Video: What Wheels & Tires the EWS Pros Are Running

Jun 28, 2019 at 9:16
by UCI Mountain Bike World Series  

The MET Val di Fassa Enduro World Series is the fourth round of the 2019 series and is taking place amidst the stunning surroundings of the Italian Dolomites. The weekend’s stages are flat-out charges across brutal rocks and roots and as a result sturdy wheel and tyre combinations will be paramount. We caught up with the EWS pros before they dropped into practice to find out what they were all running.

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 Is there any way to get a written component along with all these “video articles” ?? It seems like PB is becoming less a content site and more just a stand-alone YouTube channel. I wanted to know the answer to this headline, but honestly hate watching videos constantly. Especially on my phone. Just my 2cents
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 Couldn't agree more. Less videos. More articles and photos.
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 I agree as well. I prefer reading. You know, words and stuff.
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 Agreed, I'm interested, but not enough to watch a 7 minute video about it.
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 Reading makes me feel smart.
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 Totally agree especially when I'm at work
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 This was posted by the EWS. Not by a pinkbike editor. Go ahead and complain that the EWS makes video content. It's better than just a few words that athletes on teams that sponsor the EWS are running wheels and tires that their sponsors give them.
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 Yeah I skip by videos and read articles as well, must be because I grew up with dial up internet
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 Totally... more written word please!
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 More videos in braille, please.
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 Yup - the second I saw (heard) the intro - I cancelled. Can't do it.
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 They publish wayyyy more articles than they post videos. Where are you getting this conclusion from?
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 You can get a transcript of the video if you open it in YouTube - click on the 3 dots icon and select "open transcript" - this icon is located between the bottom right of the video and the subscribe button
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 @blatant: Shut up man yer gonna roon it fer us what cant reed good.
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 If I want to watch videos, I go to Youtube.
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 @smokingtires: videos with subtitles.

I am not watching Netflix - I am reading Netflix. Smrt.
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 For everyone else at work that can't watch the video, here is all the info I was able to pull:

Rider name
frame brand
inserts (if specified)

Only was able to pull specific details when they zoomed in close to the sidewalls. Not every rider specified whether they were running inserts or not or some other details (like compounds, rim model, etc)

Ella Connelly
Cannondale Jackal
Stans Flow MK3 Rims/Stans Hubs
Schwalbe Magic Mary EVO SG TLE

Ines Thoma
DT Swiss EX 1501
Maxxis DHF 29x2.5wt 3c TR DD
no insert

Karim Armour
29" front / 27.5 rear
Michelin DH 22
harder rubber in rear

Leigh Johnson
Mavic Deemax 29
Maxxis Assegai 29x2.5wt 3c TR DH (front)
Huck Norris Insert

Chris Hutchens - Privateer
Stans Flow wheels
Goodyear Newton ST Ultimate 27.5x2.6 (front)
Goodyear Newton ST EN Premium 27.5x2.6 (rear)

Marco Osborne
Transition Sentinel
WTB Vigilante 2.5 (front)
WTB Judge (Rear)
"high grip heavy casings"

Greg Callaghan
Newman Wheels: XA25 (front) EG30 (rear)
Schwalbe Magic Mary soft front
Schwalbe Hans Dampf soft rear

Kevin Miquel
FSA Afterburner Aluminum Wheels
Hutchinson Griffus
2.5 front/2.4 rear

Richie Rude
Yeti SB150
DT Swiss Ex511 Wheels
Maxxis Assegai front/Minion DHF rear

Cody Kelley
Enve M7 rims
Maxxis Aggressor DD rear
Maxxis Assegai front

Iago Garay
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Reserve 30 rims
Maxxis Assegai DH 2.5 f&r
insert in back
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 thanks for that . this is my actual interest before summer ride . Thanks to Dangry for the sum up
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 Much appreciated!
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 Slight corrections/additions:

Ella Connelly:
Looks like a double soft setup (orange). In the rear for sure, not entirely clear on the front though.

Ines Thoma:
Maxxis Minion DHR2 DD in the back

Greg Callaghan:
Magic Mary UltraSoft SuperGravty in the front
Hans Dampf Soft SuperGravity in the back
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 I think you missed the extremely interesting and salient point that Chris Hutchins is running a wheel reflector on his front wheel.
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 Thanks! Rude is full on DH with that set up. Beast.
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 Love the detail,good work!!
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 I only care what privateers are running.
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 Me too
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 Yes and no- when it comes to brand choice for sure but choices within that range are interesting. For example the Ass-guy seem to have replaced the DHF as the go to front option, few of these riders are choosing carbon options for racing purposes even when their sponsor has those available, and I thought there might be more rim inserts.
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 This is a very good point.
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flag jaydawg69 FL (Jun 28, 2019 at 20:49) (Below Threshold)
 @snl1200: Assguy is 2x the tire that DHF is. DHR2 is a better front and rear tire than the DHF.
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 I was unaware that wheel reflectors are EWS proven
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 Reflectors add too much rotational weightSmile
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 That was wheelie interesting!
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 Wheel have a lot to think about after this video
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 These puns will sure get tyresome
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 Aluminium seems to remain the tyred and tested material for wheels.
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 @Cheeky-Greeky: depends on who Ric spoke to......
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 @Cheeky-Greeky: There must be a way to brake this...
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 anyone else notice the reflector at 3.11?
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 25mm front and 30mm back?!
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 given how round is the hans damf's profile, it wouldnt be bad idea... Schwalbe SG casing is so good that makes the hans dampf not thaaat bad.. at 25-26 psi it has good traction.. go higher and you are in for a wild party in the back
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 Can you do an unboxing video next? Those are still cool with the kids right?
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 Thanks for watching. Remember to smash that subscribe button!
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 And now a message from our sponsor...
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 Holy crap! Marco Osborne´s WTB tires look extremely beat up after only two days of riding. It is good that they do not have to pay for them, but that is extremely useful information for those of us that have to choose tires with durability as a must have.
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 I love the reflectors on the wheel wrapped in Goodyears
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 "Sparkle means Speed" ... Greg Callaghan
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 Read Dangry 's comment. Thank you.
Surprised by how many riders are not using carbon fiber rims. The pros are not using them . Why should we?
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 Round ones!?
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 Just me who found it a bit strange that they first talked to the ladies about paint color, and went straight to tech with the guys?

Not trying to be one that's easily offended on others behalf, just caught my attention. ????
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 Oval wheels are the future ????
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 Didn't watch
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 Me neithr
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 Give me an article not a lame video
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 Humm rude runs a dhf rear and cody Kelley dd agressor? Curious which rolls faster? Rude use to use an dd agressor rear.
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 Does anyone know the rim widths ?
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 What Wheels & Tires the EWS Pros Are Running?? Well, what's my sponsors are giving me.
isn't the answer. Agree with @gossman PB is becoming less a content site, just a stand-alone YouTube channel.
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 How many sets of tires do they go through a weekend?
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 Send it Randy! #oncoil!
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 hell yeah #SanRamonudo the Enduro Saint
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 Pump up the volume
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 I know that this isn't the right article but the guy who sold me my bike spotted an electric Santa Cruz in Finale Ligure.
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 Who cares. They don't have to pay for them
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 There were privateers in the video
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 Bra reflectors @ 3:14 ??
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 Iago for President! Big Grin
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 What does sorry mean?
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 Their all growing a pair of 20" wheels this time.
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Just saying
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You also need to add a full stop.
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flag jorgeposada (Jun 28, 2019 at 11:21) (Below Threshold)
 @sirsamwellingtonthefirst: what a spelling bee twerp. Ride on this crumbumb
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 @jorgeposada: Knowing how to spell at a third grade level does not make you a twerp.
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flag jorgeposada (Jun 28, 2019 at 12:28) (Below Threshold)
 Yes it actually does nerd alert.
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 @jorgeposada: To be honest, I was much more of a Geography Bee guy. But then again I usually associate their/there/they're errors with MAGA hats...
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 @jorgeposada: this would fall under grammar, good sir.
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 Sorry my secretary doesn't check my pinkbike posts. When is the next grammar rodeo for you idiots?
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 @jorgeposada: when someone corrects you and they're right, don't be mad, say thankyou for the free lesson and learn from it
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 @ctd07: When someone tells you to jump off a bride you jump right.
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 @jorgeposada: when someone tells you to jump of a bride you should say sorry...
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 @sirsamwellingtonthefirst: Honestly could just be autocorrect error,that happens whilst posting and drinking your morning coffee. I’m no MAGA fan by any means, but it’s not necessarily in good form to level such an insult over a simple auto correct error.
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 @jorgeposada: , right?*

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