WAKi-Leaks, Installment 6 - Trike Aero kit

Jun 25, 2014 at 15:16
by Wacek Kipszak  
Trike Aero Kit

These days many mountain bikers turn their eyes to Enduro. Downhill has lost flair a few years ago when it used to be the most spectacular discipline of mountain biking. Downhill feels retro these days, and with emergence of less bumpy, bike park style tracks, it's getting into deep trouble. While top DH racers defy laws of physics on fine gravel, Enduro guys defy self preservation instinct by riding their small bikes blind on some of the bumpiest stuff on earth. Once Brendan Fairclough and Sam Hill were considering running 9" forks, now a bloke on a 6" bike gets the bronze medal in Downhill World Champs. Cheer or cry, that's the way it is, the sport evolves, just like everything else.

In order to face the challenges of new, super fast, manicured DH tracks like Pietermaritzburg, the technology of bikes must change. Riders will demand more control at mach speeds. From what I have learned, Trike Bicycles seems to be at the forefront of the new breed of bikes. Before the World Champs in Canberra, which also wasn't the roughest track ever, they were already playing with aerodynamics of their bikes, adding side skirts, finding the most effective aero-tuck position. Lately they decided to dig out the project and keep on developing it. They added the front wing to provide the down force in the corners, as well as the uplift on straights to decrease the rolling resistance of the front wheel. It's position is controlled via left hand shifter. Then they also added the aerodynamic brakes to shorten the braking path. The front wing can open to provide aerodynamic drag, opening flaps will be placed on the seat stays of the swing arm. All Aero-Brakes are activated every time the front brake lever is pulled. A few aerodynamic side skirts are added to the custom tuned Shmox 40. They minimize aerodynamic drag of the super fat stanchions and direct the stream of air away from rider's knees. The final thing the system seems to offer is the emergency parachute, hidden under the seat. The last thing a racing team needs is a seriously injured rider, so Trike Factory Racing wants to minimize risks of crashes at high speeds.

The bike will also come with super hot, 27.5" Buonragou Aero XXX carbon wheels with wide, raised tyre bead, according to all the latest discoveries in bike technology. A rumor has it that Trike Factory Racing will also be the first team ever to use tyre warmers. Some bike makers are already claiming that their suspension is using F1 technology, Specialized and their Öhlins shock for instance.

Trike Aero Kit
Details of the system. From classified Trike documents

We may not like the way the sport goes, the way bikes and tracks change, but what is most important to us stays the same, we can control it fully, it is the difficult answer to the question: "why do we really ride our bikes?"

Thank you for reading
Arguably Yours
Wacek Kipszak

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Disclaimer: This article is meant to be a satire. My very intention with it is to entertain you and eventually provide some food for reflection in case we treat our sport a bit too seriously. I honestly do not wish to insult or harm anyone or any company. Eventual resemblance to persons, names and places might be coincidental.


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 Just my opinion here but dh is not dying... I would rather ride or watch downhill over enduro any day we just need the steeper rougher tracks back on the World Cup circuit again
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flag wuzupjosh (Jul 1, 2014 at 2:24) (Below Threshold)
 so change just about the whole circuit disscluding fort william and hafjell? im saying this from replys and cameras
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 That speedwing would fit a treat up my bum
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 If the aero angle is right. the bike will float thru any rough stuff at ease.
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 I also think that proper DH tracks must be brought back to the WC and you will see how everyone will jump back on the 26" wheels, 8'' travel and grow some balls.
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 Knight Rider 2000
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 Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.
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flag tjet (Jul 1, 2014 at 6:31) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah, just like 26 ain't dying either....
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 Air brakes would be RAD on DH bikes, and also lycras from the 80s!
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 Knight Rider: He is not the rider we need, but the rider we deserve
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 nice disclaimer, I couldn't tell if this was supposed to be a joke or not at first
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 Hahaha, tyre warmers. Although....brake warmers might actually help... Oh dear, think its time I got off pinkbike and went out for a ride.
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 bike warmer already happened in 2013: assets.trekworldracing.com/images/news/159.jpg
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 trek world racing - fort william UCI WC 2013
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 I think they should have used this bike warmer, it looks more effective:

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 what about rod warmer?
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 "serenaur" I agree but he needs a chain guide.
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 i think this method works much faster and can be used just before going down a bomb run:
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 F1 cars got are restrictet.... They got rules for everything... Because it would get To expensive and a game of who has got the most money To develop The car. AS the bike Sport gets More and More attention and money, The rules have To follow. Aerodynamics and electronic stuff should be restrictet. Maybe even carbon rims should be in für black list. Downhill used To be a Sport, where guys like Joe barns could compete against guys with huge tents and mechanics. There are many highly developt sports series, which could be Used AS examples and for getting some ideas. Roadbikes have To have a minimum weight and restrictet Aero. Downhill and Enduro are reaching a level, where They have To act. Carbon cannot be recycled !
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 Interesting concept... hopefully it never gets there!
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 you have strange grammar rules for Capitalizing Letters
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 its hard to beat the auto correct mode of a mobile phone Big Grin
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 aside of nice sketches the names, oh man the names are so nailed hahah "trike sasha" hahhaha.. out of curiosity Waki, do you choose randomly on which firm you wanna mess up or specifically ?? and almost forgot SHMOX hahaha if rock shox and fox would join forces ever they should call it shmox hah
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 No I do not choose any company, I am an extremely open minded and objective person that would not harm a fly. I do have some stuff from Rock Socks...
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 Waki you are a god danm genius, but with a sense of humor.
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 Happy Canada Day everyone! Shred like a MoFo!
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 Holy shit you're a good artist!
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 it is up to us, the riders, to ensure DH does not die...and to do my part, I just bought a '13 Sworks Demo I will be shredding on this summer!!!
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 cool sketches, nice reading. way to go Wacek!
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 thanks Wink
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 hey waki........

speed wings, fire burnouts AND finish line parachutes right here.............


what old is new, whats new is old..............

waki knows.
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 I'm not old enough for this Stacy, i take what I see around hehe, thanks for posting Smile Loved your interview for Ryan Leech!
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 Damn that video is kick ass! What a beautiful time to be a kid stuck in suburbia
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 i cant wait till new bike sales are slow going to almost non existent. When bike manufactures over engineer and over design bikes to where we can not afford them any more and when they cost as much as a higher end used car or cheap new car. its crazy when motorcycles are costing the same and those new fancy side by side atvs are costing what bicycles are costing. i remember 13 years ago when i was 15 and finding great prices on used cars was common with great mileage too. now used car market sucks with high mileage. Will the used bike market suck as well. High priced clapped out bikes posted everywhere we have to buy then sink lots of money into to make them running great again. Is this sci-fi bike designing necessary, is our beloved sport doomed. will we all be showing up on cheap kona stinkys just to afford our sport again, am i just a bit too skeptical. considering i am finding sale prices on bikes at the same price i payed for my 4 door 4x4/awd truck this is crazy. my used truck cost me 9000$ then upgrades for a bike rack and topper and side steps put me at just over 10000$ and bikes are costing this much what a crazy thing. Has the technology peaked in our sport? Will we see price drops once the new wears off, like the price drop on the new electronics like the tv's did
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 The state of the art regarding dh track manicuring has become towards humdrum.. 40 kph rock gardens and 20 Metre launches on the finish lines have finally edged lesser bikes from the podium. Tracks such as fort bill NEED machines such as the Trike aero... the bottom line is average riders need to be able to spend their dollars on more and more real world upgrades
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 Wow. 3 negs.. I guess my satire is less apparent
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 For me a perfect example is BMX Racing. Back in the 80's it had very few berms, large table tops, very rough mud, knobby tyres and you had to pedal till you legs dropped off. Now it looks like some sort of fitness test with it's smooth surface, tarmac turns, slick tyres and pumping instead of pedaling. This is what mountain biking could become, if that's the case then we should just do away with the DH World Cup and have 10 rounds of the Reebok Eliminator.
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 WAKI delivers the goods again. Somehow we may not see exactly this product in the next year but something similar to the fiction inevitably pops up Smile Thanks for sharing your insight.
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 i love it but i can't really see a viable use for a parachute though i would love for you to see it go big!
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 I'm thinking the Oakley Sender would be a viable place for a parachute O_o
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 hEY Waki GREAT write up Only thing missing is retractable wing for 300m doubles and cliff gliding
Good thing about having sealed drive is that can use it as an air brake backing sideways into corners ?
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 Put it into your fanny pack and off you go
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 For me, Enduro is retro. Downhill is only my 3rd summer riding it. Enduroing since birth almost. Not racing, but I'm not racing DH either so. F...ing hate enduro Big Grin

Always good fun these WAKI Leaks! Big uppåt Wacek
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 This is awesome news, I only hope this will come in enduro blue, since root beer is no longer cool.
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 This article looks pretty silly right above the Llangollen race story with a course so gnarly most of the pros were crashing.
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 "Sasha 9.6"...nice!
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 I would never buy a front spoiler like this. Not until it's been designed to fit around my SaintEN stem.
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 I remember 2009 world champs in canbera trek had some deep carbon wheels(like road cyclists) that they used in pratice.

they didn't end up using them because of cross winds.

can't find any pictures of them on the web though :/
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 Is that a DH bike with deep v rims???
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 Little late for April Fools no?
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 Being late is never as bad as coming too early
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flag poundsand (Jul 1, 2014 at 5:09) (Below Threshold)
 This is ridiculous, go design road bikes....they wouldnt even put that giant wing in their bike
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 @WAKIdesigns - OK, you win haha Beer
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 I just like that character from "V For Vendetta" holding a cat staring out the window....ha ha ha.
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 That character is said to be Gary Fisher... the ultimate MTB industry persona
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 this evil, evil guy Big Grin .... wonderful detail
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 I feel like I'm just reading the same article every time.
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 Teenagers maybe like that but I dont think is funny or intresting
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 Downhill racing ain't dead and never will
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 waki nice maxxis minion DHF's up front there and what looks like a CCDB air in back. lol
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 wow. handlebar fin plates and three spoke carbon fat-bike rims. they must be really good.
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 Skin suits with wings will work great with the new Trike Aero Kit. Smile
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 Is that supposed to be Lenin?
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 PB and his teenager article
  • 1 0
 LOL at Lockheed Marvin, that's where I'm at now...
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 For further aero testing and entertainment I would zip tie triathletes to it and let em roll down Val di Sole.
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 please show the new aero WC skin suit with its slipstream tail extension,,to break wind flow.
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 why the heck is a bike company called trike
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 I don't think DH is dying, but you gotta admit that IXS cup tracks are better and more interesting than World cup tracks!
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 this is shamelfull, not funny, and obvious (stop pushing this agenda your viewers aren't fooled) ... seriously is PB just here to waste time or can we maybe see some biking.... without the wheel size, DH bashing,enduro is all that matters to anyone anymore rhetoric that i dont see anyone else jumping on the bandwagon of ....? maybe this kinda humor might work then, its not humor when we know its what you really think. rant over (woke up on the wrong side today lol)
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 Thats wicked! I want some for sure!
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 I'll try to get you one!
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 I love this stuff, Shmox forks and rock socks.
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 pffft fox shmox... oh i get it now
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 as always a great read!
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