Video: A Game of BIKE Gone Rodeo with Yoann Barelli, Steve Vanderhoek & Friends

Mar 23, 2022 at 10:15
by Yoann Barelli  

New Into The Gnar Progression Team video is out featuring Reilly!

Reilly is known for his incredible control on steep and gnarly terrain, he is always really calm and composed. We chose to play the game of B.I.K.E for his episode and had Steve and Remy on board as well. It was cold, wet and the trail we decided to ride was spicy on its own (Rodeo Rose), so adding the extra spice was pretty tough!!

This video is full of humour and surprises, we had a blast filming it.

Video by @toevs
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 Shows up, stomps one of the most heinous looking lines, has to run to work. You're a legend Nate.
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 Bonkers line
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 This was such a great moment of mountain biking hahaha, Nate is a legend !!
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 Nate is the nicest guy and one of the gnarliest riders in town (which is saying something).
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 That was so hard!!!
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 @yoannbarelli: Nate has to be in the next one of these you guys do, to stump this line up of riders is nearly impossible to do but he did it, unreal.
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 Hey That's my coach! Nate did you break your bike again! You are a nut! Nate coached me last summer. Best summer I've had on a bike! Thank you guys for all the vids.
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 Ludicrous! Nate’s drop actually struck fear threw my veins, I thought “he’s getting bucked” lol that was awesomr
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 Yeah he managed the hell out of that buck!
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 Nate steals the show in an already impressive video! Im not sure friends would let a friend try that line lol What a talented crew!
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 Nate is the epitome of the term, "local shredder." Unreal line!
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 Let’s just hope that all the wild animals in the area recognize Yoann’s hooting and hollering as an excited mountain biker — and not a moose, elk, bear, or cougar calling for a mate =P
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 I literally lost a portion of my soul just ridding the wimp line on Rodeo Rose on my first trip in Squamish.
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 Damn Nate.
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 Nate is F%&king Crazy! It looks like he was riding last year Range C1 with a RS Lyric:O
Norco customer service department just sent Nate an email, that won't be covered under warrenty:/
Does Nate have a UTube Ch?
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 20:24. NATE you are Crazy!
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 No matter what, there's always a random guy 3x gnarlier... in Canada. Big respect for managing that savage buck.
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 "This video is full of humour and surprises" - So French lol
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 Pretty sketchy lines! That drop Nate did was insane but I can't help but compare to skilled trials riders that do 3m drops to flat all the time and stop on a dime.
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 Are you guys for scuba?
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 Jesus christ on a stick Nate. The are the nutter of the highest order, in the best possible way !
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 Can’t watch this as the game of bike thing is like nails down a blackboard , whoever invented it should be ………………!
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 Steve running MTX pads............ silence! Been loving my MTX
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 Best pads made
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 J'y vais mais j'ai peur. I like the english version Yoann Wink
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 Reilly, is Kevin, the snow man, your dad?
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 Loved watching Reilly, sick riding, great style and a cool guy.
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 I think Nate just set us up the bomb with the ultimate "Hold my beer" moment in Squamish riding.
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 Anyone knows if Steve is on an XL Spartan hp or a L this year ?
Info much appreciated …
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 The fact that none of these guys wear a full-face blows my mind.
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 Norco Range took the hit...did it survive???
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 That was hilarious! Thank You.
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 Nate has got me STOKED!!! Big dicked those frenchies in style!
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 if you shut those guys down you are a beast!
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 hahahaha giggling queens
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 this as crazy!
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