Tracey Hannah : Back on her feet

Jan 13, 2013 at 14:19
by UR Team  
We all remember the really bad crash Tracey had last season at Val D'Isère (France) during the world cup. 7 months after her femur surgery she's back on a bike and more motivated than ever. Time to catch up with her after a work session in Alltricks's office, in Paris (France)!

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Tracey Hannah back on her feet

First of all, what everyone wants to know, how is your leg and will you be racing next season?

What an experience! When I broke my leg I had never broken a bone riding Dh. I had never even stayed in hospital before. So when I realised that I was taking a trip to the hospital, in a helicopter, through the French alps, I was in shock. 3 weeks later I left the hospital and flew home to Australia. All through hospital and my recovery I knew that no matter what, I was going to race in 2013. So, Yes, for sure I will be racing. My leg is going really great. I have been riding xc and it feels good, I am waiting for my new Dh bike and when it arrives it will be just perfect timing to ride again.

Tracey Hannah back on her feet

How has your recovery been? Can you ride normally again yet?

I haven't really sat still to think that I am recovering, its more just a set-back in my training. I feel like I am getting stronger and fitter everyday. I haven't tried Dh to see how normal I feel but the longer I wait the more keen I am. I have been pushing it on my xc bike and I can't wait to go fast on my dh bike again. When my bike arrives I'm pretty sure I will ride it out of the cardboard box I'm so keen to ride a dh bike Big Grin

Tracey Hannah back on her feet

You were in the same team as your brother (Mick Hannah), how did you like it?

It was ok, he snores pretty loudly and he has to have his bluberries and the bananas must be yellow Smile He taught me alot about my bike and about riding this season. He is really encouraging, not only to me but to the whole team. It couldn't be better. I really enjoy being on the same team as him. After I broke my leg he was at my bedside every moment that he possibly could. Except for his seeding and race runs.. He is an inspiration !

Tracey Hannah back on her feet

What are you plans till the start of the season?

I'll be going on a trip overseas to an exotic destination for the team presentation. Training on my bike, in the gym and at work. Learning how to ride downhill again, stronger and faster than before, on a shiny new bike. I am hoping to attend a couple of National races here in Australia, get the feel for racing again before the World Cup season starts back up.

Tracey Hannah back on her feet

We heard quite a lot about woman racing in 2013, points, prize money, what's your opinion on the subject?

As women's racing grows the rules will grow with it. And as the rules change and move forward supporting women in dh then the women's racing will grow. We are getting alot of support from the public and its helping us so much. The sponsors are realising that it is worth it to have women on their team.

Tracey Hannah back on her feet

What do you think of the women's racing scene?

Its a slow process but it is definitly growing. The up and coming talent is crazy... I think every year the women are pushing the limits and getting faster and faster.

Which track are you excited to ride next year?

South Africa.... It's the fastest track of the season. I love going fast, no brakes, big jumps.

Hutchinson United Ride at Crankworx Europe 2012

We wish you good luck for 2013 and can't wait to see you back on track!

Thanks. Can't wait to be back on the track. Just because I broke my femur doesn't mean that I won't try the same. If you put your mind to it, and you want it, there isn't much that can stop you from doing what you love.

I would like to thank all my sponsors who made my come back possible last season : Hutchinson, Morewood, Alltricks, Zodiac, Zéfal, IXS, Bluegrass, Spank, Mavic, E-13, Crankbrothers, 100%, Formula, Five Ten, ODI, Blackmountain, Leatt, Go Pro, Kronos, Acros.


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 Looking good Tracey. Hope you get lightning fast. ps - my son is available.
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 All the best to Tracey, definitely my most respected female rider on the circuit (although I think they are all great), Tracey's always the one to hit the lines full on and go for the big stuff. The fact this is her first broken bone is a testament to her amazing skills.
neimbc, I'm sure your son is also a great guy, but sod him! Tracey I'm available!!! :-P
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 The only problem with you two is you couldn't keep up with her, where as i could. HA! Who am i kidding.... All the best for 2013!
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 i think i just got pinkbiked into watching an advertisement Frown
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 It's funny that in the staged video, she couldn't keep herself from laughing! Not even attempting to be serious at all! Now they will have to fix that wall she hit. We want to see her whoop some ass this season!
  • 9 1
 The perfect girl I must say!
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 What a girl.. What a rider. What a modest and chillout person. Must be a delight to ride and hang out with her.
Get strong and fit soon! That`s an order!!!
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 @ neimbc Dude I laughed out loud when I read your comment! bahahahahahahaah!
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 Tracey Hanna and Emily Batty......the dream team. They should do a calender together.
  • 13 0
 i'd buy one "DEFO"
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 Haha! So true.
  • 8 2
 dont forget manon Wink
  • 36 7
 Awesome news ! it amazes me how quickly these athletes get fixed up !

And good to see tight jeans where they belong , on the petite and athletic ass/legs of a FEMALE !
  • 22 0
 Way to go Tracey !!!...glad to see you back in action only 7 months after that horrific of luck for the 2013 season...
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 This will definitely inspire me to recover from the dead leg I suffered when I went over the bars on Saturday...
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 next story to hit pinkbike is she signs for trek world racing and her and emily batty form some kind of supersexyspeedyawesometeam
  • 8 1
 Is that bucket going to be a permanant feature on her DH bike???
  • 5 1
 delivering versatile tires all over WC circuit Big Grin
  • 5 1
 It's for the prizemoney.
  • 5 0
 I quite like the bucket, for when your daily commute has some serious DH
  • 11 8
 She can possibly do the dishes in it...
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 ^ C'mon, it's sexist, but you gotta' admit it's (doing the dishes) funny.
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 She probably has bubs like Andy do them for her
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 Tracey is definitely the cutest racer around. Looks like she is having fun during her recovery and rehab, which is good. I can't wait to see her racing again this year!
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 Right on Tracy!!! You truly belong on a bike, racing and doing what your love. You're obviously one of the fastes and most talented women on the circuit right now so keep it going. Best of luck in 2013, I'll be cheering for you!!
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 It's always worth it to read a story about a pro that crashed and got back on their bike again.

It's reminds us that everyone crashes and that we're all just people on bikes at the end of the day.

That being said, the difference between the pros and us is summed up in a sentence like this " go fast, no brakes, big jumps"
Welcome back Tracey.
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 Hell yeah, i think were gonna see a good rivalry between rachel and tracey this year (Y)
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 Just checked out
they got some really amazing deals, even better than a certain other big online retailer! advertising works, hehe Smile
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 Tracey, it's amazing to see you in the shape that you are in now after such a harsh injury. What atrophy?! Unreal that you were able to build vastus medialis back up that quick. This goes to show how much hard work you have put in. Excited to see you shredding and having a good time this upcoming season. Congrats Tracey!
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 Yeah! Riding the stairwell in our house is something I often think of and will do one day. With the front door open to escape the caretaker...
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 Not sure if the author of this article can do math, but it has been just shy of 6 months since she broke her femur, not 7 months. I broke my tib/fib/talus the week before and because it was my leg and ankle am not quite as far along as she is yet but have been watching her progress as motivation. Go Tracy!!!
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 theres one thing I gotta know...
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 When will the uci make this rule happen that all teams must have a female rider it needs to be in 2014 and it will make it even more interesting. Ps guys pull your hands out if your pants it makes people cringe how creepy mountain bike males come across, you don't see an interview with Greg Sam gwinn er scratch gwinn and see loads of women commenting on how fit they are etc and that they would deffo.
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 I'm so happy to see Tracey as motivated as ever. It's not easily to come back fully pumped psychologically after a bad crash but she's on the right road. Can't wait to see you Tracey and sick Mick at St-Anne this year.
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 Best wishes Tracey ....Welcome back .......Pin it to win it !!! Cheers !!
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 she should have switched to a road bike and deliverd that package herself Big Grin
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 I hope racing Australian Nationals doesn't violate any UCI rules!?! Probably ok but the UCI is getting stupid about that kind of thing.
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 It's pretty crazy when your whole life you've never been injured than all of a sudden you find yourself in a hospital.
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 If I order now can I get a heart drawn on my box? Seriously though, good job getting back on the bike. Recovery can be rough at times. Best wishes for a stellar season.
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 "Hey, Mick, your sister is hot." *Exaggerated wink.*

Glad to see you're back and doing well, Tracey. Smash it this season.
  • 4 2
 HAHAHA cool little vid glad to see the sexy young lady back on her feet Smile
  • 2 0
 It's incredible how much positivity someone can bring to a bad situationSmile
  • 3 2
 Hey, i just met u, and this is crazy.. Glad to see u back in action... Polygon maybe?
  • 2 0
 Welcome back, nice to see you ride your bike againSmile
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 Oh 5h1t!!!! What's that number? I want to order something from Tracy. I'll sit by the door like Scott Pilgrim. LOL
  • 2 0
 bring that image tempurature slider down a bit lol
  • 3 0
 Marry me?????
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 That is an expensive delivery bike Big Grin
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 indoor upside-down stair climbing training needed asap!
  • 2 0
 Really glad to see Tracey back up and hungry to ride!
  • 2 1
 If I buy something, can you guarantee it will be hand picked/packed by Tracey?
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 Great to hear you're getting ready to shred the upcoming season Tracey. Wishing you big success.
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 A kick-ass, hot, shredder with heart.
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 Good to see Tracey, you are a champ, maybe even a world champ for 2013. Also you are working that desk like you own it :-D
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 did the hannah's will be riding new bike in the next season? i heard some rumors that they will be riding for polygon Big Grin
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 Tracey, such a badass. Can't wait to watch you this year. You're back on my Dirt Fantasy Team for 2013!
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 great rider!!! Respect
  • 2 0
 Dat Face
  • 1 0
 what a lovely and fresh smile tracey is up too !!
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 Dad your emberassing me!
  • 1 0
 Hahaha! That video is just silly!
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 Woot woot! Go Tracey! Happy to hear that she's planning to keep racing!
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 Super fun vid! Laughter is the best medicine. Heal away!
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 What a girl! Tracey WE LOVE YOU!!!
  • 1 0
 Tracey, we love u, come back as soon as u can!
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 she's super awesome!!!
  • 1 0
 cute basket ^^:
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