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Video: Thrashing UK Trails in 'Hardtail Haulin'

Feb 16, 2023 at 1:22
by Whyte Bikes  

Words: Whyte Bikes

It might be a British thing, but when winter hits many of us grab our trusty front suspended machines and head to the trails for a more simplistic kind of riding fun. What's the appeal? Less cleanup, less to go wrong, and a means to inject new thrills into the trails to keep you motivated through the winter months. Ultimately, they are just plain fun, as Daryl Brown demonstrates.

Daryl's seen riding a 529 hardtail







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 Not a critique of this video in particular but I find I am done with shredits. I rarely click on any of them anymore and when I do I am generally disappointed. I guess I am just a grumpy old man....get off my lawn....look at that trail widening....look at that unnecessary braking causing trail erosion...wow another slow motion tail whip...
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 I agree with you… You are a grumpy old man Wink
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 Luckily most of the people out there are slow like us and only use the center of the trail... And I wouldn't want to watch a video of someone riding slow.
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 it's because we live in the UK, with the exception of the very few bike parks, we have no elevation to play with. So no gnarly DH tracks or North Shore to explore. Just a few mellow hills with some dirt to spread about on a hardtail. Which take an hour to climb up and 2 minutes to get down. This is obviously tedious af, so we have no option other than jib mediocre features,
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 @markcorrigan: you've heard of Scotland, Wales, Lake District, The Peak...?
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 The soil in the UK is different. It's just wet clay, it doesn't erode as much as your soil does. It just packs up more and more and turns into "concrete". And when it dries out, riding in the woods here is like riding on asphalt. With nice berms here and there.
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 @markcorrigan: Ive spent ages in the UK and there is more than enough elevation and steeps - maybe get out of Derbyshire
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 Hardtail's simple pleasures are unbeatable. That's a fact. Full stop.
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 As hardtail'r.... I approve of this content.
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 That is some awesome photography of some kick butt riding
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 That's what I'm talking about!
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 Looks like a fun session in the woods. That's what it's all about isn't it? Makes we want to ride right now (if this damn snow would melt).
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 You'd have to be pretty good to shred that thing; looks like a piece of junk
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 Did anyone win the Whyte bike in the Xmas advent calendar giveaway?
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 I don't think we're meant to talk about the Xmas advent giveaway........
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 Some those turns are very NSFW.
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 I appreciate the retro vibe but not to my tastes. Bike otherwise looks cool.
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 Shame he had to churn the whole trail up! How hard is it to lock the rear wheel up and slide everything?
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 sick. I love seeing Daryl shred, and its always fun when he pops up in a Tom Cardy / Sam Pilgrim vlog.
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 All I know is their hardtails are nice to ride. Loved mine.
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 "Less cleanup, less to go wrong"

OK Make it a singlespeed or GTFO
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 1. This is an advert 2. I won't buy a Whyte no matter how much you pay a professional rider to ride your product.
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 Why not? British company. Decent bikes as far as I can tell.
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 @AlexSplode: I had one. Fell apart in different places on each of my first three rides. Eventually refunded.

Two mates also had em, one of them got his money back too after warranty issues. I bought a cotic and he got an orange. Both much better British companies, in my opinion.
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 @LukeDaws: had g160. Had skateboard bearings as pivot bearings but 1mm larger outer diameter so you couldn’t just use skateboard bearings, you had to buy the £120 bearing kit and because they were just tiny skateboard bearings they’d last about two months before there was play in every pivot and you’d have to buy a new set. No excuse for that. Also snapped.
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 @AlexSplode: why should anyone care what country a company is based in?

I don’t give two shits if the head office for a design firm is in the same nation as me.

Build a good bike and I’ll probably buy one…or more likely not because there’s too many good bikes and I can’t buy them all.
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 @no-good-ideas: you say yourself, there are many good bikes, so why wouldn't you look at where the company are based. Plenty of horror stories about national distributors not responding to warranty issues, or not being able to get parts from the manufacturer. Whyte are in the UK, I'm in the UK, easy as that.
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 @thenotoriousmic: @LukeDaws Thanks. Had two, not had any bother. Recently had bearings - free under lifetime warranty - replaced at lbs, they found a missing washer (probably my fault) which Whyte sent FOC by special delivery. The bike shop owner was amazed. but I guess we all have different experiences of companies.

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