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Video: Wild Mass Start Mountain Bike Race in New Zealand - Fernhill Frenzy 2020

Jan 21, 2020 at 14:30
by UR Team  

It’s again time for the wildest mass start of the year in Queenstown, New Zealand that gets a bunch of wild locals and pro riders such as Georges Brannigan, Wyn Masters, Dean Lucas and Conor Macfarlane to race against each other for fun. This year Fabien Cousinie started at the back and made some spicy block passes along the way.

If you wonder why everyone was grabbing a piece of pine, pine trees in Queenstown are threatening the local biodiversity and need to be cleared out of the hills so each rider had to bring one piece to the finish line. Thanks to everyone behind this awesome event!



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 Someone had a smashing ride there, looks like a lots of fun!
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 This older video of the "race" is one of my favorite vids ever: www.pinkbike.com/video/391237

Ed Masters is on a tandem bike and throwing water balloons at people. At some point he loses his fake tooth.
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 YES!!! Every year I see the new video I have to think of this gem. And often times I have to start watching it.
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 More lines than Keith Richards!
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 Underrated comment right there. "Then God told Adam and Eve to go forth and enjoy paradise for he made it just for them. Adam: 'Who is that guy?' God: 'Oh that's Keith Richards. He was here when I got here' . " Big Grin
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 Need those lines to get around the brake happy ones. Sick vid!
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 Wow, it looks steep on a gopro, it must be simply vertical Wink
Also I feel like an idiot wearing elbow pads ... Maybe at this speed it simply does not matter what you wear Wink
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 Except if you're that train wreck waiting to happen in the red shirt at the beginning. Watching his front wheel scatter all over the place I wanted to jedi-mind-trick some pads on that boy so badly.
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 it's damn steep, the other track at the top called "salmon run" is even steeper and has dire consequences if you come off.

Best place to ride ever.
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 How riding any trail within 30 minutes of Denver on a Friday afternoon feels
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 loved all the creative 'hurry up' lines
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 Dust. I remember dust Frown
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 @ 00:33 ..."yeahhh boyyyy" - wasnt that Wyn Masters? spotted a GT a bit earlier and somewhat later...
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 Some clasic “french-lines“ i'd say...
Ande the first race for the new Propain Tyee!
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 Man, I like the lines you choose !!
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 One branch? I'd have taken chunks out of most of the forest at those speeds...and lost so much bark...
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 Not a glove in sight!
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 The POV rider has them on. Can be clearly seen in the thumbnail.
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 @glasvagas: you can't see his thumbnail. He has gloves on.
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 Makes me wish Snowshoe would bring back the Chomolungma Challenge.
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 The speed on those lines is just insanely stupid..
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 looks like they dont use to much glows in that part of the world Big Grin
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 That is insane! Definitely sketchy AF Eek
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 Hell yeah!
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 Pine nuts! Looks fun!!!
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 Seeing someone race DH with local knowledge was great. Seeing them trashing the mountain I didn’t like.
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 Interesting to contrast arguments against eMTBs causing trail erosion with this video
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