Behind the Scenes Building a Massive Pump Track in South Africa - Video

Feb 14, 2017 at 22:29
by Velosolutions Global  
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Pretoria, South Africa, is the latest location to welcome Velosolutions and one of our unique asphalt pump tracks and in a quest to continue to deliver the best bike park and pump track solutions around the world, we are proud to partner with Andrew Neethling in SA. When you think of the South African MTB scene there are few riders who bring the wealth of experience and passion for bike riding that Andrew Neethling has and we are proud to have him join the Velosolutions family, helping us achieve more incredible builds like our most recent in Pretoria.

We spent January building a new 2500 square meter pump track in Pretoria, South Africa. Get an exclusive look behind the scenes of what goes down on a Velosolutions build:

So what does Pretoria have to offer?

• 2500 square meter pump track
• 18 Jump - Jump line
• 3.5km Cross Country trail
• Kids Pumptrack

Velosolutions in South Africa

And all of this in the heart of the Eduplex playing fields. What is Eduplex? Eduplex is a unique medium parallel (English and Afrikaans) mainstream school catering for both normal hearing and a small number of hearing impaired students.

We want to say a special thanks to the whole Van Der Merwe Family and everybody at Eduplex and the Hearing Institute for their hospitality. This project would also not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the local work crew.

Velosolutions in South Africa

This is just the start of Velosolutions in South Africa and our partnership with Andrew Neethling and Jan van Schalkwyk who we are proud to have working with us and bringing the Velosolutions name to SA.

For more information, check out

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 I'd like to see a Claudio preview right after he finishes that McDonald's...
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 not giving a flying damn about animals seems to be on-trend on pinkbike lately. claudio does do a lot of good for our sport though.
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 @wheeled: I'm right there with you brother!
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 so you're getting downvoted for telling things how they are now... slow clap.

"not giving a flying damn about animals seems to be on-trend on pinkbike lately. claudio does do a lot of good for our sport though."
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 @wheeled: I'm sure the lion can take being laughed at , can you ? Wink
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 @Matt115lamb: Who was talking about the lions lounging in the sun?
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 @wheeled: sorry , the crocs can take being laughed at , can you ! Wink
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 So, uh Claudio...are you hiring??
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 Go Andrew and Jan Now please build one in Cape Town!????
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 Please come to Melbourne, Australia!!!! We have nothing like this, yet such a big city
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 Yes we need something like this....but I reckon it should be in Geelong =P
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 I wish so bad we had a pump track like this where I live, then again I might stop hitting the trails and spend all day at the 'track instead.
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 PLEASE build one of these in Stockholm....pretty please? Maybe like just outside my home....
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 Thank God somebody finally does something nice for these poor white babies...
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 I would be great if APEX gangs in Australia helped out and build things instead of just bludging and hijacking cars at knife point.
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 het dr bont ono öppis angers gmacht aus schlafä? Big Grin
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 shut up Wink das sind d medie wod wahrheit verzehre #fakenews
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 Wow, kicking butt. I bet they'll get use out of that until their wheels fall off, probably much appreciated!
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 How do they compact the asphalt with all those swoopty swoops and berms?
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 A wacker and a rope
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 nice one, keep up the good work!
thanks for the one in Inverness, it's good funWink Smile
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 Too bad I no longer live in Pretoria. Claudio can you please now build this in Los Angeles?
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 Philip is always sleeping...
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 As s skateboarder I really love these assfault pump tracks. Now if they'd just put coping on the pockets
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 Craig looking fit as a Velosolutions pump track builder.
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 Now that I've seen the video I'm all pumped up
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 Would love to ride this track! Amazing work.
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 Nothing happening in SA without someone who's called Van Der Merwe...
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 Manual labor has never looked so fun!
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 J ai vu! Dingue

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