Video: '4 Seasons' Showcases Annual Evolution Of Bike Trails in the Alps

Feb 22, 2023 at 1:52
by Thomas Lapeyrie  


In this “4 Seasons” movie we show that T-lap have been testing the entire wheels set from @mavic over the pasts years. It was decent to watch the evolution from the different kind of tracks enduring kilometers, elevation, altitude, rough terrain, mud, snow, dirt, speed, shocks, roots, ruts and crashes… We’re extremely lucky living in the middle of the Alps with so much terrains who are pushing the boundaries.



We’re proud of our range 100% developed in France and made in Europe.

Summer DEEMAX 29 // Autumn DEEMAX PRO

A video thanks to:
Julien Bevillard // Clement Fromont
Jean-Baptiste Bazzarini // Mathis Decroux
Riders: T-lap & Leo Jaegle

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Thanks for watching, See y'all on the trails


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 Man, I hate reboots. Long live “Seasons” (200Cool
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 Owned/built many a Mavic wheels in the past.
Crossride, Crossmax and many of the rims (even the ceramic brake track). Road - way way more of the rims.
The other day in the shop had a customer’s mnt wheel w/ 4 proprietary broken spokes. Simply no dealer/shop support in the US.
Oh how the mighty have fallen.
Hope they get their distribution issues sorted out.
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 tbf any wheelset of theirs i've seen lately (oem or aftermarket) came with a handful of spare spokes per wheel.
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 That said, all for Mavic to made a comeback.
The French produced wheels were very popular for the road/mnt high end market (Helium, Ksyrium, CrossMax and others).
The lower line was made by Maddux in Taiwan and while it did have a lower cost they just didn’t have that same magic.
Have a Ciocc with a full Mavic 801 build (Star cranks, chamfered bb shell for their special bb), Mavic road clipless pedal (adjustable float) and Mavic GA40 tubular rims - very in touch w/ the history.
Bonus - they did do Zap, the very first road electric shifting system.
Besides wheels they had clothing, shoes and many other skus - perhaps to many irons in the fire?
It’s the business/distribution end is where they continue to struggle
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 I used to love mavic wheels. They were the best but now it's like they've disappeared. It would be good to see them nmake a comeback
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 They did come back. I got a set of Crossmax SL wheels. They were cheap for the weight, came with tubeless valves and nipple spanners and they hold up exceptionally well. Plus you get a three year warranty.
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 I have been riding deemax wheels for one season.
Very strong rims (no dents) but also very heavy, very good hubs and reliable as well. But the rear wheel went out of true very quickly, I don't know if it's the 28 spoke lace or the industrial assembly or the rim and hub geometries.

Hand built ex511 on dt350 with 32 spokes stayed true for 2 years without even touching them.
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 What happened to the full yellows.
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 miss this good old time !
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 No flowers in spring, dead trees in summer, and fully overcast skies in fall? This is not the best that the Alps have to offer.
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 Would be stellar to have a list of all the trails ridden in the video...
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 Summer looks colder than Spring.
Checks calendar>
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 makes me wanna go ride!!
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