Video: WynTV Track Walk - Andorra DH World Cup 2023

Aug 23, 2023 at 14:20
by Wyn Masters  

Wyn hits the track to get the rundown from track walk day here in Andorra for Round 4 of the World Cup series.

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 So stoked for frotha, well deserved
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 Love that kid - he's SOOOO PITTED.....WA-PAH! Smile
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 Joshy Frotha is my new favorite racer
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 Dude is SO stoked! Does anyone know his story? (I only know who he is because some reposted a social media post from him...)
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 Double dinner pizza and steak for the win
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 @dolface: he’s got STOKEVID-19 and it’s contagious.
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 1. Clean 2. Full brand new 3. Quietness
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 Absolute hero, love him
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 and it's not even close
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 Wyn TV will probably gets more views then the actual race coverage.
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 Fully deserved,to.
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 For sure. Moi moi helping the kids out as well.
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 Regarding the Adam Brayton situation, someone, such as a group of leading riders, has got to forcefully articulate the case that the current UBC DH leadership does not understand the fanbase and will run this thing into the ground if they don't change course. Mountain bike racing is a sport of the people, and the format of the race weekend supports both elite pros, privateers, some of whom are very popular for legacy reasons, as well as juniors, and indeed, running both men and women in the same race weekend. The notion that you will court some mythical causal fanbase by restricting the field down to a small number of currently elite racers, is just wrong. I think these guys get Formula 1 fever and assume that salvation lies in the public only having to pay attention to 20 guys. But that's nonsense in the context of downhill and even in F1, there are more like 120 racers in the four or so series racing in a given race weekend.
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 Why can he not ride but then Gee Atherton who hasn’t raced for years can potentially ride if he wants to. Doesn’t make sense
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 @enduroNZ: speculation here. Gee is on a trade team or whatever they are called these days.
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 @Muckal: This is how I've understood it to be. And why the Atherton's have listed Gee (and I think Dan as well) in their team roster from the beginning of the season, what many were wondering at the time. In short, when you've paid the elite team participation fees, everyone listed on the team is good to go. It's just that most teams don't/ can't have these kind of occasional riders available to keep on their lists in case they want to take part later in the season.

What I don't fully understand is the needlessly complicated points system keeping Brayton from taking part.
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 If he’s ranked 55th how can he not ride? Isn’t start list like 100+?
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 @wolftwenty1: It was today I learned from the newer PB article there are two types of points in the game. The series points that determine your world cup ranking, AND separate UCI points (individual reference ranking points) that you can get from the finals which don't have anything to do with the series ranking but you must have accumulated before a certain date to enter the races. Brayton has the first, but not the latter.

I'm still not sure how you can gather those UCI points to be able to race, if you don't have those points and are unable to race and get into the finals, but apparently doing other UCI races? So even if you're doing pretty well in the world cup, you can't just focus on that unless you're in an elite team with guaranteed racing slots. Someone commented in the other article that surely the riders should check the rules beforehand, but really I can't blame someone trying to navigate the world cup circuit on their own if they can't keep up with these rather detailed rules and dates 100%.
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 @donimo: Ah yea that makes sense. I mean it sucks, but its like the banned substance drama with Martin a few years back...this is your job...gotta stay up on the rules even as they change. Either way...semi-finals need to go away, stupid format.
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 maybe if everyone spent as much time complaining to the UCI as they do complaining on pinkbike, something would actually change.
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 Holy shit Loic looks ready for Snowshoe!!!
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 That was my thought exactly, put on a singlet and trucker Cap and he's there!
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 His impression of a 48 year old Greg made me laugh!!
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 Some riders not sounding too thrilled with the way things are going. I wonder if anyone will listen?
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 Probably not! UCI, bunch of ignorant cunts. Killing the sport of DH off.
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 Actions are required not words, a boycott would do it, maybe all riders could agree to not ride qualifying, just a thought
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 More from Josh Frotha please. Dude is awesome. Anyone who doesn't get mega stoked on eating 2 free dinners is dead
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 "Get your shit together" shot heard, maybe (probably not), round the pits at every uci race.... agreed.
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 that was pretty much my reaction and i hope the message gets to the right people. especially hearing it from BK as well. when the top elites are calling out the BS it's time to make some changes.
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 Sounds like the troops are getting restless
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 Not heard of Joshy Frotha until now, I'm already a fan.
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 Adam Brayton out qualified Sam Hill at every WC race this season. Yet as Sam Hill is a factory rider, he doesn't need to worry about having enough points to race. Something isn't right here. I know what would happen in football if someone was out performing his team mate.
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 I remember when the Track Walk videos discussed the track.
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 Agreed, but maybe what we’re seeing is that the riders have more pressing concerns on their minds than the track. Race format, prize money, deserving riders being locked out of competition, privateers struggling so much that they’re so stoked to have a decent meal… this is what’s on their minds.
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 Great idea start bagging on BK rather then the real problem of the UCI or the leeches that are behind them. These comments section needs to wake up and stop looking over the garden fence at people who actually did something with the life
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 i LOVE THE STOKE. This talk about privateers having a hard time bums me out, so it's awesome to see new blood move up and get so excited to have support. The privateer award is so cool, and it's worth of more and more attention.
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 Wyn is what the UCI needs. This is what gets me stoked for the race weekend.
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 How not to love Danny Hart!
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 W: Any things you can change up?
D: The speed.
W: The speed?
D: Yeah.
W: How do you change that from race to race?
D: Use the brakes less. Carry more speed.

Too good, Danny is a treasure!
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 i havent seen it anywhere else tbh but did bernard kerr and wyn really say that Gee Atherton is racing?
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 At the start of Bernard’s video today he walks up on Gee track walking with hiking poles, that’s his indication that he must be serious about track walk and is probably racing lmao. Then he tells Wyn. Gee had a suspicious no comment, could’ve just been playing with them.
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 @pisgahgnar: pardon my ignorance, and i would be super stoked to watch the legend make a return, but how do people like adam brayton miss out on this race (and im no fanboy of his but i have seen he doesnt have the points to race here?) among others, and even legends can just jump in?

no dig at anyone, im new to watching all this tbh. if im wrong about people not being qualified to race here then my bad.
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 In dialed, I think he said he is practicing only.
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 @gcrider: Yup,. he did
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 @WkDayWarrior: I wish I had an answer for you. f*cking UCI shenanigans is all I can say.
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 @WkDayWarrior: you need a certain number of points to qualify, which basically means you need to race. For whatever reason Gees points must still be valid and Braytons are not. They can also get in if they are nominated by their federation - possibly brayton hasn't tried that avenue, or didn't get support for some reason?
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 @russthedog: if you are listed on a UCI team then you can race, regardless of how many points you have. Gee is listed as an Atherton rider.
If you are not on a team, then you can race if you have the required number if UCI points. Or you can apply for a national team spot if you don’t have enough points.
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 @pisgahgnar: surely he doesn’t have any uci points?
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 @WkDayWarrior: he might be able to race/practice under a GB jersey. I think that's the only other way you get on track without the points. but I don't know how you go about getting one? I assume Rachel will have had to do the same at the start of the season as she wouldn't of had any points in the bag either till she did the first race
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 @RPJN: nope, it’s simple.
If you are listed on a team you can race, regardless of points. Rachael, Gee, Dan were listed as riders and can do whatever races they want.
If you are not on a team, and have 40. UCI points you can race as a a privateer.

If you don’t have 40 points, you can apply for a national team spot.
I love Brayton, I wish he was racing but the rules are pretty clear. The UCI posts the standings every week and it’s clear how many pints each rider has .
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 @peytodog: thank you for that. Smile

As much as I can see why people would be mad about brayton. I would love to see Gee Atherton in the race. For sure.
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 Wyn for the win!!
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 GT team work making dreams work. Wyn also looks like the injury didn’t affect his fitness at all, beastly
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 Gee Atherton is looking more and more like Johnny Quid in RockNRolla
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 Joshy’s interview wins. Out of all the wyn TVs I’ve watched that is the best one.
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 The contrast between BK and Frotha couldn't get any bigger.
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