Video: WynTV at the Tour de France

Aug 1, 2022 at 9:22
by Wyn Masters  
I go for a look on the dark side by visiting the world's largest cycling race in the Tour de France with Shimano for a couple of days. All staple WynTV shenanigans are there as I had the chance to join for a day in the Shimano Neutral Service car, interview some riders and staff of world tour teams and even got to ride stage 18, with of course a wheelies included.

Video by Louis Citadelle



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 Seems like Tour de France athletes wouldn’t be much fun at parties
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 Imagine when XC guys join a roadie team ! They must be considered as the Mad Boyz !!
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 Wyn Masters doing wheelies on a road bike on a rock wall skinny during the TDF made me love our sport so much more
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 Like always, I see more cars, trucks, publicity and mess than bikes at the TDF, but that's the way it is.
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 Unfortunately very true - watched my first TDF live but was surprised it was more of a “tour des voitures”
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 @barre: I have no idea why they don't have a no-assistance rule in TDF. It would cut out a lot of the cars (safer, more eco), bring it more in line with real-world riding (who has a back up car shadowing them on rides?) and encourage more durable manufacturing (manufacturers have to build race bikes that can survive a crash)
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 @mattg95: need to see some support dirtbikes following DH riders down fort bill with wheels strapped to their back lol
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 @mattg95: I agree it’s a neat idea but they already do it: randonneuring.
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 @mattg95: No assistance? Most people would think it a little rough if you totaled a wheel on the last stage while leading by 5 mins.
Maybe neutral support cars only
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 @tigerfish50: That's racing.
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 I appreciate the attention to detail with the microphone holder for a road race.
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 I'll never not watch a WynTV video. Lycra with the giant mop of hair is a hell of a look
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 I'll never understand why road cycling has such a huge following compared to MTB. Impressive stuff nevertheless Wyn!
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 Kinda like why soccer is played by so many, both sports are easily accessible to a lot of people. Mountain biking in comparison is still kind of a fringe sport.
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 @WayneParsons: I think with the new generation of kids entering the sport through NICA (in the U.S.) and other school-aged MTB programs, and with cheap bikes getting better, it will become more accessible and gain a larger audience.

I get it that anyone can jump on a bike and ride a road... but road cycling is so far removed from what most people ever do on a bike that mountain biking almost seems more approachable now. (Especially XC & Enduro).

From a pure spectator perspective... Downhill and XC both blow road cycling out of the water.
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 @bonkmasterflex: I forgot to add that with the history of road racing comes the cultural significance of it. It's ingrained in many countries as a viable sport. Mountain biking is still relatively new. It'll get there, but it's not at that point yet.
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 Because it's more accessible....and the people running it actually do a good job of getting it in front of the masses, the exact opposite of what is happening with the DH right now.
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 @filbertst: XCO is probably the better option for a mass audience - less extreme, more head-to-head drama and easier to film
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 Got any tips for me? Don't
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 Wyn should do an interview of Cecilie Ludwig who is by far the best interviewee I saw at the Tour(s). Funny that Denmark should be represented this year by two such different characters, Vingegaard as expressive as a ‘dead fish’, to use an expression favored by Ludwig, and Ludwig so emotional, and (in other interviews) very eloquent and funny. Love them both!
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 That was pretty damn good! Cheers to Wyn & Louis!
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 180°-oppo-reverse to Snowshow-DH. Crowd and driver-wise. Unshaved, long hair - roadies shy away. :-)
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 There are no people like downhill people.
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 The question everybody wants to know: Did you run a dropper post and CRUSH the descents?
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 The shit kit
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 I love what Wyn brings to cycling. What a beast of a human.
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 Didi Senft -legend!
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 The Towball would have been more aerodynamic. Wyn's mop may have slowed him down, lol.
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 Nice one Wyn, mean as.
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 Two water bottles... Wink
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 Dope! Wink
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 Ali G outfit?
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 best Wyn TV in a while. rally car ride lol

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