Video: How to Land a 360 Quad Truckdriver with Matt MacDuff

Dec 10, 2014 at 17:02
by Tom Grundy  

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19 jumps in total is what it takes for Matt MacDuff to land the world's first, 360 Quad truckdriver on a mountain bike to dirt. As seen in the hit film. 'Pure Darkness - The Roadtrip'

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 Matt MacDuff is definitely one of my favorite riders. Not just because of his awesome tricks, but because of his enthusiasm and the way he works with other people. For example, I have an english project on dirt jumping where I had to interview a professional, so I e-mailed Matt, and he got back to me really soon and he's just an awesome guy! Nice work and thanks matt!
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 Super down to earth, humble guy who's so chill and easy to talk to. Mad respect to him Salute
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 AND...he reps with pinkbike tshirts!
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 he needs some brakes! xD
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 He once replied to my comment on facebook on one of his pictures. I felt so special.
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 I got a chance to talk to Matt at a little slopestyle comp in Richmond, VA. First off, it was awesome and unexpected to see him there. Second, his brakeless riding was so effortless and smooth it blew my mind (he rode half the course backwards, turning stepdowns into stepups). Third, he spent a solid five minutes talking to me—it was right after Project Breathe Easy came out, and we talked about how his sister has cystic fibrosis, how I lost a friend to CF, and also how rad the project was. He's struck me as such a driven, passionate, talented rider who uses his riding as a tool for positive change in the world. If that's not doing it right, I don't know what is.

Also, quad trucks.
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 awesome video guys. When will there be another review bazooka?
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 That took some serious dedication.....and seriously funny looking handlebars
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 those bars are dope!
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 The only time brake less makes sense
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 I have an uncut avid line that feels like it's 6.5 feet long. It wraps around my head tube four times (like I'll ever need to wrap it that many times, can't even bar or whip yet).

But I see both sides of the coin. The line looks stupidly janky with it wrapped four times, and it starts to coil up after unwrapping it about twice.
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 lol but world first mtb quad truck has been done with a brake, on the little spine Big Grin
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 Also there are hydro rotor...
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 you can mount a brake lever on the frame in a convenient location to kick it with your foot.
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 no hydro rotor. For example, my storck hydro formula rx can spin 6 times from side to side. And its stupid to mount it on the frame - u can see,that with brake control bike in air easier, and its good for tailwhips and especially,on frontflips.
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 I had a dj once and I put the lever on the seat tube where the front derailleur would mount and would squeeze it with my lower leg/calf. No cables on the bar and far more stable than taking my foot off the pedal. No more stupid than suicide shifters. Just because its unconventional doesn't mean it won't work.
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 I still don't know how to land this and I've watched the video many times
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 I love seeing behind the scenes stuff like this that shows people not landing stuff the first time, gives some perspective. I have that much more respect for Matt now, and I already knew he was insanely good!
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 I can barely ride a bike...
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 19 jumps... and a couple decades of riding...
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 Truckdriver vs barspin?
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 truck = 360 + barspin, no?
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 I thought it was when one hand stays on the grip.
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 Leaving a hand on the bars while they spin is called a bus driver. Don't worry though, took me several years of BMXPlus reading in my early teens to figure that one out.
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 Learn something new everyday.
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 So then what's a taxi driver?
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 The edit this is in is insane and got video of the day a week ago: []
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 Hold my beer...
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 Just saw a video of a 360 5 barspin on a bmx. I don't even know what you would call that.
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 360 Penta Truckdriver?
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 @Tamasz In that case this would have been worlds first 360 tetra truckdriver! lol
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 i see he uses "mexican brakes" too...
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 Did he actually teach us or just look awesome?
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 whats that sweet beat at 2:44 nice vid btw
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 now how to land with matt macduff?
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 What kind of bars are those?
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 ns district = insta quad bar
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 Such a cool chap!
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 Who's the shoe sponsor?
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 That was all-time!
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 barspin much??
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 hahahaha the music
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I don't have on like this when i build a trail..
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 porn ???
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 "Mountain Bike"
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