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Video: Rob Warner Kicks Off his Attempt to Ride the 100 Mile South Downs Way in One Day

Apr 18, 2021 at 13:33
by Trail Creatives  

bigquotesIt was only meant as a joke, to try and ride the 100 mile long South Downs Way on my Vitus E-Sommet in just one day.

With the help of a modest 5 Shimano EP8 batteries, I set out to try and conquer the famous ridgeway from Winchester to Eastbourne.

Watch as I try to ramble my way through 100 miles of some of the UK's most scenic countryside, providing both education (in the form of my vast history knowledge) and entertainment to the masses.



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 I find that the "Riding xxx mile/km in a day" Challenges just dont make as much sense on an E-Bike. If you get tired you can just change to turbo-mode. Espacially if you have 5 Batteries. I also have no comparison if 100miles is actually a lot or not. 100miles on a normal MTB is crazy but on an E-Bike... I dont know...
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 Agreed. Totally pointless. Welcome in an assisted world...
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 @gnaralized: I think the fact that both are from the 'other side of the pond' explains how you clearly just don't get this video or what Rob Warner is all about.
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 @ Downdahill

I am pretty sure it is just done for a laugh, he is not really trying to argue the fact that it is harder than none assisted riding, that is pretty obvious. It is just a fun video about Rob, who plays on the fact that he is "old" and doesn't like pedalling up hills etc (who does anyway) I am pretty sure he does not have anything to prove to anyone anyway.
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 @teamdoa: exactly. If you take the video seriously and start judging about ebikes etc.. then you just don't get it at all. Rob Warner always plays on the fact that he hates pedalling.. and he's sponsored by Vitus so he's doing a job!
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 Oh my! Next they will start criticising eggs!?!
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 its like "im going to attempt to ride 100 miles on my motorcycle today it will be tough think of me" i dont see how any challenge on a machine that does it for you is a challenge?
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 @markbe: Bellend.
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 @markbe: another dumb4ss missing the point. FFS
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 @st-lupo: Oh sure! Sounds fun. Let me try: Eggs are to easy to break. They exhibit weakness. They are multicolored on the inside so they clearly are unsure of their identity.

OK not nearly as fun as I hoped
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 Agreed. Motorized endurance - WTF? I get it could be fun, but in a nice long drive kind of way. Whatever.
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 @TrekXCFactoryRacing: Try squashing one in your hand..... :o
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 I’m looking forward to the day Warner jumps an actual shark on his ebike.
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 Underrated comment
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 Or take a flying huck at a rolling donut... I miss him in old womans dress saying "God doesn't need any more flowers" or when he tried to tip over a Toy toy with Commencal rep in it in VDS. Maybe he sustained brain damage on that lift with Tippie... one pirate joke too many,
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 Please can we have some racing so we can go back to Commentator-Rob who I love, rather than ebike-youtuber-Rob?
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 Thats if Redbull’ll have him back after these videos!
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 At the end of the day hes still a human who has to put food on the table. Cant have had many pay cheques last year with the distinct lack of events. Plus if you dont like watching it, dont watch it! For what its worth, we’re never getting freecaster rob back. As much as it would be the best thing ever...
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 Some people on here take Rob Warner far too seriously...
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 Yup. but they're non-europeans so we can forgive them. sort of.
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 Yesterday I did half this distance in 3,5 hours, with no batteries. On occasions I did similar rides within a day. A lot of people I know ride much more, some much older then Rob. How is this news main page worthy?
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 It's nothing to do with the riding, it's because Rob's channel is a very particular brand of fairly dry comedy that many people (myself included) really enjoy. It's particularly funny if you were into the UK MTB scene back in the day when Rob was 'racing' (by racing I mean competing in pro-level off-bike carnage) because the contrast between young "I don't give a F**K" Rob and middle-age Rob with an egg-obsession is so striking!
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 cos robs a funny fucker
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 As someone who as ridden some of the southdowns way, it's not the distance, or even the climbing that gets to you... it's the number of goddamn gates you have to open, waddle through and then close again.
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 @jackhammer1: So lifting an ebike over some of those gates might be the biggest challenge?
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 @Woody25: I have been into the UK MTB for ever and I think the joke is just wearing thinner than his hair.
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 @Woody25: shocked there was no mention of Kaprun 1996 in this episode! Love Rob's YouTube, hilarious stuff.
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 He’s great.
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 Best boring video award - cool to see a part of England I used to know so well! Thanks Rob hope you finally break out after this one!

In ebike snack-related news I'm getting about 13 miles per hot cross bun (available widely throughout BC around Easter) or 17 miles per egg (available at every other driveway.
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 Wow, that is surprising. A Rob Warner video that has riding for more than half the video.
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 Fair play, riding a bike for 100 miles sounds boring as hell no matter how many batteries you have. I do predict a failure to finish in part 2 though. Get it down rogate for a bikepark e-session with self uplifts, much more fun than a dull xc ride.
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 I've ridden it. Thirteen hours. I marshalled the South Downs Way Randonee in the 90's - quickest time then: 11:44, by an Ironman competitor. It's a fantastic route. 10,000 feet of climbing. People come from mountain areas thinking it's nothing and then blow up part way. That's the route. And the hilarious thing for me is that I did it once, soaked by rain all the way. I mean stair-rods. Water in the top of the collar and out at the socks. But when I arrived at Eastbourne, a marshall said 'where have you been?' - all the riders ahead rode the whole distance in sun, and all the riders behind too. I simply rode at exactly the same pace at which a front was moving west to east. Miserable. AND WARNER? It's just fun, for goodness' sake. He's converted to ebikes and it is indeed weird going back to full on human power. He can be irritating, thoughtless, insightful and humorous all in the same five minutes, like all of us. I'm a lot older than Rob W, and I am nowhere near getting an e-bike......yet.
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 Hell back in the 80s we used to ride an old Sears or jjc pennys 10 speed 70-80 miles on an event call the bike-hike. It was a benefit type thing. Did 78 miles one day from 7am-3:20pm when I was 14. Wearing Levi’s, a t shirt and flanel shirt with a pack pack and canteen of cherry kool-aid. Love it.
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 Well done..
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 I'm just here to watch the ebike haters lose their shit....
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 remember that show “Drunk History” i’ld like RW to do something like that.
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 Excellent video. Really sells the Vitus ebike well. Lovely journey and very interesting and funny commentary. Not enough videos like this if you ask me.
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 for someone who, on the face of it, simply used to race and now commentates on racing, he sure gives his sponsors bang for buck.

Pub question: would you pay Rob Warner, Reece Wilson or Remy Metailler more to represent your brand?
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 @mountaincross: That's where my mtb team dollars would go too. He's Rob but better riding and fewer batteries.
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 ewww 5 batteries. That's five too many
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 Winchester is my old home town back in UK, lovely to see it looking as fine as ever. The SDW is a fun ride :-)
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 Winchester (Alresford) lad checking in here. I miss the rolling hills of Hampshire having moved to London but at least they're more accessible than a flight from the other side of the world!
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 Hmmm, how about an Easter long weekend doing this:
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 Look out for warner's watching paint dry video series.
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 Lol wtf. I've done it several times in a day and I'm fat and almost 50 on a 160mm bike.
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 Yeah OK
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 @dirtjumpur: I'm going to guess that weeksy has completed the route within a single day, on several different occasions; rather than doing it multiple times in a single day.
I too have done it in a single day, on a 150mm bike.
I have no real desire to repeat the experience, but its more a case of stubborness, pacing yourself, and an iron taint than a test of aerobic fitness.
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 @AyJayDoubleyou: lol yes, sorry. Different times, twice at night which was epic.
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 Lunatic... running! Gold
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 100 miles on an eeb with 5 spare batteries.... oh
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 How and why is this front page worthy?
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 You clicked on it tho...
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