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Video: Wyn TV from Finals at the Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Cup 2023

Oct 8, 2023 at 6:54
by Wyn Masters  

Well once again Mont Sainte Anne delivered an epic race maybe one of the best to finish off another great season of World Cup Downhill!

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 Finn, the pace is there. The ability is there. You were right there for the overall. You just had some bad luck over the year, and that’s racing. Don’t sit inside your head for too long. It’s going to happen for you. Fully expect you to win the overall!
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 I respect him so much for clearly giving the last run of the year 110% in the wet instead of playing it safe. Enjoyed following him this season and admire what he’s doing for himself, his team, and the sport.
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 @sfarnum: yes, I never really warmed to him before, but really respect his attitude and how he's grown. I'd love to have seen how that run compared to Jackson's if he'd stayed upright.
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 That run was a real statement for Canadian riding, regardless of the crash. So glad he's good and is still in shape to be a monster next year.
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 Finn is lethal when on pace, I mean, like many...but Goldstone could be the greatest the sport will ever see.
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 @chakaping: In the split before Finn's crash, Jackson was almost 2s faster
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 @bashhard: 2s faster than Craik though, not Finn?
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 @BigMulaCeazy: Clear that riding MSA in front of his countrymen is a big motivator for him.
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 @chakaping: @chakaping:

Jackson was 1.9s up on Finn just before Finn crashed.

Sector 3
1st. Jackson Goldstone: 3:00.908
2nd. Finn Iles: 3:02.787
3rd. Ethan Craik: 3:04.475
4th. Loic Bruni: 3:04.787
5th. Bernard Kerr: 3:05.085
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 Why was Kade not allowed to start?
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flag jamborf FL (Oct 8, 2023 at 8:29) (Below Threshold)
 I also want to know.
We may never find out the truth but I’m here for some wild speculation. I’ll start…
Trek wanted to put all their focus on Loris for the overall??
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 @jamborf: hhmm I would agree with team tactics but, was/is Kade a threat to Loris?
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 @jamborf: is this a joke? Kade is amazing but he's absolutely not on the same the level as Vergier in regards to World Cup DH. Why on earth would they not let him race? It's obviously a personal decision
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 @thewho07: Loris is WC rider but Kade is fun to watch.He’s got that style of shred!!!
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 @Kacus88: I agree
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 @jamborf: when he said sponsor BS I assume he's had a dispute with management. Really can't think of anything else that would warrant this
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 I can't imagine a situation where your sponsors wouldn't want you to get out there and race, I'd love to know the details. Dude is in every single edit blowing shit up, he's a total shredder.
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 My guess is he thinks pirrelli tyres are shit and has been running other brand blacked out
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 @naptime: No offense to Kade, but there’s no reason to think he would have been faster than Loris out there.
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 @deertrackdoctor: In this shot from the photo epic you can clearly see his rear tire is a Bontrager G5 Team Issue, not even blacked out:
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 @naptime: not a threat, but maybe pouring more resources, mechanics etc into giving Loris every advantage would be worthwhile as he was fighting for second, or even first in the overall. Whatever it was Kade was clearly not happy about it.
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 My first guess was Pirelli, nobody on the team has actually been running their tires but Kade wasn't even sharpie-ing out the Bontrager logos from the practice photos this week. If that's the case it's a huge bummer and would make me not want to buy Pirelli tires (not that I would anyways given how none of their teams actually want to ride them.)
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 @jamborf:my guess is closer to the parts and mechanical side of things. For what it's worth a few people mentioned that most teams didn't have their usual supply of race parts on this side of the ocean and between snowshoe and MSA they might have thought they were running to low on wheels or something of tge like.
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flag yakimonti (Oct 8, 2023 at 17:58) (Below Threshold)
 How does he have a factory ride though? seriously? Amazing rider, but, has he made a final? whats his best result? maybe a top 20? That spot could be going to someone-or maybe have a female on the program?
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 @yakimonti: yes 2 top 20s and he won junior world champs podiumed hardline and gets more media coverage and viral clips on track than any rider I know bar Jackson Goldstone, so I would say yes he provides a lot of value for the $$
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 I’d love to know why he wasn’t allowed to start, huge bummer to not see him shredding.
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 @wynmasters: especially in 2023. The year MOST DH fans haven't been able to watch a race.......
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 Trek told him he had to stop throwing no handers in his race runs, and he said screw that.

(Half kidding, but I wonder if it actually could have been something along those lines)
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 I'm wondering if the new format means less coverage so teams an sponsors my be cutting back on DH, maybe just tightening the purse strings for a while until the new changes settle into the norm
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 I wonder if Trek was running low on parts, and needed wheels or frame parts off his bike so Loris or Vali could race finals? It’s plausible.
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 @yakimonti: wow you’re truly an idiot plz shutup
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 @Superboost: Vali rides on a different team.
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 @naptime: Money was already spent in this case. Wouldn’t cost them anything to let him roll down the mountain.
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 From an industry source, any athlete (TFR or CLLCTV) is allowed to ride whatever they want, untill Pirelli complete the range with 2.4 sizes.

Which is actually quite nice of them.
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 From what Kade said, it appears his contract with Trek has gone kaput, and Kade is quitting the WC DH series. Hope he doesn't get too soured over whatever went down, and finds his happy place again.
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 Crashed in practice and rendered his Red Bull full-face unusable, contract likely says he must race/ride in a Red Bull helmet. (Hence leaving the trail helmet on and the jacket when talking to Winn)
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 Update: sounds like it was actually 100% who prevented him from riding after he damaged his helmet and couldn't get a 100% replacement (that's why he was wearing Jackson's Red Bull painted Fox helmet.) Very lame, 100%.
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 @Portland-maine: Where'd you get the update?
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: PB podcast for one.
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: Yup, pinkbike podcast, the one where they interview Troy Brosnan.
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 Heartbreaking to see Finn being so devastated. Don't worry, you will come back very strong!
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 That gap into the rock garden! He was on such a heater.
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 It’s wild what Hattie has done in a variety of disciplines so far.
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 Love Andy Kolb saying it how it is - the 5 rider podium is iconic! I get that most other sports use a 3 person podium but I've always thought the 5 person podium is one of the things that makes this sport great - so often we see riders get a 4th/5th on the podium that becomes a career-defining result, these ones come to mind straightaway:

- Reece Wilson's 4th place on home soil in Fort William (his first podium, which also helped him land a spot on Trek)
- Troy Brosnan's 4th place at Val Di Sole at 18 years old (when the juniors raced in the same category as men)
- Ronan Dunne's 4th place last year at Snowshoe
- Josh Button's 5th place at Cairns on home soil

And so many other results that could be listed... and to cut the overall podium to top 3 without any warning feels pretty harsh on Finn and Andy. Could've at least kept that for the year to be consistent with the top 5 podium at all the races!
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 He was talking about the podium for the overall. The race had a 5 person podium
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 @bgoldstone: Yep true but as Kolb said, it wouldn't be surprising if they move to a 3 person podium for the races next year too. Hope that's not the case though!
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 And he was absolutely talking about having no pressure on him this week because he had that 5th place overall locked—podium.
He was not joking when he said he’d’ve gone faster had he known they were pulling the overall podium rug out from under him. And he could’ve!
Extra time on the shakti mat to chill out after that dirty move.
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 @bgoldstone: It was hinted that the organisers wanted a 3-step podiums throughout. I agree with @brownies it's such a difficult sport to break into the elite, that celebrating a top-5 seems exactly the right thing to do!
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 100% agree that the 5 person podium is something truly awesome and unique about MTB. Helps athletes with exposure, podium celebrations are way cooler, it’s just such an awesome thing that the sport has. I just don’t understand why Chris Ball and team want to take this away. They did the same with EWS/EDR from the start. I would put money that the 5 person podiums for individual races are gone next year which would really be a shame.
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 Let's not even get started on the dumbass new hot seats with a giant wall in front of them.
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 I’ll probably get flamed for saying this, but aside from getting more eyes on more riders (which, as mentioned, can be beneficial to peoples careers) I’ve never understood why DH has 5 person podiums. There are only 3 actual steps on a podium, and literally every other sport (including other riding disciplines) is that way. Of course getting a top 5 result is huge, especially with how tight the field is, but I can’t help but imagine any other sports would laugh at DH for doing this. It just doesn’t feel like a 4th or 5th is a real podium result, probably because it isn’t.
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 @leon-forfar: It's an interesting point actually about how it's so unique to MTB... I did some quick research and found this fascinating article about the 5 person podium: marathonmtb.com/2017/04/06/mtb-5-person-podium

TLDR for those who don't want to read the article: at a World Cup in Cairns 1994, race organisers requested the UCI to expand to a 5 person podium so that a young Cadel Evans could stand on the podium at his home race (in an effort to boost the popularity of MTB in Oz). And it's stuck around ever since!
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 @leon-forfar: No flames from me but I think the contrary. I like the 5 positions podium, and find the 3 persons podium stupid. It put emphasize on those 3 and the others are "shit". Bascially we could bring it down to a one man podium, he's the winner after all, the second and third are as much losers as the 4th and 5th and all the others who don't even "deserve" a ranking number.
The 5 persons podium puts less emphasize on those 3, and by "dragging" a bit it puts more emphasize on the rider's biggest opponent being the track (or himself), more than the other riders.

Sure a 5 persons podium in athletism would be a bit weird as in many disciplines (with 8 people at the start) more than 50% of participants would be on the podium, but when you have 50 or more riders risking their lifes to some extent, having 5 on them celebrating isn't that much.

On a more societal point of view, a 5 person podium also conveys a bit more the message that being the "best" is not the end all be all, being "pretty good" is also quite nice already.
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 @Will-narayan: makes a case for a larger field for the women’s final.As it is now 50% of them are making the podium.
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 @Will-narayan: Fair points. I know there is a large field in DH, but there are large fields in every sport, but way fewer people make the cut. Dh just allows a huge number of athletes through to finals (or Semi's, I don't know the rules anymore with the changes this year). I always felt a smaller, normal 3 person podium puts an even bigger spotlight on just how impressive the performance was. More people on the podium dilutes the specialness of it, in my opinion. I do agree that in DH racing specifically, the top 5 can be separated by less than a second, and those are all incredible performances. It's almost down to luck at that point, and it's cool that they are still recognized.

I guess my point is that even though it's cool for the athletes, it still doesn't change the fact that the literal podium itself is 3 spots, and in any other sport, they wouldn't be able to stand up there. I think it should be the same in ALL sports. We have bronze, silver, and gold medals to correspond with podium positions in sporting events. Until the majority of sports adopt a 5 person podium (and adds new colours of medals?), 4th and 5th are literally participation medals.

I had heard about how the 5 person podium came to be in DH, and as much of a heartwarming story it is, I still think it takes legitimacy away from the real podium results. F1, the Olympics, X games etc would never let someone stand on the podium because they were just off the podium at their home race.
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 Out of the top 10 riders, Loïc has the best interviews. Change my mind
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 true gentleman! Well deserved! Great seeing the camaraderie amongst the riders!
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 Bernard Kerr said it like it is: “Im not gonna give it to the organisers because I think they’ve done a terrible job”….
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flag hardtailhooner (Oct 8, 2023 at 12:10) (Below Threshold)
 Coming from such an accomplished athlete lol.
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 @captainclunkz: compared to who? BK has had some pretty consistent results over the last few years... He's quite accomplished actually and on a consistent upwards trend. Not mention He's also a Hardline winner. Not many that are around to make that claim. He's just calling it like it is. This year was a f*ckshow by the organizers.
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 There were a few comments about podiums/finals numbers/etc that made me pretty worried tbh. On the one hand we've had terrific racing this year and I've enjoyed the coverage (especially Gwin got involved), but reducing the number of televised riders seems like a backwards step. Bruni sounded fully on board though!
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 He always comes across as a spoilt little rich boy throwing to his toys out of the pram if he doesn’t get his own way
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 "f*ck you Bernard!"
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 Finn Iles has a LONG career ahead of him...I will be astonished if he is not vying for the overall next year, right from the first race. Bernard Kerr '...I am not a Great Rider...' OH YES YOU ARE.....
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 Wyn for President. WynTv is such an amazing service to Mtb! We love you long time!
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 Finn you kick ass man, keep pushing. Get well soon Laurie!
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 YEAH Greg!!
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 I always get a little bit sad for the last WynTv of the season. Seems like an eternity until next season! Cheers for another year of amazing insight and great interviews @wynmasters - you bring out the best in all of the personalities of our sport!
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 @wynmasters what you bring to the sport with these videos is a truly beautiful thing, we love ya for it dude.
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 Really classy by Loic to say that he doesn't deserve the win more than any of the other top 5 guys. But at the end of the day, he got the job done and keeps on getting more points than most, and delivering when it matters.Thats why hes the champ.
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 Wyn said "end of the team" talking to Ethan...so, no GT next year??????
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 That's been known for a few weeks now. Hopefully we'll see Ethan on a decent team next year
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 Seems foolish to drop your factory team months after rolling out a new DH bike and with so much extra exposure thanks to Wyn. GT doesn’t have much going for it to catch customers’ attention, seems like they would want to ride this wave.
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flag iridedj FL (Oct 8, 2023 at 15:24) (Below Threshold)
 @sfarnum: they already made the hike, so they don't need development for the next couple years and unfortunately the team doesn't get great results. Makes sense to drop it actually.
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 @sfarnum: specially when you have the privateers bike choice of the moment and pinkerton.. some corporate douchebag has had to gone mad...
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 @iridedj: Pinkerton just won the Junior Male Overall.
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 @sfarnum: GT got what they wanted out of the team. Athletes helped develop the bike…market it, while proving it can compete as one of the fastest frames. And now they drop the team. It’s just business right?
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 @Superboost: I'm not sure income from a DH bike is good enough to breed that kind of cynicism. It'll be more likely something else. The riders don't seem too salty about it and there seem to be a few nods and winks as if a lot of them might be staying together in some form or another.
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 @Superboost: it's not so intentional as that. Budgets have been tightened by Pon, and GT aren't profitable enough to justify their marketing expenditure. It's that kind of business... IMO anyway.
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 @chakaping: On vitals there is also rumor this might just be the end of GTs factory racing, a new team might appear with GT only being frame supplier and there will be new sponsors, but this is just a rumors considering bike industry does not look particularly good right now
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 @winko: That would make sense now they've put the work in to produce a decent bike, but I wouldn't be surprised if they took a year out.
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 Wyn for the win! I hope you have plans for some Wyn TV in the off-season, truly a delight!
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 Great coverage as always. Love the candid interviews.
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 Off topic slightly, but does anyone know when the UCI will publish the actual venues for next year?
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 BK is right. It’s sad that this awesome saison wasn‘t produced by Red Bull. Imagine Rob Warner commenting these crazy races this season.
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 I think he's talking mainly about the silly semis, cancelling a junior final... Although the semis are like a Freeview version of the final for the conscientious objectors. Which almost makes sense. Almost.
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 @BenPea: I'm the complete opposite. I sucked it up, paid my GCN money and never watched a single semi final.
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 Almost had a tear in my eye the whole way through that! Keep up the good work Wyn and everyone involved. Can not wait for next season to start!
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 Best Wyn TV I’ve watched, this one. I felt like I was at the party!
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 So.,... this is from the man himself. He got kicked out of the race because in practice he was not wearing redbull helmet...
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 @TommyNunchuck: He was on trackside and my buddy asked him why he wasnt racing, so straight from the source lol
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 @MtlWoodworker: he busted his Red Bull full-face in a practice crash and is contractually obligated to wear the RB one while racing (and apparently doesn't have a spare). Source: Trek FR team jacket guy at the after party before the bridge collapsed
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 Thanks for another amazing season of WynTV. A great constant in a year of weirdness. Looking forward to next season already.
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 its a beautiful sight to see your young following in papas footsteps, a nice cold brew of Steve Artois. haha'
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 Was I hearing things or did Cedric say something to the effect of “a nice way to finish with the team” when Vali Höll was in the final stages of her run?
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 She said as much in her post race interview at Snowshoe
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 @bgoldstone: Ah I must have missed that. I wonder where she is off to?
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 @ascotsmanrides: Seen YT rumoured
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 Let the rumours start - funny season has officially begun
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 ha ha the burnout.. poor little kwaka copping Finn's frustrations! love it..
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 Hope moto industry bros don't see the pathetic burnie attempt at the end hahaha.
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 I’ve you lukashaw but you couldn’t have been a 1/10 faster
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