Video: A Creative Gravel Bike Adventure with Jumps, Gaps & Trials Inspired Lines

Apr 29, 2021 at 0:07
by Vasek Kolar  

Words: Vašek Kolář

After my first ride on a Gravel bike I called my video maker Jiri Fikejz and I said: „Hey bro, I would like to make a new video“ He answered: „Well, OK. Let´s do it!“ I was highly motivated as this project was my first experience with this type of bike and those handlebars. We started filming in March and we had to face Covid related restrictions as well as constantly changing weather here in the Czech Republic. We got sunshine, rain and some snow in between. Despite the circumstances, we were able to shoot in some interesting locations like train stations, street and bike parks, on construction machines, etc. I was so surprised by what was possible to do with this bike, essentially without practice, and what the bike survived. Fun fact for you guys I had reverse brakes during the entire video making. Enjoy it!

Rider: Vašek Kolář
Main Camera, Edit: Jiří Fikejz
B-cam: Jakub Strim, Ondřej Grund
Music: Sweat It Out by Better Times, Route 66 by Last Hero
Bike: Kellys Soot 70 -
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 I've seen "must watch" videos in Pinkbike that I rate less highly than this.
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 Nice video, proves you dont need an expensive Enduro bike to ride a gap! Enduro is dead, welcome the gravel bike. haha I am guessing someone is a massive Danny Mac fan, that was like a fans video trying to recreate some of his tricks. Then a little bit of Blake at the end.
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 With a sprinkling of Chris Akrigg
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 @mr-moose: perhaps a little hint of Martyn Ashton as well, both Danny and Akrigg helped finish his final film after his accident.
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 I think the term "gravel bike" originated as a way to describe the ideal bike for a "gravel grinder." The term "gravel grinder" was a term used to describe a ride on anything but well-paved roads. As "dirt road bike ride" lacks the alliterative appeal of GRavel GRinder, a category of bike was born. A google search of Paris-Roubaix custom bikes from 10-15 years ago will reveal some ahead-of-their-time modifications to road bikes that used to blow my mind.
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 My Dad, who has been biking all his life, calls my gravel bike a dirt bike. He wants one for himself too.
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 I just call mine a Groadie, some days its spinning on pavement, other days its getting lost on fire roads, most days its a mix of both
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 ahh, that's why are people buying these heavy road cycles!
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 Vašek Kolář = Gravio Wibmer

Really good.
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 Gravvy Macaskill
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Danny McGravskills
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 Best edit on gravel bike !
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 Gravel bikes seem like the bike version of the SUP, a combination of existing ideas, designs and technology thrown together resulting in something that is somehow less than the sum of its parts.
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 Great video!!!

As a Mtb'er who loves his gravel bike. I have always called the gravel bike the "great equalizer." I can take my roadie friends on some dirt and my MTB friends on a road-style ride without them getting bored. The roadies always smash the uphill and my MTB friends always kill it on the downhills. It's a great way to just get out for a ride with the whole crew!
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 Great riding! esp how smooth was the kicker up to manual.... BTW what's a gravel bike?? its a first I've heard of.
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flag miller22 (May 1, 2021 at 6:04) (Below Threshold)
 A gravel bike or g-bike is the new term for a cyclo cross bike. Not sure where the term was coined from, but suspect that Specialized &/or California had something to do with it.
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 Gravel bike is a kind of fashion, a trend for:
1- bored roadies who wanna go beyond the tarmac without mtbiking properly 'cos they can't or don't feel like*
2- mtbikers who kind of want a dropper bar bike but without skinny tyres so as to ride a bit everywhere
2- trekkers who prefer dropper bars to flat bars and who don't exclusively ride tarmac roads.
4- fixies hipsters who think that having the last trendy bike (with some gears!!) is soooo cool...

*: gravel bikes are kind of fun actually and also I've heard that many roadies who chose to ride one sometimes end up bying a MTB as they discover new sensations and fun that a gravel bike can't handle properly.
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 @miller22: A gravel and a cx bike are not the same thing. Different geo, tire widths..usually a cx bike is a lighter more focused race machine where the gravel bike is comfortable to ride all day long.
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flag miller22 (May 1, 2021 at 12:09) (Below Threshold)
 Just got back from a ride & seen the down votes. I Wish I knew if a hit a nerve w/ the gravel bike community, the Specialized owners or the Californians.
Cool either way. Ride on everyone.
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flag miller22 (May 1, 2021 at 12:12) (Below Threshold)
 @gnarnaimo: I hate to disagree. If you try to purchase a cx bike from any manufacturer you can’t, there now all called “Gravel” bikes.
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flag miller22 (May 1, 2021 at 13:09) (Below Threshold)
 @Curse-of-the-foot-long-sub: prove me wrong
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I stand corrected. Thank you for the education. Glad to see there’s still a cx classification of bike.
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 @danstonQ: Also, gravel bike is a must for people who moved to flat-lands after living years close to mountains (in my case the transition was from Alps->Saskatoon and the purchase of a gravel bike cured my depression)
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 @milkdrop: You're absolutely right. I'm sorry you had to move from moutaineous regions to flat lands (that's something I'd better not imagine...)
I just hope that you keep on having pleasure and fun on your bike Wink
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 As someone who spends a fair bit of time on Canadian constructions sites, it seems wild to me that a contractor would accept the liability of letting a bike video be shot on their site, especially involving their equipment. Made for a great video though!
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 I want to see someone ride a stage of the tour on a trials bike. Time to flip it around as well
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 Never understood point of gravel bikes, road bike better on asphalt and xc bike better of road?
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 You clearly don't live in an area of the country with good gravel roads and jeep trails. 25-28mm tires are not a good choice for a rutted jeep trail and XC bikes are not a good choice for the 15 miles of pavement in between the jeep trails.
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 That was cool to watch. Definitely different. Takes lots of skill. But I couldn't keep myself from feeling sorry for that bike.
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 For real, I've broken a road bike carbon fork (and my face in the process) going off curbs. I don't know how the bike and wheels survived those jumps
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 Lovely riding and awesome skills but still don’t want a gravel bike..
Let’s see them on the World Cup trails please if there that good
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 Someone’s been watching Martyn Ashton on the tube , good skills though .
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 Reminds me of old Hans Rey videos... sick riding on a fully rigid setup.... until he hit the gap. Super cool.
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 A video from Central Europe you say? Okay, let me just apply this brain meltingly cheesy music and we're done...
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 Impressive, nice work!
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 Mad skills!
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 Nice disguise Fabio!
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 so much talent!!!!
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 Crazy awesomeness!
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 Great riding!
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 Hmm, I'm not sure that was a real construction project.
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 Hodne dobry!!
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 Gravel biking....the telemarking of biking.
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 Ding... welcome to another level
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 And with reversed brakes?!?!
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 Incredible riding!
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 Immense! You've inspired me to do inappropriate things to my Diverge.
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 it’s as simple as N+1
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 Didn’t watch video. Came straight to comments.
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