Video: Introducing the Tribe Rocky Mountain eMTB Team

Mar 6, 2020 at 1:11
by Urge Bike Products  
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PRESS RELEASE: Tribe Rocky Mountain E-Team

Tribe’s D.N.A is strongly tied to enduro racing since the discipline was born. After a couple of victories in Enduro Series French Cup, an EWS crowning in 2016, it’s time for us to fully commit once again, and this time to E-Enduro.

Targets are set on E-Enduro Series French Cup, French E-Enduro Championship and, of course, the EWS-E kicking off this year. To achieve these goals, we rely on our fellows from Rocky Mountain Bicycles and the amazing PowerPlay tools they are offering.

Driven by our emotional and bold senses, just like the previous years, we decided to choose riders that share the same enthusiasm and values that we do. Lifestyle and team spirit are almost as much important as the goals we try to reach.

Levy Batista is a former MX Pro Rider ( 2014 MX1 French Champion ...) recently converted to Enduro MTB with already a second overall title in 2018 from Enduro Series French Cup and also a 6th place in the French National Enduro Championship in 2019.

Irénée Menjou has grown behind the handlebars of a DH bike. He’s a kind of meteor in the world of enduro racing that almost swept the title of the Enduro Series French Cup in 2016 for his first racing season ever! After this brilliant achievement, he decided to step back towards other horizons to live his life in the beautiful Pyrenean mountains. Charmed by the profile of electric enduro races, he’s back in business and joins us in this adventure with a real and strong motivation.


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 I thought this sport was supposed to be for like old retired pros (Voulioz, Gracia, Barel), sort of like the champions tour in golf...seems like its more for the guys who aren't quite good enough for the real show but still decent. Kind of sad factory teams are pouring money into these E-bike teams and leaving highly talented privateers in the real EWS to fend for themselves, but I guess money talks and they wouldn't be pumping this if they weren't selling tons of boomer scooters
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 Josh Carlson had 2 top 10 finishes last year but you think he is not good enough for the real show? No, he just thinks e bikes are more fun, like a growing majority of riders do. Nico could still race ews and be competitive also.

The only growing segment in the bicycle industry is e bikes and you are sad that companies want to promote e bikes that will help keep them in business?

Reality beckons.
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 @ButtermilkBar: Ya I liked that mountain biking was hard and not everyone could do it, call me selfish but I'm not one of the people in favor of making trail access easy for lazy people, it my opinion its the equivalent of using a sherpa to climb. I know bike industries push that John Carlson and Aaron Gwin use e-bikes because they're the best, and maybe they are way more fun and I'm an idiot...but the reality in the parking lot currently s that its a bunch of fat f*cks in full kit running e-bikes, not the local shredders.
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 "Boomer scooters" .... too funny
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 I'm with you @ross005

Only clicked for the comments, don't care for motor bikes on mountain bike trails. Maybe if there is a handicap placard involved and even that is a slippery slope, knowing how people love to cheat a system to better serve themselves.
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 @ButtermilkBar: a growing majority??? I would say just into double digit percentages if you take out Uber Eats
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 @ross005: Mate I understand you not wanting the trails full of ebikes especially if they are just local trails. My trails just got stravaed by a bunch out of staters. Riders are shuttling, making crazy modifications, and raking the crap of them and they’ve eroded so much, very frustrating! But I don’t think ebikes are just are for lazy F***s ,I just ordered my first ebike and it’s not a light decision. I Was a 3-4 ride a week or more on the road or life, with trail building and maintenance. But was hit with got some kind of auto immune disorder 2-3 years ago and I went from a strong lean 180lbs to 130s so I was getting winded getting out of bed. Making the fire in the stove was a day’s accomplishment. It was and is miserable, I’m up to 155, I just did my first ride in 6 months. Last summer I had to watch my wife leave to ride 4 out 5 times a week because I didn’t have the energy to get off the couch. I’ve been walking a few times a week and did one fat ride and HOPE the ebikes me allow to get some riding and build some memory and muscle? I want to just be able to ride a peddle bike but ill be lucky if I get 3-5 rides a month and that probably even with my wife pushing me home half the time trying to make it to ca, like last year???? Ebikes are for Dick’s
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 When I have an ebike hater come up to me on the trail (it's rare, but it happens) while I'm on my Decoy or Range VLT, I just say "no Inglés" and then I go back to being a useless, lazy sack of sh*t that ruins everything for all the real bikers.
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 i know many whom are riding 2x normal bc they have e bikes..and ya, they're over 50 so thats pretty cool.
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 Dang...I thought I blacked out for a month and it was April 1st. I was wrong, it is still March.
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 This is inevitable and just because it's electric doesn't mean it's gonna require less skill riding the e-bike on technical trails. You still need the same amount or more skills to ride up and down even more extreme slopes with E-Nduro bikes. So, bring it on!
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 Ebikes are the new 29ers; everyone hates them now, but it'll change over time.
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 so true
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flag cirque4 (Mar 6, 2020 at 11:30) (Below Threshold)
 29ers are an evolution in cycling - ebikes (mopeds) are a devolution in cycling.
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 This EBike hate is getting ridiculous! If you don’t like them then don’t ride them. But why do you actually give two Fs if someone is riding one, enjoying biking and being outside? EBikes are great! They’re fun for people who are fit to push their limits, and they give riders who couldn’t ride a mtb normally the opportunity to enjoy the sport we all love. The whole point of biking is to be happy on two wheels while being outside. The complaining is getting old people. Move on.
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 This is great news! To see factory support in the EWS-e is going to growth the eMTB sport at a faster rate. In another 4 to 6 years there will be more eMTBs on the trails then MTBs.
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 I had TWO lightbulbs burnout at work today, one almost started a fire. the other made smoke that choked me out. I hate electricity sometimes. I also ride a Rocky Mountain and won't let electricity anywhere near it. don't need any more stress in my life.
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 Literally everything u enjoy, is made with electricty. Your "regular" bike stars life being assembled using it.
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 Using a computer to post on the internet to complain he hates electricity....

Oh no, TWO lightbulbs?! In one day?!? OMG
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 MOPED: noun

mo·​ped | \ ˈmō-ˌped \
plural mopeds

Definition of moped
: a lightweight, low-powered motorbike that can be pedaled

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 I'm not offended when people call them mopeds because for me what matters is they are fun. Familiar with fun?

: someone or something that is amusing or enjoyable : an enjoyable experience or person
The game was a lot of fun. [=the game was very enjoyable]
She's fun to be with. = It's fun to be with her. = It's fun being with her. [=her company is enjoyable]
Picnics are great fun [=are very enjoyable] in good weather.
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 I ask this out of actual curiousity, not just blanket negativity:
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 Reason #1: Because mankind in inherently competitive, and therefore will find a way to turn anything and everything into something that can be quantified, if for no other reason than bragging rights.
Reason #2: it's fun!
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 Look at celtic tribal tattoos, definitely the work of crackers
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 Really, I mean I thought ebike racing was just a joke and people kept rolling with it, but I guess I was wrong. C'mon, ebikes are just friggin stupid. You don't have to be fit to ride one. You are generally the kind of person who gives mountain bikers a bad wrap because you can't seem to control yourself on the trail. You also decided that you couldn't suffer along with the rest of us. My opinion is if you don't have the physical ability to ride normally and you get an ebike, you shouldn't be allowed to ride. I will allow a few exceptions such as Martyn (or is it Martin?) Ashton or someone with a similar case so long as they get permission from the higher ups. I'm so firmly against them because my local trails had a couch potato say he had a medical issue, got permission, and rode like he was blind. BTW, he didn't have any medical condition.
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 I'm guessing you've not tried one? At the level these guys are riding, they would have to be extremely fit. Ebikes just allow you to go further, it's completely up to you how much effort you put in. It's also a different kind of fitness, I rode one for a week and found that it makes me ride for a lot longer, but at less intensity, which is actually probably quite good for your base fitness.

They don't descend as well as an mtb given the extra weight (ignoring the new smaller motor/battery type ebikes) but they do provide an opportunity for both fit and unfit riders to get out and explore where they might not have done otherwise.

I've seen some people say 'ebikes allow to people to do trails they are good enough to do' but realistically thats more to do with common sense than what type of bike you're on.

I'd suggest you give it a go, might not be for you, or it might change your outlook on riding, for me it means exploring a ton of back country moto trails and linking some routes up in the mountains that I just couldn't get done on my mtb. They also are great for trail building! I'll always choose mtb over emtb, but I do see why some people like them more than regular bikes.
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 "shouldn't be aloud to ride" listen to yourself. you're a freak.
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 Sorry dude.You're from Florida. Guessing you've never even tried one or been to a riding area where there are actually steep, gnarly mountains that take hours to climb.
There are plenty of "fit" people absolutely shredding their e-bikes. Right along with their regular bikes...
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 Did you watch that video? Did you see the s#it they were riding? That's called fun. You got something against fun flat land boy?
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flag CircusMaximus (Mar 6, 2020 at 8:49) (Below Threshold)
 @ali-chapple: they do not allow you to go further. Stop it with that BS. Getting FIT allows you to go further. See how far you can go when limited by e range and 48lbs. Sorry just a dumb marketing line...hook, line and sinker.
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 dont talk shit - ali-chapple says all - i ride about 20y now i am 47 years old pedal uphill 18 kg fr bike 10 years until i buy enduro bike in 2017 .Ok i like my enduro bike but working 4shift job iam not fit like beafore i ride almost every day december i try short uphill with friends ebike, and this was best thing hapend to me.Month later i buy one and new options are opend to ride and explore.I live near alps so uphills are step more or les if you want higher.I can pedal my old bike but why sufer if i can pedal more relax ...yes and my enduro bike is still in garage ...
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 @ali-chapple: For me batteries limit my range, I can go further on a regular bike.
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 @littleskull99: Same, but not in the same amount of time. When the real world gets involved, and I don't have 8 hours to ride, I have 2 or 3, and in 2 or 3 hours, I would definitely go further on an ebike.
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 @CircusMaximus: I said nothing about not being fit. but the same rider, on an mtb or an ebike, will go further on an ebike up to about 1400m. Generally speaking most peoples rides aren't over 1400m, and in the case that they are, I would just leave the ebike at home and take the mtb. There's room for both and both have advantages and disadvantages, I just don't see how people can get so wound up about what other people choose to do in their free time. Why can't people just mind their own business and do what they like.
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 @ali-chapple: because you are posting opinions to an open forum. If you don’t want to hear different opinions, then don’t post. I mean no harm. Enjoy your e-bike, bike, scooter, tricycle, whatever.
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 @glaw: Okay, I should have further elaborated that this was meant for people in flat areas like Florida. You have to be a lazy bum to ride an ebike around here.
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 Booooo.....Booooo Wendy Testaburger, Boooo.
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 This morning I took a poop and stuck a battery in it and now it’s my favorite toy.
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 Doesn't make sense doing these steep climbs that requires all the juice from your battery! Your battery range is 25miles at most out lugging a dead 50lbs bike, think about that for a second even when your next climb out is 3miles up and you are disbaled and old person!
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 I think that poses and interesting challenge in energy conservation. It will be interesting to see how the teams and riders set them up to avoid landing in the situation that you mention! Custom battery management systems? Or riders try to stay in the most efficient energy bands for the system optimising the balance between pedal assist and physical effort into the bike?
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 I can do 5k feet of steep climibing on a 540wh battery in a mix of eco and trail mode. I'm also 25, not a boomer, disabled, or a beginner.
  • 1 1’s yeti feel about this?
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 enduro racers turned dirt bike riders?!
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 This is stupid
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 You can spot an ebiker a mile away - not by the bike but by the huge insulated jacket the rider is wearing.
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 Hahha The butthurt !!!!
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