Help Legalize Kelowna Trails - Gillard Trail Network Petition

Jul 4, 2014 at 12:16
by Virtu Media  

Would you like to lend your name in support of legalizing the Gillard riding area? Do you want to ride legal trail networks in the Central Okanagan? Please read on and sign in support of local trails!


If you have not heard the unfortunate news, there have been trespass and Forest and Range Practices Act contravention notices posted on various trail works within the Gillard trail network. These notices were posted by the compliance and enforcement office of the ministry of forests, land and natural resource operations. It is their job to police the wilderness and ensure that activities undertaken on crown land don’t contravene the various pieces of legislature that govern the use of our natural resources whether the use be industrial or recreational in purpose.

It has always been a goal of MTBco to work toward the legalization of the various illegal trail networks that exist within the Central Okanagan. We now have a well used and popular trail network that is in jeopardy of being lost, so the time for legalization is now.

MTBco has begun the long process of legalizing Gillard under Section 57 of the Forest and Ranges Practices Act. Once we have made headway on Gillard we will be moving forward with the legalization process on other trail networks within the region. As part of our efforts we are collecting signatures and contact information from riders who support this process. By signing this petition you are lending your name to us as a supporter of the legalization of the Gillard riding area and the various other trail networks within the Central Okanagan.

Gillard riding area

If you aren't familiar with Okanagan trails here's a taste:

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Photos and video by Virtu Media

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  • + 32
 Everyone sign! I live in North England and I'm probably never going to ride these trails but think about if these were your local trails, you would want help, so sign and keep these nice looking trails open
  • + 7
 I'm hungry for more petitions that promote MTB Jailbreak
  • + 14
 I'll sign anything
  • + 8
 I am one of the local tail builders and on the board of directors for MTBco. I want to first thank everyone for the support, it has been an up hill battle. The word is getting out there with lots of positive feedback. So sign get your friends to sign as well, as for Okanagan locals get your MTBco membership the more people the more negotiating power we have. I have also done a write about Gillard from a builders perspective. check it out
  • + 7
 Everybody in the pb community please sign I am a local in kelowna and the amount of work that has gone in to Gillard is insaine we need to keep the trails alive!!!!!
  • + 3
 Only if the road gap becomes legal. All or nothing!!!

  • + 2
 Thanks for this spot on the Gillard Trails Pinkbike. Hard to believe that this system of trails could become off limits. Thanks to all the local builders who have dedicated their time and energy to these trails over the years. I am a self-professed XC geek and have inched my way down a few of these trails since I moved here a few months ago. They are great and deserve to be legalized!!!!
  • + 3
 Recenly got some of my local trails torn down and it sucks... hope you guys can keep this rad looking trail open! good luck guys.
  • + 1
 Same here. I'd sign 100 times if I could
  • + 1
 I rode Gillard once a few years back. Some locals shuttled me up to the top. Showed me the trails. Super nice guys. Its a special place with some of the greatest riding you'll ever experience. Sad to hear its in jeopardy.
  • + 1
 I have a school buddy from back when we grew up in New Zealand, who now lives in Kelowna! Was hoping to get across some day in the near future to ride his local trails with him! Signed it for sure!
  • + 3
 Hopefully they stay or I'll cry lots of hours/years put into those trails.
  • + 2
 At first look, i thought this was a blog on how to table.
  • + 1
 pink bike make it a VOD then the petition will get more signatures
  • + 1
 These are amazing trails that need to be preserved.
  • + 2
 Legalize it!
  • + 1
 I live in kelowna and of course i want these!!
  • + 1
 done. I travel this region this summer any tips for riding and camping.
  • + 1
 at least weekend! warm up
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Signed! (Y)
  • + 1
 every vote helps!

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