Motion is Lotion: Joint Mobility - Yoga With Abi

Sep 3, 2018 at 11:35
by Abi Carver  
Joint Mobility Yoga With Abi

“Movement is the only way for joints to maintain health. If you don't move a joint repeatedly, it breaks down. Cartilage doesn't have a good blood supply — it receives nutrients through movement and physically diffusing fluids in. So if joints don't move, they’re not going to stay healthy.” Dr Andreo Spina, Functional Movement Specialist

Your joints — ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists, as well as the smaller joints in your hands, feet and spine — rely on movement to run smoothly. Movement slows down degeneration and relieves pain and stiffness. And with access to a full range of motion, you’ll be far more supple and agile on the bike. If you want to be a faster, smoother rider — the health of your joints is paramount.

Sensory motor amnesia — “use it or lose it”

Your body is an efficiency machine that adapts to the positions that you spend the most time in, in order to save energy. If you neglect a movement for a certain period of time, you temporarily lose the ability to access that range of movement, neurologically. Therefore, the more you move the more you are able to move and the less you move, the less you are able to move.

Benefits for performance

- Increases agility.
- Creates the optimal structural foundation for strong, powerful muscles.
- Improves economy of movement, which translates into faster riding speeds.
- Improves body control.
- Enhances coordination.

Benefits for recovery

- Protects the joints.
- Reduces stiffness.
- Ease aches and pains.
- Reduces fatigue.
- Releases tension.
- Reduces risk of injury.

The approach

Move each joint slowly and carefully, completely avoiding discomfort or pain. The less force and the slower you make the movements, the more effective they’ll be. I've made you some little videos but it's all pretty intuitive.

- Pay attention. In order for maximum neuroplasticity to occur, your need to bring your full attention to the movements.
- Breathe. Take long, slow breaths, in and out through your nose, to shift into the parasympathetic “rest and digest” mode.
- Posture. Keep your spine straight to optimise breathing.
- Release tension. Let go of any unnecessary tension, especially in the neck, jaw and tongue.
- Body awareness. Notice the subtle sensations in your body as it responds to the movements.
- Smooth it out. Try to make the movements as smooth as possible. My qi gong teacher told me to imagine scraping around the inside of a pan.

1. Neck

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2. Shoulders

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3. Spinal Flexion/Extension

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4. Wrists

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5. Fronts of Ankles

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6. Spinal Rotation

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7. Hips + Ankles

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8. Lateral Spine

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9. Knees

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Full routine

You’ll find a full 15-minute Joint Mobilisation video on my website that is free for everyone to access until the end of September. I’d love to hear how you get on.


  • 123 1
 Click each one 5 seconds apart or so and shit gets weird real fast.
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 Lol, true story
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 like a power work out this yoga sesh should be done in 5
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 Thank you for this!!! lol
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 Creepier than that Nun movie to be honest.
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 @JohnnyGonePlaid I like you. We need more people like you.
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 This sounds like the fembots from Austin Powers, lol.
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 Thanks for the tip. After doing this, I attained complete enlightenment in just under 1 minute. I am the serenest!
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 Sounds like a Radiohead song
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 Did it. No regrets.
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 Ahahahaha! Thanks for the lunch break laugh!
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 I don't alway roll joints. But when I do, it's my ankle. Smile
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 @dmik: well it does help with pain and decreases stiffness leading to more mobility. . . So smoking a joint is basically yoga. ????????????
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 Levy has been writing titles again.
  • 20 1
 I love Abi's articles, always full of great tips. But, have to say, sometimes my creaky old body just winces when I see her range of motion!
  • 3 0
 I’ve done some poses from past vids over the last few days and my lower back pain is greatly reduced. I signed up for the free 15-day trial, and plan to learn more from @yoga15app to keep loose on and off the bike for a long time to come!
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 @sospeedy: That's awesome. Let me know if you have any questions.
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 Just give it some time @robwhynot!
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 @sospeedy: yoga on a bike? . . . hold my beer
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 Motion=Lotion? I think an editor is being cheeky here and thinks that he is stealthy...but really isn't stealthy. At all. Lol
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 This kinda motion needs lotion is what the editor is getting at
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 At 45 I can attest that sensory motion amnesia is a thing
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 Isn't that the truth! I did some yoga through last winter, partly as a result of these PB/Abi articles. I noticed a difference in a month....
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 @mattoutandabout: Amazing. Consistency is definitely key.
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 @yoga15app: that means I need to get back to it this winter...
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 Definitely what I needed to get a full release.
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flag leviatanouroboro (Sep 10, 2018 at 20:22) (Below Threshold)
 Fxck haha
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 I suffer from a decade worth of herniated disks and permenant sciatic pain. These types of yoga routines have allowed me to ride basically pain free for the past year. Thanks Abi!!
  • 5 0
 Same here. Abi's article on 'Yoga for lower back pain in mountain bikers.' was the most life-improving article I've ever seen on PB, hands down (pun intended).
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 @iamamodel and @liv2mountainbike2: thanks guys. That's awesome.
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 This is great. MTBiking is an asymethric sport due to pedal position when downhilling and this really affects the balance of your back in long term... So we all should take more more seriously this... Thanks Abi and PB.
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 Thank you. I hope you find these exercises helpful.
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 I always read your informative ideas based on science . I can relate to that. Then I watch the videos in amazement. My body just can't bend like that. I do stretch every morning. I always here multiple cracks and pops from my old abused body. Or I could pay a chiropractor to make the same sounds. Yoga is about body maintenance.
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 I was introduced me to yoga through Abi/Pinkbike. I do several of her MTB specific stretching routines a few times a week. It has really changed my health and my riding. I even got my wife to do them with me and her back pain is much improved. Thank you Abi!
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 No problemo! I'm so happy to hear you're already noticing improvements in your health and riding. Stay tuned for more!
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 I swear whenever I do a new @yoga15app I'm I release some kind of pain or strain that I had just gotten used to.
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 Yoga has superpowers!
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 These are great Abi. I’m really digging lizard and pidgeon pose at the moment to get those hips open, would be awesome to see your take on these and similar poses.
  • 3 0
 Thank you for the question. Here is my take on loosening up tight hips:
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 I really should put down the beer and go do this stuff. My back might thank me for it.
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 Been doing the Balance and Agility every other day for 2 weeks now and the post ride routine after each ride the past week. It feels incredible, and plus, there's beer yoga too.
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 @RideTahoe707: Post and not pre-balance and agility beer I hope!
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 The thumbnail of No.4 makes me feel queezy. If my wrists did that it would be accompanied by loud snapping noises and 6 weeks in a cast.
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 Yea, Abi has some sweet flexibility that I am going to attain one day. Alas, working as a suspension mechanic every day for the last 20 years has my wrists locked down tight but I stretch them lightly before work every morning and I still out ride the 20 year-olds around here thanks to her yoga routines that keep me flexible and Snap,Krakle and Pop free in the mornings! Love ya Abi! Thanks so much!!
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 @CrispiRider: no problem. A world full of snap, crackle and pop-free riders is my mission!
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 Good for her for taking all of our nonsense in stride. Cyclists are likely the group that needs yoga/stretching the most. You couldn't even hammer a nail through my IT band at the end of a ride.
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 It’s not “nonsense,” it’s sexual harassment. And the reason she has to take it in stride is because she has no choice. Why does Pinkbike do that to her?
  • 14 0
 @Phillyenduro: on balance I still feel it is worth writing these articles and PB does their best to protect me from anything actually offensive but I do think that the comments stop riders from having useful discussions about what is and isn't working for them.
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 @yoga15app: I would agree - it is sexual harassment, personally I think PB should be more active in deleting innapropraite comments. I also agree that it's not just Abi - it is off-putting and that's a shame.
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 Phillyenduro and mattoutandabout

Thanks for assuming what I meant as a comment. My "nonsense" comment was related to comments like the ones below. If you want to have a conversation about harassment... don't drag me through the mud based on your assumption of what I meant.

"Click each one 5 seconds apart or so and shit gets weird real fast."

"I don't always roll joints. But when I do, it's my ankle"

Should a few of the comments you are mentioning be allowed...nope. Should PB get more involved as it is their platform to monitor...yup. Should PB users assume the worst in a comment then throw others in with the lowest common denominator for PB commentors...nope, but you will anyways.
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 @yoga15app: We readers are lucky, and PB is lucky, that you're willing to put up with it all in order to share tremendously useful content. But you shouldn't *have to be willing to put up with it. (And neither should the rest of us.) So I really disagree that PB is doing their best here. Doing their best would mean actively moderating comments to delete harassing, offensive, sexually objectifying posts. PB is choosing not to do that and that reflects very badly on PB.
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 Right now one of the top comments is "Definitely what I needed to get a full release." Hilarious! Thank you Pinkbike editors! Leaving up "SHE IS HOT," and "am I only the one who watches this just to see her in yoga pants," and "freaking knockout!" -- for days -- is so cool, boys. I mean, Amanda Batty's comments were so troubling, but this stuff is just good, traffic-driving fun! Don't worry, a vibrantly misogynist comments culture doesn't undermine your overall mission or poison your brand at all.
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 @vjunior21: So funny, well recieved jokes related to the topic on an internet forum are nonsense? You must be real fun at parties. I would think that anyone taking the time to read the article amd comment (anything beside sexist or racist comments) only succeed in bringing more attention to said article. I, and im sure many other PB users, always look at the comment counter when clicking on an article. The higher that number is the more likely I am to visit and revisit the article to both re-read it and see what insights the community has to offer. Often times I find better, more relatable info in the comment sections. Sure, not every comment is a nugget of golden wisdom. But that's ok they're easy to skip past, or laugh at, or eyeroll, or even offer a counter opinion. To get perturbed enough to comment about what you view as nonsense seems a little silly.
Thanks for quoting my comment though, I think thats a first for me on pinkbike. And common, if you didnt at the very least giggle when you read it i feel sad for you.
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Think you missed the point. I liked your comment as it is nonsence/joke/funny which most of the comments on PB are. We are all just knuckleheads having fun. Do some go past the certain line? Uh yeah, but that is not my to monitor or be categorized with.

Second time Rellinger was quoted on PB:

"You must be real fun at parties."

Retort: Usually
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 In the end after my one minute of five second gapped video analysis.....It's seems like it's all about inhaling,exhaling,looking up and coming back to center....I'm dialed in as a yogini now....Gotta go eat some Kale ..
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 This is mint
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 Neck circles are a great help to me before work and around lunch.
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 I like the individual segments Abi. Thanks so much.
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 Excellent! I'm happy to break it down.
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 What is the movement in the first picture? Looks cool. I assume alternate sides but how does it end?
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 That's one I made up! It's inspired by a style of martial-arts called Budokon.
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 Thank you Abi tup
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 SB130 is lotion
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 in my dreams...
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