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Video: Rob Warner Rides the New Red Tech Trail at Bike Park Wales

Apr 11, 2021 at 13:04
by Trail Creatives  

bigquotesWatch as I become the first person to ride BikePark Wales brand new red run for 2021 “Groot”.

Built entirely by hand, this technical red trail was built in some part by almost every member of staff at BikePark Wales, from the shop to the cafe during the COVID 19 lockdown. This brilliant idea allowed everyone to stay in work a couple of days a week during lockdown whilst getting everyone to get on the hill to experience building a trail. The result is an amazing technical red run.

BikePark Wales re-opens to the public on 26th April, make sure to get down there and try this trail for yourself!


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 13 minutes of talk, 60 sec of actual riding. Eeeek...
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 Sounds like Rob Warner... talk about Rob Warner, give nods to the memers in your comments, maybe ride a little.
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 I don't watch RW videos for the riding.
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 right. what a waste of those 60sec.....
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 Built entirely by hand, christened entirely by battery.
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 You’d think he’d be a little self conscious when raving about hand built.

I loved the screaming about being out of breath 30 seconds into the trail. Maybe if he exercised occasionally instead of riding his moped everywhere...
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 Yep. He’s always on that stupid ass ebike @Blackhat:
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 @Blackhat: he's like 72 years old. cut the old codger some slack!
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 Got to raise the emissions somehow
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 @conoat: I do. If he wants to ride an ebike for some or all of his riding then great.

But he recently made a video where he gasped and wheezed his way up the trail on a bike and insultingly says he doesn’t know why people ride them.

That was when he ran out of slack.
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 @conoat: he isnt as old as he looks.
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 @Blackhat: oh no, someone made a joke! gotta be offended now.
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 @Blackhat: you might be taking him a bit too seriously. lmfao
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 I would almost consider this a flow trail instead of "natural tech trail" =D
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 Rob is the gift that keeps on giving. Puts a smile on my face every time!!
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 As long as it isn't all massive jumps then it should be good...Roots is still one of the best trails there.
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 Obviously trail should have called “Lockdown” with at sign at the finish saying... “Lockdown ends...” or “you have completed lockdown...” etc...
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 Rob is the Ricky Gervais of mountain biking. Plus he can still ride a bike fast even if he goofs around all the time.
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 in for the comments
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 Him harrassing the other guy about rattling down the trail at the 7:00 min mark was so funny.
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 Excellent. Good video and nice trail.
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 Lovely little trail, cannot wait to cross the border and get back there.
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 I next episode: Rob Warner dresses up as a woman and says God doesn't need flowers. Then talks about brain injury he sustained by sitting with Brett Tippie on a lift and listening to his jokes all the way to the top of Whistler mountain.
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 10 seconds on an e-bike........................................meh
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 Is he on a bloody e bike? C’mon Rob man that ain’t mountain biking
  • 3 2
 Do people put e bikes on uplifts?
  • 6 1
 yes, they do at bike park wales, i couldn't believe what i was seeing the first time i saw it being done,
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flag mcozzy (Apr 12, 2021 at 13:01) (Below Threshold)
 Hell yeah. Bottom of bpw and I'm on the uplift bus again whilst the acoustic riders are still pushing up the hill.
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 @mark3: this is so british! I have never in my life witnessed so many 25 year old dudes pushing their bike up a 10% incline for 100m of elevation than when I moved here! wtf mates!? the thing has a 5:1 gear on it, wheels and pedals!?????

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 @mcozzy: acoustic bikes haha, are they fitted with the latest 12 STRING gearing,
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 @mark3: "acoustic bike" is the most irritating phrase in MTB.

did we start calling toothbrushes "acoustic toothbrushes" when electric ones were invented? NO

it's a f*ckin bike, and the electric ones are ELECTRIC BIKES!
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 Nice flow trail...still waiting for the tech.
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 Wonder if TLD will give him a jacket that fits properly.
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 electronic motor bikes suck!

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