Video: Urge BP Releases a New Lightweight Full Face Helmet for Enduro Racing

Jul 29, 2020 at 1:24
by Urge Bike Products  
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Press Release: Urge BP

Super light, very well vented, highly protective and with a new design; the Lunar is our new enduro racing full face protection made from 80% recycled materials!

Urge was the pioneer in the full-face helmet category aimed at enduro racing. The Lunar is the latest in the line, packed with our experience in this discipline. With its In-Mold construction, it’s very light whilst retaining exceptional protection features.

It is the perfect compromise in a category where we don’t expect the same thing from our helmet in stages or liaison. With an amazing weight - close to the best in its category - 750 gr in Medium size and particularly well-distributed ventilation on the chin guard you're sure to get the highest level of comfort for some long days on the saddle. And as usual, you'll experience the very soft, moisture-wicking, breathable, anti-odour and washable inner liner and pads from Urge BP.

Finally, its aggressive and ultimate look says it all about its rider’s intentions. A product that will also fit perfectly for an electric use, more or less full-on, up to you!

The Lunar in details :

- 80% of the helmet is made from recycled materials
- In Mold Construction
- Shell made from recycled EPS
- Rigid visor made from recycled ABS
- Straps made from recycled PET
- 15 vents
- CE and ASTM F1952 Standards
- 2 sizes: S/M: 54 - 57, L/XL: 57-59
- 750 gr in Medium size
- 169 € RRP
- 3 colors: Green - varnished, Black - matte, White - matte
- Available now for the 2020 racing season!

With the E-MTBs from the Tribe Sport Group / Rocky Mountain Team or with the regular E13 / Urge BP Enduro Team, go for a full-speed enduro downhill ride or uphill ascension where the Lunar will provide you all the confidence you need to look for the best trajectories.

Have a look as well on our next 'Urge to Ride' T-Shirt from the 2021 range that will be offered as a gift from the launch day until August 14th, (while stocks last) for the purchase of the Lunar helmet on the online store The t-shirt can as well be purchased separately for 35 € RRP.


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 This actually looks quite good. Not terribly ugly to my eye; reasonably light, not wildly expensive and meets the DH racing standard. It's good to see they've dropped the ridiculous circular hole through visor thing from last time.
It does look a little under-supplied for ventilation, though, especially to the sides.
Someone will be along shortly to point out that branches will go straight through the chin hole. Luckily, so will popsicles. I guess it's a trade off.
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 Also - great to hear that it has an 'ultimate look' and gives you 'the confidence you need for the best trajectories'. There's some serious value-added, right there.
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 TBH it looks like an amazingly effective way to cook your brain. Who cares how vented the chin is when most of the bit actually in contact with your head has nowhere for hot air to escape.
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 circular hole, or cup holder.
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Needed a place for the ugly obnoxious branding. Priorities.
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 @scjeremy: the branding that can't be seen once you've got goggle straps on?...
Actually, where are you supposed to put goggles when you're not wearing them? Looks like the peak doesn't go up to get them underneath, and there's nowhere for the strap to go (other than your eyes...) if you put them on backwards. Fail.
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 Not enough branding. Needs moar logos.
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flag noplacelikeloam (Jul 31, 2020 at 9:55) (Below Threshold)
 Seriously, WTF! Eurotrash galore!
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 Looks like a Cebè

Oh wait, it's the same helmet ahah
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 Oh damn!
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 Yes it's looks that they are using the same mold. Just like with the Deltar, which is the same as the Brand-X DH1 helmet.

Off course they said, there product are made from recycled eps and pet with added linen fibers. What I can not proof, but you can see some weight different in the product sheets and I (want) to believe...

For a brand size like urge maybe it is a good way to save money on design and tooling especially if you hear a lot of negative comments about your brand's look.

That is an other question that will they loose something from the brand image/identity?
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 @Palmi: Well I've seen the difference in the weight spec, but since the mold and the inner parts look identical, I'm quite skeptical that you can save more than 100gr just with the recycled eps, but that's just my thought.

About using existing designs: it's ok to do it, the problem is when you intoduce a product as your own and it's not, especially if you present yourself as (quoting) "Urge was the pioneer in the full-face helmet category aimed at enduro racing. The Lunar is the latest in the line, packed with our experience in this discipline" ahah
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 The Cebe Rockgarden was never realeased I believe. Turns out open-mold are very common
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 @Whipperman: I have one since more than 1 year so yes they sell some Cébé Rockgarden ^^
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 How can it be that ugly from every angle ?
  • 35 2
 That's what she said
  • 5 1
 @jlawie: I'm sorry to hear that.
  • 4 1
 I thought that was Urge's thing
  • 1 0
 @jlawie: Like a plucked baby bird.
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 Once again, 59cm is not XL...
  • 3 0
 Especially if your 59cm means 57cm
  • 1 0
 Once again...
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 I have little faith in convertible chinbar helmets. I think the best way forward is this new wave of lightweight, vented non-convertable full face.
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 I have the Urge convertible. I can say it saved my face once from grinding down the whaletail on Entrails. That said, I rarely convert it while riding. I usually wear it for the whole ride as a full face or wear it without the chin guard. In hindsight, I'd be better to have a non-convertable full face and a typical enduro open.
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 @slovenian6474: I also have yet to try on a convertible that fit well. My full face fits great, and my normal helmet fits great.
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 @hamncheez: I would agree with that as well.
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 This season been doing all rides with a new TLD Stage. Nice and light, vented, and safe. I value my lower face and jaw, so been riding with a full face for a few years now. Had the Bell Super 2R for a few years and realized I never bothered removing the chin guard. Got a new Bell Super Air R over the winter and returned it right away. Terrible construction, sharp edges on the inside of the chin bar, was a total sh*t show. Stage is great all around.
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 Been eyeballing the Stage for the same reason, seems like a minor price to pay in terms of comfort for not busting up my already shit-ugly face. Have you worn an A1? If so are the sizes/fit pretty similar between the two?

I look at every new light weight enduro full face, and keep coming back to the Stage, it looks like a damn well designed helmet
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 @maxyedor: Nope, haven't tried that. I got a bit of an alien XL head, big & long, so I went XXL. 780gr exactly on my scale.
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 My stage has been excellent - nice option for pedal days with gnarly downs. One feature I really like are the ear holes, wish more fullface will follow suit. Being able to hear clearly is nice
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 I've done a similar thing but got the IXS Trigger FF, it's another good option in the lightweight but vented full face category.
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 In Europe,the TLD Stage costs about 100€ more than this Urge.
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 Been doing most of my FS rides with Stage and while is well vented it just feels cheap overall. Chin straps being probably the best feature after vent.. Wouldn't complain if the price tag wasn't yelling premium.
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 @nozes: u can usually always find tld stuff 40-50% off if your patience and look around
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: Not on the new stuff.
You won't find the TLD Stages much below 270€ in Europe.
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 Hah, me too! Went from super 2 R to super DH. Returned it next day and got the tld stage. I am very happy with it and wear it on most rides
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 @Gregdogg: I just bought that IXS helmet for my wife. I tried it on it's comfortable, light and well vented. Will probably get one after my super dh gets too old.
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 @nozes: ahh - was able to pick one up 1/2 price state side
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 Ill never own a helmet that doesnt have a Fid Lock strap
  • 1 0
 I'm not good at wearing my chin guard, in part because it's hot and the pads press on my jaw. I do need to wear a face mask, so maybe it's time to suck it up. This helmet looks good, just need a test fit. Weight and ventilation are key for a year round full face wearer. On climbs I wear a baseball cap.
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 Why do some PB articles appear half way down the news feed when they are clearly posted the most recent? Weird.
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 Depends how much the brand pays for the article.
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 An nsmb article on full face comfort on the climb pointed out that removing the cheek pads really helps. Put them back in for the descent. Probably better than any removable chin guard solution. Got me thinking...which of the recent crop of light weight, well-vented FF have easily removable cheek pads?
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 All the ones I've seen have easily removable cheek pads.
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 I've ridden a bell super Dh for a while now, yes it was expensive but I've used it as a daily commuter lid and also smashed it chin first into the rocks of the fort William world cup course and trees in rotorua. (Properly certified) mips helmets are the best things to happen since reliable long travel and disc brakes! Any affordable helmet that stops newbies eating rocks and bark is okay in my book!
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 I have zero urge to purchase this awesome well-designed recycled lightweight helmet, because of its looks
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 Light and good-looking, and partly made by recycled materials. That sounds awesome!
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 Sorry, bur this step looks like a half shell helmet mounted on top of a full face helmet?
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 Just a heads up to those in North America. They do not ship to NA. Been chatting with them about a helmet. They do not have a CPSC standard.
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 I wonder if they have a website?
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 Recycled pet? Can I have straps made from Chihuahuas?
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 Started to sweat just by looking at it!
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 Wearing this much branding, you better be sponsored or real frickin good.
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 the tee shirt looks like an SB6 with a bottle mount
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 Looks like the older Rocky MTN slayer
  • 1 0
 @dexterfawkes: my bad, you're right, just saw the top tube and missed the shock placement Smile
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 My next two helmets definetively will be Urge
  • 1 0
 That helmet gives me the urge to do nothing.
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 Congratulations you succeeded in making one of the ugliest helmets!
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 Fugly. Never liked their designs.

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