Video: Yoann Barelli Guinea Pigs a 30 Foot Step Down on His Trail Bike

Jul 15, 2020 at 6:16
by Yoann Barelli  

This video is dedicated to Jody Poulton who built "Dead Fall"

Dead Fall is a beautiful trail hidden in between Pemberton and Whistler. A few months ago my buddy Audric showed me this video of Jody

After watching, Audric said, "let's go find it, clean it, and ride it!" We found this piece of art, cleaned it to make it work again and coming soon, I'll film an INTO THE GNAR down this gem. Be ready for some artwork guys!!

As we were cleaning this trail we found a pretty decent size step down.

Audric in the spring at the bottom of the step down and riding Dead Fall after cleanup

We cut trees, cleared it, and made it rideable. We completely thought that it was part of Jody's plan but turns out there is another guy behind this step down! Matt Robinson built it in the fall of 2016 with the help of Conor McFarlane, but never got the chance to jump it as he broke is back/neck in NewZealand. He is totally fine now, but he decided to tone it down a bit and not push as hard anymore.

Photos of the conception of the step down by from Matt

One week later I came back to hit the step down and some dirt had been put on the landing. I contacted Audric, asked him if it was him, he said no. I contacted some other friends, negative!!

I decided to wait, someone else is on it. I'm just gonna wait to see photos out there and tire marks on the landing. 2 months later, still no photos or videos, still no tire marks. I'm not gonna wait forever. I'm feeling great on my bike, I'm gonna send it!!!!

This step down is amazing and I loved it!!

I posted the iPhone clip on Instagram yesterday and it turns out that the person who put that dirt on top of the landing is Ollie Jones. Ollie and his girlfriend Hailey Elise are two super creative photographers, shredders, and rad humans, so be ready to see some amazing photos and clips of this. Here is a rad shot from them from the 2019 Photo of the Year competition!!

Hope you enjoyed the video. It's fun, it's light, it's me !!!


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 Is this the start of a Barelli vs. Metailler series? Who can guinea pig the gnarliest drop?
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 Added 15.83734 PSI n ze fork 2.3 clicks of low speed compression, 4.9 clicks of hight speed compression, - 2.1 clicks of rebounds for more traction on ze grounds, lower the pressure in my front tire by 0.003 PSI, - 0.023 PSI in rear, added 22.435363 PSI on the ze rear shock, shoved my third in ze butt hole, did 69 run in, then I sent zis HUGE drop !! Am I enough like Remy like that hahahahaha
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 Not at all amigo. Just riders having a good time sending new features!
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 @yoannbarelli: but who hit it first? Smile
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 We definitely need more Remy and Yoann dual features. The video from a couple of weeks ago was so good.
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 @shredddr: different spot
Remy's drop is in Squamish,BC and Yo's drop is in Pemberton,BC
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 Maybe this whole video was sarcasm...
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 @yoannbarelli: What about doing an episode of into the gnar with some SPD jandals !
  • 4 0
 @Euskafreez: yes! Featuring Wyn and Eddie please!
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 @yoannbarelli: For a second I thought Remy hacked your PB account like the Nigerians did with Twitter earlier today.
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 @yoannbarelli: Smooze landing there bro
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 @yoannbarelli: can't stop laughing about "shoved my third in ze butt hole"
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 @Trudeez: I have a dream … Barelli, the Masters and Peter Sagan, all riding together with SPD jandals lol
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 @yoannbarelli: Bringing a water bottle along for the drop was also a nice touch, making it look even more like a casual trail ride.
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 Use the METAILLER15 coupon :-)
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 After watching Christina’s drop tutorial video, I’m ready for this
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 Ahahaha made my day!!
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 Damn, he bagged a 15 baguetter....
  • 22 0
 Word is James Franco will be playing YB in the forthcoming biopic.
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 I heard Hank Azaria is being casted for this, enter Scuba Claude:
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 No one has any business dropping that with a legit water bottle set up... Just saying.
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 dude looks like he has fun on a bike.
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 So cool to see the footage of the old trail and the rebuild of it too! Nice work fellas.
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 So rad, but clean those lenses boys!
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 That's a Meta AM not a Meta TR. Cool though
  • 5 7
 But its basically a trail bike.
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 @phops: 170mm fork with 160mm rear travel and a 63.6 head angle? The smaller and smaller categories we put bikes into is kinda BS, but this is a bike for very aggressive terrain - aka an enduro bike...
  • 8 1
 @shredddr: 15 years ago it would be considered a DH bike
  • 32 3
 @phops: if it has a single crown it's a trail bike dual crown it's a dh bike boom solved the whole bike categorization problem
  • 7 1
 @phops: dude it’s an enduro bike with a geometry of almost a DH bike
  • 3 2
 @nfontanella: All those racers on the original Lefty fork. Dual crown USD, proper DH. Categorization sucks.
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flag phops (Jul 15, 2020 at 12:04) (Below Threshold)

Im not sure he is on the 2021. The 2020 were 65.5 degree and 1233mm wheelbase which is very short for enduro.

On the 2021, they seem to have moved everything up a size, so now that you are on a medium whereas before you were on a large, but even then 1258mm wheelbase is tiny compared to modern enduro standards, because there are a few trail bikes that run ~1250mm wheelbase like Transition Scout with 140mm of rear travel.

Putting longer travel suspension on a trail bike frame just makes it a long travel trail bike. In the same way, putting on a DH fork on an enduro does not make it a DH bike.

This is just a semantic naming argument btw. It doesn't really matter what you ride on what. Freeride stuff tends to benefit from shorter wheelbases and more suspension because you have more longitudinal control of the bike, in the same way that people use very tiny dirt jumpers for tricks that would be much harder on a full size mtb.
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 @vinay: then you can just say you did an xc race on a dh bike I still see no downsides
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 Where can I get one of those T-Shirts?
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 Hits 30ft step down after announcing to the world that he’s stepping away from racing to give his knee more time to recover...
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 Do you have any idea about what it takes to compete at high level in any sports, the commitment, the training (physically and mentally), and what it does to your body ? Jumping this wasn’t even 10% of what it takes to race 1 EWS trying to get into the top ten Wink .
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 @yoannbarelli: skip the comment section. Other wise all haters might touch your headspace and you don’t need that . Then you keep on coming back to just fight some non sense comments of frustrated people like me who don’t get enough time behind the bars
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 Ha ha told
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 What is missing is a few drops like that in each ews stages ????
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 @yoannbarelli: I’ve raced a few pro enduros and it’s tough. I just thought it was funny and ironic. Cheers!
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 @barbarosza: Everybody loves Yoann. No haters there. Wink
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 Excellent riding, I respect bike skills no matter what initials are on your frame!
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 This is why I laugh when people say "I would totally hit that if I was on my DH bike" and then ride away
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 Mr Barelli is always entertaining to watch, ever since the CX ride at Whistler video I've been a big fan (never gets old).

That step down looks huge man!
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 So smooth! I'm glad i saw you sending this big step down! Can't wait to send it tooooo without pedals!
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 Yikes, when it looks scary on GoPro...
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 It takes an extra testicle to do a drop that big
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 Drops with water bottle. Next up the sipper where he takes a drink in the air!
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 never seen yoann scared before
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 I’ve seen this trail and the step down . It’s friggin big ! And some major steep rock lines .
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 @yoannbarelli , im so glad you didn't get your ball cable snagged in mid air. That could've sucked!
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 Lets be real, a modern trail bike is better for hucking stepdowns than DH bikes in the 2000s ever were. We were sending stuff like this on Trail bikes back then too.
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 Next up,trail bike train gap?
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 Already been done
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 So sick, I love this guy's energy.
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 This is like the kerb outside my house.
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 I surprised he donnot pedal that much for 30 ft g
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 Is it really a trailbike?
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 Yoann is so fun to watch.
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 Is "guinea pig" the new hip 2020 term?
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 Possibly - just waiting for a Yeti press release on the "usability" of the term as it could possibly hurt the little things feelings plus thousands of little boys and girls that care for the little creatures may be upset as well as their helicopter parents.
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