations.
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 have to do something like that soon, too.
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 Welcome to VT. You apparently get it.
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 You....I like you
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 Fuck yah buddy! Welcome to the NEK.
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flag XCMark (Oct 23, 2014 at 10:15) (Below Threshold)
 Less than an once in Vermont is a civil violation of $200. Vermont has a long ways to go before it's really kewl!

Oregon has some of the best trails in the states and less than an once of personal is legal, with no fines or warnings.

I have to give it to VT though, I was there about 6 years ago, the place is extremely beautiful!
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 Well done! Growing up 3 hours away from NEK, I can say it played a very important part in my riding and what world class single track is like. It was so good that's all we eventually went to for family trips, weekend rippers, etc. Its grown a ton since then, especially with them actually having a bike park, and can only imagine how insane it is now. Enjoy, you lucky/smart bastard! Wink Also check out Barre, VT if you get a chance. Increjubile.
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 yeah bud! i'm up in VT in a very similar situation. shred it.
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 I think it's important to keep in mind that the trails on Burke Mountain were actually built by the Kingdom Trail Association and are now under the management of Burke Mountain Resort- so it is essentially all the same interconnected network of trails built by the same people with a range of technical difficulty from one end of the spectrum to the other. The range in technical difficulty mainly results from the difference in the terrain from one place to another. All the trails have flow, but the mountain and the terrain approaching the mountain tends to be steeper and more rocky. The fact that you can find that range on the network makes it so everyone can find what they want and have fun- which in turn means that a small local economy can find some stimulation from the visits. So no reason to bash, it's not about what sucks or is boring for you- it's all mountain biking! Choose your pleasure and enjoy the access to 100 miles of trails which is hard to find on the East Coast where we don't have access to large expanses of public land.
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 I rode Upper and Lower J-bar for the first time in late september and I can honestly say that those trails are some of if not the best trails I have ever ridden. Upper and Lower J-bar for my style of ridding ( I ride a Nomad with a coil shock) are insanely fun. I spent the entire summer traveling across the US biking and as much as it pains me to say it my Favorite trail is in VT. If you are complaining about the Kingdom Trails or Burke I suggest you ride Upper and Lower J-bar. If you are still complaining after that then there is no pleasing you.
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 Those trails are super versatile and fun. I rode them on a carbon V-10 and it was life changing and awesome! I STILL daydream about those trails and it was months ago...
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 I've only riden lower J-bar, and i really like it. However, if you go over to kingdon trails side, find the trail named Troll Stroll, AWESOME! So much flow, speed, tight turns and good descents. You'ld love it. MY #1 trail for sure.
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 If you ride DH and haven't ridden Burke yet, I cannot recommend it enough. I've ridden most places in the northeast, and Burke is one of the best. Magnificent dirt, no lines, fun for days, and a killer atmosphere. I only had two days to ride on my last trip east, and I spent one of them at Burke having the time of my life. I went to burke every winter as a kid skiing. The place was incredible but kept going out of business. Mountain Biking put them back on the map, and they know it. Hats off to ide, and all others who made this place sick.
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 Is it just me, or does anyone else love the Bronson?
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flag lookoutkd14 (Oct 22, 2014 at 21:36) (Below Threshold)
 its just you...
  • 5 1
 Sure do! Bronson C is my best buddy since april; game-changer!
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 I Love my Bronson as well. Best bike I've ever owned! Just ripped it at KT a few weeks ago.
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 My bike is the best I have ever owned. I have a trance X with a 160mm fork which makes it a real ripper given that it's a 120mm bike(in the rear). I'm just waiting for the HT to snap given my 8 foot huck-to-flats....
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 Once again, east coast is very under rated !
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 That whole area is so legit, absolutely love riding/being there.
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 Live in Connecticut and me and my friends make KT our summer trip for camping and riding. Something for every rider there, so much fun!!! If you have a chance to go there GO, you won't be sorry.
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 Kingdom trails are awsome! I invite you to check out my edit of the Kingdoms trails , not as cinematic as this one but it features the some of the cross country, Burke Bike Park and Upper J Bar, enjoy! www.pinkbike.com/video/381084
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 Managed to make it out here before moving away from the East, Killer spot, had a great time. if you live near its a must visit.
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 YEYE way to rep VT, T-Bar! Super sick edit keep it up
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 Everything in Vermont is awesome. Except Phish. Phish is worse than Ebola.
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 I grew up riding these trails about 40 minutes away from my home. Amazing area and good people.
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 Galloway belties... Dinner!
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 KT and the bike park are both soo sick and much more to come with both!
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 Naaaw yes
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 Upper JBar at the end…?
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 Dh trail
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 I don't know Knight, you weren't on a Sinster.. Still impressed that you did it on a 6x6, now lets see you launch it down the freeride trail!
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 This place is off the hook!!
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 I love the KingdomTrails! it keeps all the tourists south of the border!
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