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Video: WynTV Finals - Bielsko-Biała DH World Cup 2024

May 22, 2024 at 11:46
by Wyn Masters  

Finally here after a bunch of technical delays, Wyn catches all the stories from an epic finals day in Szczyrk, Poland!

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 *starts aggressively eating pizza and playing video games*
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 Best DH World Cup coverage rider interviews available anywhere .Nice one Wyn
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 Ronan's story is a perfect example of why this sport is so great. Coming from privateer 3 years ago to WC winner. The twats at WB/D put out their bullshit press releases about storytelling, then bring in their changes to diminish those stories.
The sport will lose so much if we just end up with a select group of elite teams.
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 Stories like Ronan's are what make our sport great and give fans something to get behind as well as inspire them to chase their own dreams and believe that it is possible. We need more Ronan's and I hope this isn't lost in future!
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 phew there he is! Was a little worried, they fell victim to vodka and forgot the interviews
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 "listen up UCI a new rule, from now on 80% of the tracks must be brand new"
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 Whew! Was worried you and Ronan got a little too into the vodka and were locked up hungover in a Polish jail somewhere, glad to see that's not the case (or at least that they let you out)
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 Thanks Wyn!
Without being able/prepared to pay for the live feed.
You keep us Geeks fed with the vibe from the races
As I said before I love the longer format

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 Top work Wyn - bring back the Frotha
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 I don't think Frotha has a ride this year - he did some web commentary with Deano, I presume from Australia.
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 @shredddr: he’s been injured will be back around les gets and still riding a GT
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 So happy for Marine to come back from broken neck then broken back the. Back again and just one ...thats one awesom3 girl I love her
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 Thank you @wynmasters
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 Jak sie masz! That was even better than usual! Wyn, one of my regrets that weekend was not having a chance to chat with you, even had some vodka for you to try, but you're a busy man, I get it. Hopefully the WC will come back next year and we can chat then. Thank you for your work. Downhill riders and crews are the best, it was amazing to finally meet so many of you in person.
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 Thanks man hope that it comes back for sure epic race, venue and fans!
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 Wyn pulling Max up on the Andorra tax laws was the best bit
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 Ronan is looking at properties there as we speak.
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 I wonder if Neko got the police involved after he tracked down the thieves, or has he spent enough time in the UK to know they wouldn't be interested?
But turn up mob handed and forcibly take your stuff back? Oh yeah, the police would be interested then.
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 Saw a meme on his Instagram with a negative caption about the UK police so I'd expect he tried get them involved.
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 i read/heard somewhere that the police when and check the junkyard out a few days after he was there, but didnt find anything.
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 Wyn ur a great guy that kid that placed 10th in bolth races u just mad his year and changed his life ..ur an amazing person ..he was holding it back cause he is young kid but he was threw the roof happy ...
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 Stoked to help him out!
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 I'm not sure I've ever seen Minnar so relaxed, despite crashing and injury keeping him out the first two races. Love it!
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 Just when you think the privateer award can't pull your heart strings any more then the last one... They said it best, UCI do not take these stories away by going to only a certain amount of elite teams.
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 Certainly seems like Amaury has his confidence back. Great interviews… dig the longer format
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 Neko is the man. Team needs a team mascot guard dog or maybe a couple of operators from Ft. Bragg to provide overwatch of the van overnight. Put it in the contract.
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 Love the longer videos! Best content of the race weekend, after the racing that is!
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 this was good to watch
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 someone should probably do a wellness check on dak...
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 He’s okay, vital had a post race interview with him and he’s sounding good. Knows the pace is there and it’s just a matter of time
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 Gold fox 40's on all the Milton Keynes crack dealers Surrons by now
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