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whaddasquid edspratt's article
Aug 9, 2019 at 2:45
Aug 9, 2019
whaddasquid RichardCunningham's article
Jul 25, 2019 at 9:55
Jul 25, 2019
Layoffs at Bell, Giro, Blackburn While Vista Announces It Will Hold Onto the Brands
@motard5: your final point, choosing to support private companies is pretty narrowminded if you ask me. The only difference between those companies, and companies like Bell, Smith Fox, Oakley etc is that the original owners of the brand decided to stick with it, and not cash in on the hard work they put in. The 'private' companies you listed have all financed growth through banks - it's pretty much exactly the same as getting investment. The only difference is that you have to pay that money back, rather than giving up a % of your company. For some owners, they would rather cash out and not deal with the stress. I don't think that's a bad thing. Behind almost EVERY cycling brand is a bunch of hard-working individuals that somehow stumbled into the bike industry and stayed because they want to help make/sell/market rad bike products. They aren't there for the money. They don't chose who owns their company - they don't chose what other companies that VC invests in. Those same hard working people exist in Bell, Smith, Oakley, GT just like they do in Evoc, POC and TLD. Those people still have mortgages to pay families to feed... Just because the company they work for is owned by a VC does it mean that they shouldn't get your support? I think it's kinda unfair that you are asking people not to spend their $$$ with certain brands just because the original owners decided they wanted to sell...
whaddasquid danielsapp's article
Apr 3, 2019 at 2:41
Apr 3, 2019
Leatt's New DBX 3.0 Helmet is More Affordable & Full Featured
@spaceofades: I'm not sold on ASTM. It's just appeared out of nowhere from a private testing company claiming to be the 'Downhill Standard' but what is this test based on? Did they do any scientific research into the impacts likely to occur on a downhill track? It doesn't even require a helmet to have a chinbar, so how can it be a 'Downhill Helmet'? I would argue that a Roadie travlling 65-70mph+ down a descent at the Tour De France crashing into a wall/car/floor is going to have just as high of an impact as a Downhill racer?
whaddasquid pinkbikeaudience's article
Apr 1, 2019 at 1:21
Apr 1, 2019
Tune Announces Botlopener [April Fools]
Are we just gonna ignore that WaveCel has a site takeover on April 1st? Did Bontrager just pull the biggest MTB troll of all time? Did Koroyd and MIPS fall for it hook, line, and sinker?
whaddasquid nkrohan's article
Mar 29, 2019 at 2:12
Mar 29, 2019
Ridden & Rated: 5 Women's Gloves for Shoulder Season
@brodoyouevenbike: interesting. Would be great to hear if brands are paying attention to this, because I know for a fact that a few certain brands use the EXACT same glove in their womens range (one is in this article and the other just released their new 'colours)
whaddasquid danielsapp's article
Mar 29, 2019 at 2:11
Mar 29, 2019
First Look: Fox Rampage Pro Carbon Helmet
EPP is a legal shitstorm waiting to happen. If a Helmet Manufacturer claims their helmet is 'Multi-Impact' then they are just asking to be sued, when some idiot crashes in it thirty times and then get a brain injury. "oH bUt iT sAiD iT wAs MulTi iMpacT!?!1" How can anyone say with any degree of certainty that a helmet is fine to use after multiple impacts? How can someone know that the structural integrity of the helmet isn't compromised beyond a safe standard? The only way I can trust EPP is when they start fitting sensors on helmets to measure impacts that say when it's time to give it up. That technology is starting to happen, but it's a while before it's small and light enough to feature in an MTB lid.
whaddasquid nkrohan's article
Mar 27, 2019 at 2:30
Mar 27, 2019
Ridden & Rated: 5 Women's Gloves for Shoulder Season
Without trying to sound like a misogynist, anyone care to explain the difference between a Womens glove and Mens glove? I appreciate that womens hands might be smaller than mens, but that's why glove manufacturers produce different sizes. But as far as I know, Women have a similar shaped hand to men, (and the same amount of fingers and thumbs) So other than 'women specific' colours, and a smaller size, what is the difference? Talking about Womens Specific colours, isn't that just dividing gender even more? Giro and Bell are championed for their 'Womens Helmets' which are just the mens helmets, in 'girly' colours. I really dig some of those colours, but as a man I apparently am not allowed to buy them. Is the world going insane? Do we really need 'Womens' gloves? I always thought gloves were Unisex. I've never seen a glove described as a 'mens glove' so why do we need a Womens glove?
whaddasquid jasperwesselman's article
Oct 19, 2017 at 2:57
Oct 19, 2017
One Lap With Luke Strobel - Video
Can someone make a list of all Luke Strobel videos in one place? I've not watched one yet that doesn't make me want to go and ride.
whaddasquid ludomay's article
Oct 18, 2017 at 6:10
Oct 18, 2017
whaddasquid pinkbikeoriginals's article
Oct 12, 2017 at 2:00
Oct 12, 2017
Where Should Bernard Kerr Do Our Stoppie Challenge?
He should stoppie not paying his bills
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