Video: Wyn Masters Gets Loose with his eMTB on Frozen UK Trails

Feb 13, 2021 at 12:52
by Wyn Masters  

This week has been the best week for riding for me so far this (and also my first) UK winter, the mud froze making for fast tracks, sometimes slick but way better than having to clean everything post-ride, here's a session out on the eForce making the most of those conditions.

Think what you like about Ebikes but I have been loving mine this winter it gets me out riding in all conditions and I see them even as a good training tool for DH as you can maximise the riding time its also a heavier bike than DH bike too, therefore its definitely been my favorite bike in the shed this winter.

Making the most of it UK winter photo by Brett Shelfer

Video: Tom Baker Owens
Photo: Brett Shelfer

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 Does this video make me want to buy a 20 kg eBike? - No
Did Wyn ride the hell out of that eBike? - Yes
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 totally! why would you want to ride that trail 10 times on a eeb when you could just ride it a few times on a cool bike.
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 @slayerdegnar: you would have to walk up the hill with a normal bike, I’d way rather pedal up do 10 laps and have a better ride
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 I ride bikes because it is fun. Ebikes makes it even more fun.
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 @wynmasters: Please don’t take my comment as anti-eBike. I’m just trying to justify the added weight to fun ratio. I’m supposed be in the ideal eBike demographic. 50 + yrs old, I like beer, carrying a few extra pounds, and have teenage kids w/ the lungs of cheetahs. I’ve worked really hard to get my AM bike down to 13 kgs. I don’t session any more and enjoy trail loops w/ ups & downs. Why would I want to pedal an extra 7+ kilos around with me all ride long? I get that the eBike gives you pedal assist, but you still have to manhandle 20 kgs for the entire ride.

By the way Wyn, you made my day responding to my comment. Your an absolute Legend.

Happy Family Day to my fellow Canadian PBer’s!
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 My daughter just read my comment to Wyn and corrected me on my grammar.
It should read:
You’re an absolute Legend.
Thanks baby Girl.
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 @miller22: I understand you thoughts, personally some trail situations I like the extra weight and stability it gives, but for your style of riding it sounds like you got your bike dialed in, if i wanted to do a long ride I'd take my Force or Zaskar which I still do also, I guess one can never have too many bikes especially with so many styles of riding, I even enjoy the road bike sometimes just to mix things up.

If i was to have only one would be an enduro bike as can do the widest range of riding on that.

Cheers man, keep on ripping!
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 Take my money E Bike manufacturer
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 They have taken mine for the last 2 years and will for the foreseeable future!!
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 Nah, regular bike. But Wyn still rocks.
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 How the hell did you end up in the UK for the winter and not NZ ? What went wrong ? They a literally polar opposites. Winter, Summer, one of the worst places for Covid, the country that beat Covid, lock down, no lock down, spotted cock, Pavlova. If you want my Canadian Passport and UK passport I'm quite happy to swap for your Kiwi passport !
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 Correct me if I'm wrong but Wynyard lives full time in GB (or northern europe somewhere).
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 Yeah I’m based here as my wife’s job moved here from Germany, but trust me I’ll be back to NZ for next winter/nz summer
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 @Trudeez: was living in Germany and now in Uk
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 @wynmasters: sounds like she's well worth it! good on ya
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 @trippleacht: she's austrian!
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 @Waldon83:,_Virginia who knew Austria s capital is located in Virginia ...what a weird wolrd ..... sure is flat
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 To be honest its been an averagely average summer here. Few 30+ degree scorchers but a lot of rain, hail and even snow on some skifields. Hardout eh!
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 @wynmasters: So sorry to hear that mate. Massive sacrifice you've made there as it's a shithole here. Unlucky.
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 @markcorrigan: it is what you make it is how im approaching it and so far i've been enjoying it!
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 Honestly, hard frozen dirt are probably my favorite conditions. So fast and fun. Falling hurts like a motherfucker though.
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 Agreed. Fastest conditions after the leaves drop in the Midwest.
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 Frozen ruts make for supper tricky riding. At times it can feel as if your bikes fallen into a set of tram lines with no way to get out.
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 rode my first frozen dirt in years yesterday out in Peaslake! been a long time since I have had the need(Santa Cruz is basically early fall, year round). definitely beats the muck here.

california this place is not! lol
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 Blimey, West Sussex trails have come a long way from back in the 90s when QEP and Kingley Vale were my local trails
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 Where are these trails? QECP?
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 @JonnyTheWeasel: just south of QECP near Clanfield
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 @bigbobjoylove: ah ok.... cheers
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flag Santacruzdan (Feb 14, 2021 at 12:51) (Below Threshold)
 @JonnyTheWeasel: if you dont know you dont need to know
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 @Santacruzdan: I do know...but thanks.
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 Nice work man!
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 Love it! We even had frozen dust in Dorset for a couple of days.... back to pissing it down today.....ffs! Spring soon Smile
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 Freezing hands but save money at the jet wash I guess
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 Winter riding gloves were necessary
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 Motocross is also a good DH training. Even while ascending. Braaaap braaaap.
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 It sure is that’s why I and most riders do ride MX also but Ebike is actually the most similar to DH and provides a shuttle back up too
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 thats so scary dangerous ..... frozen dirt is not fun
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 Noice soize send!
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 Where's Saturday Sends?
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 Watched it yesterday ...
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flag chriskneeland (Feb 14, 2021 at 3:28) (Below Threshold)
 @JonnyTheWeasel: It's not on Pinkbike???
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 @chriskneeland: No it hasn't appeared, have to access it through youtube.
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flag chriskneeland (Feb 14, 2021 at 3:56) (Below Threshold)
 @McFuntish: Guess only E-bikes make main page nowadays.
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 @chriskneeland: hope so.
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 @chriskneeland: As I have an e-bike myself I am not going to complain! Smile Plenty of space for us all and I still go riding with friends on acoustics, just turn the power down so I get enough assistance for my ruined knee to still be able to ride the trails.....don't enjoy road cycling so it's emtb or look for another hobby.
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 @chriskneeland: popcorn ready
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 @McFuntish: I'm 62 with arthritic knee's, Dr says I have the knee's of a 90 year old man. I can't afford an E-Bike, well I can If I wanna go into debt, I don't. I'm also pretty beat up in other parts too, to many Moto accident's left me with back and shoulder issue's. An E-Bike would probably help with my knee's but not the rest of my broken down carcass. I just ride hard enough to have fun and not make everything hurt, if that means avoid certain hills and/or DH's then so be it, my philosophy is to "ride to ride another day".
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 @UncleGrandpa62: Like I said earlier plenty of room for us all out on the hills, doesn't matter how you get there so long as you enjoy and respect it on the way! Smile

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