Video: Ripping the RAAW Madonna V2 on Loamy Trails

Apr 12, 2021 at 2:51
by Tobi  

Timo and his brother Robin are avid Enduro Riders in their free time and like build trails near their hometown in Germany. They are friends with the owner of RAAW Mountainbikes and embody what the company stands for. In a normal year, they travel with a bunch of friends to BC in the summer and hit the usual trails: Pemberton, Squamish, or the huge jump line "Crabapple Hits" in Whistler Bikepark. When that's not possible, they try to push their riding in slightly less exciting (but still fun) forests near Stuttgart.

The new trail they built called "Auenland Express" is a short fun natural line with many roots and a few jumps. It even features two trails signs that are handcrafted by a friend of theirs. It's easy to think that the riding here doesn't even compete with any of what Canada has to offer. While that might be true, the loam and the stoke were on a similar level. It shows you don't need to live in the most promising location with world-class riding to become an exceptionally good rider. Timo and Robin only ride for the fun of riding bikes, and that shows in the video.

Not all good loam needs to be Canadian.


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 Dear everyone, please stop using this same song for EVERYTHING. There are quite a few songs in the world to choose from, you don't need to use only one.
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 oh no hopefully you didnt start a trend to only use this song like calling everything a session
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 There's also... SAILLLLL
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 Also I don't know if this is a thing outside the UK (I assume not), but this song is also used in the bits before the trailers at Odeon cinemas, so every time I hear it, it makes me think I'm about to see a bunch of trailers for movies I probably don't want to watch. Especially sucks because I can't go to the cinema.....
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 haha, I wasn't aware this one is so overused, I promise it's the only and last time I'm using it
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 I've actually never heard this song before. Now if they'd have used 'Sail'
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 @Freakyjon: traumatic flashbacks of Crankworx Rotorua coverage with that song on every 2-3 minutes
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 I agree. A mix of Napalm Death and Prokofiev would have been much better Wink
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 This and "Yeah we're golden, babygirl we're golden"

No matter how good your footage, riders, and bikes are, your edit is basic AF if you use this song.
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 @Freakyjon: @codfather1234 seems like what the people want is the SR Suntour team vid
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 I thought Raaw edits were supposed to be 100 seconds with no music. I feel Jibbed.
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 Looks like a super fun ride Smile .

And I love the Madonna. I don't think one is in the cards for me due to their pricing over here, but I love their aesthetic, and how purpose built they are.
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 Indeed. It was.
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 Sweet bikes and nice trails.
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 So when the v2 came out, I emailed to try and get one. I got a response almost 2 months later letting me know that I could get on the pre-order. I mean 2 months to get a response..... I would love to have purchased a bike but that in the sales world is called really bad customer service. I also visit the site every few weeks and every time I visit its the same SOLD OUT! Why even bother making media or marketing material if you never have bikes. I would have loved to own one of these but I am convinced that they are mythical unicorns.
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 Not the experience I had at all, they are a small shop. Cut them some slack. I got a response after a bit and they didn’t even require deposit. The communication and updates on the order were excellent. Now DHL absolutely tried to destroy the bike on the way to me here in California but Ruben and RAAW made it right.
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 @tonybah: So basically you want me to cut them some slack because I got next to 0 customer service and had a bad experience, just because you had a good one does not make them exempt to a bad one.

In a stacked competitive market you have to be near perfect or you lose sales. Covid changed that, RAAW is one of many that is overwhelmed and selling out of bikes. Most of the bike industry has terrible customer service of late.

If you compare that to my industry where my clients require answers fast, like in hours fast. I would have no clients if I responded at the speed that most bike companies and bike shops do.

Covid has literally made most companies not give a damn because they are selling product so fast and that is a fact.
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 Yeah, i've spoken to Ruben owner of RAAW) about getting a bike before. It was cool chatting personally to the owner of the brand. He replied quickly, and was super friendly and personable. I didn't end up purchasing a bike yet we still bounced a couple emails back and forth despite him knowing I wasn't going to pull the trigger. Real Brand with real people, i'd love to ride one oneday. There are lots of good bikes out there, I think aligning with a brand that embodies good honest ethics, principals etc. is a great differentiator that will swing choices for many riders. Being small, they're probably slammed past what their infrastructure can handle. They're a genuine crew that care.
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 Hi @Snowsed341 , we're very sorry to read about your experience. We normally get back to all inquiries within a few days, so something must have gone terribly wrong there. It has been a challenge in the past year to manage the demand and communicate as honest and transparent as possible about it. But we do provide regular updates and also insights on our website to learn more about our company. Anyways, it surely is possible that we messed up somewhere, which shouldn't have happened.
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 @RAAWMountainBikes: Appreciate the follow up, and I know things happen!!
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 That's a prime example of ,like 95% of riders in the U.K. Far too much bike(less fun) for the trails being ridden.
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 Own one really good capable bike & set up perfectly for you, use it anywhere & everywhere, have fun.
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 IMO, people rely too much on the concept that you need to have and use the absolute perfect bike for the conditions you're riding at a particular time. Plenty of guys own 1 bike, overbiking their daily trails but then have a capable, reliable platform for shuttle riding or some alpine vacations. Besides that, many would be surprise by how easy going a full blown enduro bike with lots of anti-squat is with light tyres and wheels
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 @Arierep: Fully agree! I run my Trailduro bike here in the lowlands with XC tires and a few PSI more in the sus and its still a blast. With the RS pistons I even change the front travel as its 5 minutes work and makes it a bit more aggressive. Even manage to pass some of the Lycra folks every now and then and it makes for some extra training. Swap the tires and have fun in the alps, too. That way I get to own one dope bike than 2 or 3 mediocre ones as there is a limited supply of leaves growing on that moneytree.
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 I completely agree with everyone saying run what ya brung, doesn't matter if it's not the ideal bike for a given trail, just ride the bike you have and have fun... But it does seem an odd choice of trail for an edit to showcase that bike.
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 Actually now that I think about it, perhaps they did that intentionally to try to combat the notion that a bike like the madonna needs burly trails to really be fun. I mean that notion is true to some extent, but often exaggerated I think.
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 I'd rather ride my overpowerd madonna all day long than beeing underpowerd that one ride in the Alps...
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flag jase111171 (Apr 13, 2021 at 5:53) (Below Threshold)
 I've had big enduro bikes as they call them now,and have gone back to a trail bike.I still ride everything I could with more travel it's more compatible with most if the trails I ride,I wouldn't go back to an enduro bike now.I have a cheap DH bike for uplift days,but I could quite easily ride all the DH tracks in the UK on my trail bike if I didn't have the DH bike.Took a Trail bike to Whistler for 10 days no issues at all.Also most people on enduro bikes in the UK can't even ride them totally over biked for their capabilities and track choice. 160+ Travel bikes are common place on green and blue routes
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 @jase111171: who cares? bikes are fun, do what makes you happy.
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 @jase111171: that’s all well and good, but having ridden with Timo I can confirm he’s a f*ckinng ripper who uses every mm of travel available to him. Overbiked for sections of that trail, perhaps, but certainly not overbiked generally. The dude shreds.
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 I don't get it either. We know you can ride a 160 bike on smooth trails, but not sure we need to see a video of it? Show us the bike on trails where you could really smash it!
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 over the years with better riding ability I realized that its a matter of how fast you ride a trail. I started with a hardtail and a 130mm xc bike but nowadays I bottom out 160 mm easily because I ride faster into stuff and jump higher.
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 @twltr: absolutely, thats why i‘m looking at that bike every other week. most of the time i ride this style of trail, but i like steep and rocky. so when its time to do that, i can use the same bike. range is what counts for me.
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 This kind of trails are funnier on a hardtail... but this is just an opinion from an old punk rider Wink
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 @speedfreek: I'm not denying he's a top rider,be nice to see the madonna really put through its paces by these guys
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 Who cares what other people ride.
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 @jase111171: Choose a bike and be a dick about it
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 Making Espresso - check, scenic shoot - check, music - check.
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 Cool bikes, cool riding, cool spot, cool guys... what else? better music probably.
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 Hell yeah! How I hate those travel restrictions preventing to visit the old folks!
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 I read it as "spotted a gt bike that looks like a session"
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 Jungs, wo isch des? Geiler Trail! Grüße aus Waiblingen
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 cool trail, where do i get one of those shirts? anti butt crack shirt seems like a good idea. or bibs i guess...
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 You find the shirts at @ridemonserat
And yeah, the anti butt crack bib would have been a good idea
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