Video: WynTV from the US Open 2023

Sep 26, 2023 at 10:48
by Wyn Masters  

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 Love Win TV, great job getting all the youngsters some screen time.
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 I realize it's just the US Open, but so many quick Amerikids are dilligaf'n into the WC in the next couple years.
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 +1 on the use of dilligaf!
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 Kinda sad to hear the interview with Anna Newkirk, a top 10 downhill racer on a worldwide scale barely breaking even, using her price winnings to pay insurance bills.
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 Insurance bills are so high in the US :-)
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 Am I mistaken or did Pinkbike not send anyone over there for photos or anything? What a shame.
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 One of the best Wyn TV’s yet !
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 almost every rider is celebrating the "good event and organisation"... compared to..?

UCI you hearing this!
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 All very humble nice kids and obviously super talented. I wish them all the very best
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 Any Froth?
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 He wasn’t there he was stranded in Washington
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 @wynmasters: Frothington in Washington,, ...hes gotta getting his entry in for the top job - Froth for 2024
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 Bummed for Ryder. He is a great kid and a ripper. Heal up and we will see you back out on the night rides soon!!!!
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 So no coverage of the whip off??
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 MoiMoi tv.
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flag Bulleit90 (Sep 26, 2023 at 21:00) (Below Threshold)
 @commental: so a dude won the women's??
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 Vital has a banger edit
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 Thanks Wyn, the future is looking good, the kids are alright.
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 So great to see Marco up there with the DH big dogs on his enduro bike!! that guy is a pimp. Someone should totally do a bike check with the guy to see how he runs his enduro bike for a full out DH race, there has to be some hacks and advice that we could take from him...
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 I think all the youngsters are on so much fire because their just getting close and up to elite level age as the second generation of the sport. so insane and awesome to see.
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 second generation of the sport? What you on about?
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 @gabiusmaximus: next generation, generation after the current one, second generation
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 @mi-bike: Lol. I'm not sure exactly how you define generational changes, but I'd have the current gen down as 6 or 7
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 @gabiusmaximus: I guess my reply was misunderstood. I only tried to come up with a possible way to explain @brigstevenson 's thinking.
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 Was that Macho Man in the back at the end? Haha kidding. Wyn rocks!!
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 You need a shorter skirt!
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 ...or at least, shorter cranks!!!
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 Great build up for the snow shoe episode to get some debate on prize money.

US Open tops UCI event easily?
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