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xcracer2008 the-A-team's photo
Apr 18, 2010 at 23:39
Apr 18, 2010
everyone has "partial information"... When the poster of a RWD muscle car came out saying "your Honda can't do this" it was poking fun at the FWD ricers that ruin cars for everyone. This is probably a toyota 2JZ swapped S, but either way it isn't you need to make a car go fast or lift its tires. TRACTION and the right gearing will do it. WANABE said it well... FALLENmongo is wrong about drag racing... plain and simple. Having to drive/steer a car with the throttle is bad ass.

Apr 18, 2010 at 23:25
Apr 18, 2010
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Mar 23, 2010 at 5:29
Mar 23, 2010
haha owned!!!
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Mar 18, 2010 at 0:32
Mar 18, 2010
lol london not the financial capital of the world. Secondaly poor....?you forget that you were one of our many many clonies that we had for years and used to dump all are crap on ie convicts and irish people. Never forget the British has had the biggest empire knowen to man at that will always be true. the reason that you have such cheap gas is because all you do for it is envade country to make sure your pipe lines stay nice and cheap. summary you have a verp warped and wrong view of life.
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Feb 16, 2010 at 0:59
Feb 16, 2010
haha, there you go again man!!!! dude ......stick to your car sites yea!!
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Feb 12, 2010 at 0:24
Feb 12, 2010
and how did you set me straight then????????? you tool!! i do know what i am talking about....just cause you got a higher mechanics education than me don't mean i know f*ck all about cars etc. that makes you quite ignorant too then yea???
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Feb 12, 2010 at 0:18
Feb 12, 2010
you are really up yourself aren't you??......i couldn't give a toss what or how you got your education really, and you are geekish....listing specs and prices etc lol. its not just my opinion.....on a whole american cars are not liked over here.....poorly built with cheap ass material. you should stick with your car sites then yea.
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xcracer2008 badbadleroybrown's photo
Feb 12, 2010 at 0:13
Feb 12, 2010
how dumb can u be??? The big 3?... even though FORD didn't take any money! MITSUBISHI(always partnered with a foreign maker to survive. Diamler/Chrysler had controlling share of bishi back in early 2000 and they HELPED bishi get billions in loans from Phoenix BAnk to help them out. Historically they have not been a successful company. They had numerous class-action lawsuits filed against them and had to publicly admit to numerous defects and safety hazards after losing those suits! MAZDA...almost bankrupt in 79' until Ford stepped in and kept them alive for the last 30 years. By the 90's Ford owned 1/3 of Mazda and they designed car in a joint venture. NISSAN company was going under when Renault stepped in & TOOK OVER(yes they say merger but having 40% controlling share is a TAKEOVER). Poured billions into nissan and turned the company around. They ceo Carlos Goshen is considered a genius for saving what was called a "doomed" company. What's funny is Renault was bailed out by the french gov't and controlled by them from about 1982ish to around the mid 90's. Toyota & Honda are now killing people with their cars....sp what were you saying about the big 3? How is it I'm called a noob or car geek...when clearly all of you posting images like this and making statements about these companies/cars that a entirely false. I didn't even get to the GERMAN car makers and they've all had similar troubles. Pull your head from your ass and do some research! Must be cool to be a NOOB!

Jan 18, 2010 at 5:18
Jan 18, 2010
oh and one more thing, my argument was that you DON'T need big v8's and so on to probuce big power and i said that the fq SERIES (not just the fq400) granted clarkson didnt like it much but he's old, and he says the fq320 was so much better. and i also said it handles better than any american car I'D SEEN!! i'm not ignorant at all, as you say i am, i used top gear as an example cause its shown around the world so others would have seen the evo. anyway 'nuff said.
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Jan 14, 2010 at 10:12
Jan 14, 2010
and where did i mention the fq400, i just said fq series. you missed my whole point too, it was that you don't need big engines like v8's an so on to acheive big bhp figures. and you mention service intervals.......bike talk then...how come fox 40's have to be serviced after only 15 hours o use????
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