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Treelines Official Launch

Nov 5, 2014 at 9:12
by Adam McCoy  
We've been tromping around the woods for a while now. Building trails, riding bikes and coming up with new ideas for a clothing line dedicated to trail building. After several years of learning and growing, we finally put a line together that we think is solid enough to share with the world. Treelines is for profit, but we donate back to local trail clubs and build crews. Trail building is what this is all about. We ride, but spend more time on the shovel creating lines and more riding opportunities. Our website officially launched this week and has an online store that ships globally. 10% of all product sales on the site will go back to trail building via IMBA. You can visit our site

Packing it in.

Heading out for a classic day of digging. The back country grill is designed for cooking with wood, on or keeping a fire contained. Lightweight and packable but really intended to be left and moved down as a trail is being built. The plans and designs for this will be available on our new site very soon. We are always thinking of new ways to make digging easier or more fun. What better then to cook for your build crew.

Cooking Lunch

Over the years we have been known to sponsor trail days for other crews and cook up some of our woods famous tail tacos. This is just another standard we adopted.

Running Saw

All our shirts are a poly/cotton blend work inspired fit, to reduce moisture. Tested in the woods and at the local pub, they are rider and builder approved.

Rolling in

Sometimes we ride, but usually its in the form of a flow check. Always bring the bike into the woods.

cuttin trail

Stepping up

Airing the rock

Product testing is a must. I have been wearing and washing our products for several years now.

Stepppin Down

I choose a T-Shirt over a jersey, and most days it's Carharts and work boots. All our products are designed and printed by us. Check up on the website to see new styles added frequently, we are just getting the store loaded up. The plan is to keep this project organic, original, and very non-corporate! We are not trying to be a bike clothing company. We are a trail building clothing company. Support us if you like what we are about.


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 I stopped in at Hidden Wave and bought some treelines shirts a couple weeks ago. Great suff. Great cause. Besides, anyone that rides in with a saw and grill on their back is just plain badass!
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flag nwjekyll (Nov 5, 2014 at 18:27) (Below Threshold)
 =higher price tag
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 22 bucks seems pretty reasonable to me. Even if it works out to 25 canuck pesos.
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 I reached out to Adam afew years ago and he is a genuinely awesome person. Been wearing my shirt ever since digging and riding and its still going strong, their trails are top notch as well.
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 I've been known to wear the same t-shirt for a few days in a row; but a couple of years.
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 Thought there would be some cool clothing gadgets for building trails?
Sweat wipes built inside sleeve, built in chainsaws or a backpack with loads of tool slots with a cooler section for your munch?
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 We are working on a lot of different concepts, but we gotta sell some basic shirts to get the finances going before we can engineer custom packs and accessories. Did you see our wood burning BB@? Available soon!
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 Seeing stuff like this just makes me want to move out to the Pacific Northwest more and more. I'd love be able to build trails like with these guys. Definitely will be grabbing a shirt or two.
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 10% of all sales.

Why is no one else paying attention to this level of commitment?
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 Been so stoked on you guys for years now. All my lonely days in the forest working on my trail I would smile and send out builder love to you guys. I often hoped one of you would appear to me like OB1, impart trail wisdom and hand me a couple of tacos. I guess I'll have to appear up there hold my shovel with a large tub of tomatillo salsa.
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 have you thought about combining the 'Classic treelines t-shirt' and the 'loam berms t-shirt'? Putting the 'loam berm' graphics on the back of the 'classic' tee.
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 We are working on a lot of different concepts, but we gotta sell some basic shirts to get the finances going before we can engineer custom packs and accessories.
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 I want to ride and dig with these guys. Trail tacos sound great, I'll bring the whiskey.
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 Love you guys! ...come finish Troll Hunter for me and I'll buy some shirts and throw you a rack! I may need to reread this when I'm sober but right now I'm serious!
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 We can plan a dig day for your trail.
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 Maybe a quick hike to see if it's worth your time...beers are on me!
Did I mention it's a shuttle trail?
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 The Treelines boys are the real deal, super legit trail builders, good peeps.
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 Yes, right now I am thowing in free ones with the orders, but will have them up in a day or two tops.
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 Love the mission and will support it when you have more gear that I like.
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 Interesting marketing concept but meh, I can buy a whole season of trail work clothes, pants, shirts, hoodies etc for the price of a tee shirt! trail buikding is mostly low budget local effort, having specific clothing for it smells of hype!!!
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 This is a way for anyone to make a small difference and support trail building. Lot of dudes riding that don't have the opportunity or time to build trail. We build trails and support trail building. Our product is functional, clean style, and also an opportunity to support trial building. Plenty of people drop $20-$30 dollars on a tee shirt. We didn't just to decide to start a clothing brand. We started building trails. Check us out we are legit. Thanks for your constructive comment!
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 Everything you buy is a statement and communicates something. I'm totally down to drop a lil $$ to support, represent and connect. I'm a thousand miles away by land but right there in spirit. Can't wait to spin a wheel and turn a shovel with you guys.
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 no build no trail MF!

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