Send It, Episode 2 : The Rise - Video

Dec 3, 2015 at 6:37
by The Rise  

In the Second episode, Matt Macduff makes Bailey Peckford and Fran Vigs grab the shovels to teach them the only rule a dirt jumper should follow. After building their own jump line, the boys head to the Skatepark for a quick session and then hit the bridge to call it a day. Do they have what it takes to survive? Only one way to find out: they’re gonna have to SEND IT! If you haven't seen the first episode yet, make sure to Watch It Here!

MENTIONS: @the-rise


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 MacDuff is mountain biking. Everything about the dude is so right. Positive, fun loving, shredder, DGAF attitude. So glad he is helping mold the next generation of slayers!
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 MacDuff = SLAYER
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 I love that @mattmacduff pitched this to the groms' parents and they apparently thought it was a good idea.
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 Awesome parents, make awesome kids
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 I don't think there's a single video of Matt that I haven't enjoyed. Can't wait to see what was thrown down at the jumps!
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 That means a lot, Thank you!
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 I had my bike fall off my rack last summer in Nova Scotia the same day I rode with Matt at the skatepark. Coincidence? lol
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 Built up my wifes bronson up, and on her third trip to the trails it came off on the highway, dangling off the back of the car by the wheel strap at 120 km/hr.

she peed her pants. buhahahah
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 Oh man, my "bike-falls-off-of-my-roof-rack" story was terrifying. I was driving down Hwy 403, which everyone in Ontario knows. It was a really windy day, but I was off to go build and bike about an hour and a half away with some friends of mine. Driving at about 115km/h I passed a truck when a huge gust of wind hit my car, and I heard something go above me. I immediately look in the rearview mirror and see my bike bouncing down the road and a car swerve to barely miss it. It bounced off into the ditch and I had a heart attack. Because there weren't any exits I could turn around at yet I sped up to 160 and found the closest bridge I could do an illegal u-turn at (bridges are paved between the separated directions of the highway and are mainly reserved for cops catching speeders), and I ended up drifting my way through cause it was largely gravel. Sped up again and managed to pull over where my bike had bounced off. It takes me a couple minutes but I find my bike, and the frame is okay! The new wheelset took it like a champ and only the back rim was bent a little bit (Hope Pro 2's and Mavic 823s, if anybody's interested). Some stuff got out of line, and my derailleur and hanger were bent to shit. But a trip to the bike shop and I got everything trued. Still the scariest moment of my life, I was so worried thousands of dollars and a bike I loved had just gone down the drain.
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 That was the most dramatic story I've ever read... As long as I'm still conscious when I crash - it's always my bike that gets all of the attention lol.
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 Same here. My bike is the first thing I worry about as long as I can move lol. On the downside though, the bike that fell off my car is now broken. I cracked the frame bucking to flat to impress Bas Vansteenbergen (to be fair it made him and his buddies laugh). Then the next ride I took it off a tiny 1 foot drop and it straight up snapped
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 Matt Macduff is so freaking good for mountain biking!
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 Thoose kids are so lucky
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 Awesome front tuck to dive- good form and execution. Judges give a 9.6 Macduff is the future.
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 Wasn't that tuck to dive from their cameraman? I think he is the shredder in question.
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 That kids bike was like "you guys went jumping without me, so I'm going jumping without you!"
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 Macduff for president!
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 @mattmacduff you sir are the epitome of mountain biking!
Keeping the vibe alive by passing on hard learned lessons is one of the truest qualities of a good rider! Massive props to you for showing the world how teaching should be done.....
In a fun, relaxed friendly atmosphere!
These young dudes are gonna go a long way!
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 Keep it up Macduff! Loving this stuff. As a high school mtb coach I was super stoked to see you teaching the groms about yoga! Super important to be fit if you want to shred!
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 I'd give anything to be those kids, looks so much fun. Macduff is a true legend.
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 Definitely get in a Drop In vibe from these videos, which is awesome.
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 That was good!!
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 Cycle Culture at its best
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 peckfords 360 triple bar in the next episode
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 getting ready to see baileys whip to bar crash
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 The camera dude had to get in on it. Awesome
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 I wish there was some way of knowing what bike Matt macduff rides!
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 Macduff is MTBing in its purest form.
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 Loved the skatepark gap! Soo buttery smooth! Big Grin
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 Pure fun ! Smile
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 Gnar af!!!
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 Gasoline? pyro? no?

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