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DaBomb Revolution SS Pure Plum

DaBomb Revolution SS Pure Plum Out for just a minute to the post office! Got some filming done! RideOn!


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 Stone carvings around here are at best 50 years old. Those are carvings from gods long forgot in modern times, Probably spirits honored so they dont haunt you when you are in the woods alone. Unfortunatly you know exactly what i mean. hahahahahhaha Cool that you get to show the spirits respect and then do some urbane style around the shrines. Talk about culture! Oh yeah nice bike, nice riding! Ride On!
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 This temple is old. I can feel its age as I climb up to the peak. Its at the top of the hill behind my house.
Some of the stone carvings are new but others are very old, you can see indentations on the rock from rain and some of the statues have been decapitated, hahah
This is a safe place I have been going to for years, my little hang out while on a short ride!

Once Hiro and I were sitting on the steps at the temple just as a thunderstorm rolled in dropping tons of rain on us in seconds. As the rain hit us a tall young woman came up and sat next to Hiro as if she was getting out of the rain, hahahhaha I told Hiro to move over for her freaking him out. She sat right on his left leg as if she couldn't see us. ahaahaha Its a funny feeling!
Then she was gone!

Here is that video!
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 Thats freaky. I dated Japanese woman. I could not touch them untill the third date! She sat on his leg?
Another ghoast?
I noticed the errosion from the rain. Thats how I know some of these carvings must be hundreds of years old.
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 Well, he couldn't see her, she creeped up from behind and sat next to him but over his left leg.
I told him as she startled me to WatchOut!
Then I told him she is sitting on your leg, hahahhaha

She was peaceful and I don't think she noticed us.

When I get freaked out is when I sense someone and then find out they are looking straight at me or us.
This makes me creepy and I can sense messages without know why or how.

However, the girl at the temple was not talking or worried about anything, she was just residing from the rain as were we. Funny, ahhahhahah

Some spirits in the mountains have lost their face.
I suspect they are really old. They are just eyes with a sort of wooden like face but they have now expression. I sometimes feel peaceful around them and other times they creep me out!
However, recent spirits are easy to see their living face and they either carry a huge burden of sorrow or hate with tons of anger. That scares me. ahahhha

The dude I saw at love trail was about 46 years old.
He had thick straight black hair just covering his ears with a thick mustache that went around his mouth but no beard. I had a feeling he was living in the 70's.
He was staring at Momo and I with tons of anger but at the same time he was in bewilderment as if he did know what was going on. He freaked me out so I told Momo, lets get going!

However beings these are things I can only see or sense I have no understanding to what is true or not.
If its real or not? Its just a sense I have and don't really like it. However if its true I think is something I should hone or try and get into reality.
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 Awesome story Niko! I have been on the road for 5 weeks and have been without proper internet. So stoked to see your temple ride and hear of your encounters.. I have had no such experience but intrigued to hear of such stories. Perhaps you are in tune enough spiritually to sense things beyond our realm!
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 Thank you Josh!
Have you been working on the road?
Sounds like a fun trip but must be tough being away from home.

I have no idea what realm Im in, hhahahhahah
Its just things I sense and see.
The funny thing is beings no one else seems to see the same thing it could just all be some
weird illusion in my brain. hahahhah

When I was younger my grandma said I would talk about the old man in my room.
I don't remember but she said that maybe he was my great grandfather and she too would sense he was around at times. Then my father too has many stories with encounters.

My worst experience was once I was lying in bed.
Then Hiroyo went to the toilet.
The moment she left the room a lady jumped on top of be making me petrified.
I was yelling for Hiroyo but I couldn't speak or move.
The lady was on top of me gnawing at my ear saying, " who are you, why are you here?" In Japanese!
When Hiroyo returned she says I stiff and she couldn't move me.
Then in an instant the lady went to the corner of the room and I was free.
Its weird because Im eyes are closed but I can see everything she was doing, and the outline of her face.

Funny stuff!
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 I have heard similar stories from students whilst teaching in Japan. I once had a classroom with 3students.. a female high school student, a nuclear physicist and a housewife. The high school student told a story of her experience like yours of a witch like figure jumping on her in the bed.. The nuclear physicist tried to explain it as you would expect from a scientific point of view..citing altered mind states between awake and asleep, the housewife believed it was a witch. Personally I sit somewhere in the middle between scientific and spiritual but I love hearing stories and explanations from both camps. I do feel some places I visit have a vibe or feeling that I clearly like or dislike..just today I was brush cutting a comms site on a mountain top and I kept feeling like I had to turn around like there was someone behind even though I was alone.. Although I never get creeped out when mountain biking alone in the mountains.
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 Yes, thats interesting everyone believes what they do.
The scientist, who has never seen or felt a spirt can easily come up with a rational idea of how this could be scientifically possible. I have been told its just stress or being tired, ok that makes sense but, it still does't explain the things I saw and felt. Its like colors, we all see them but is our depiction of what they are all the same?
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 Hiroyo was scared when that happened but I told her it happens all the time and not to worry.
However, she called the local monk and he came down. He said I had 4 spirits resting on my shoulder, thats the way he explained it. It went on to say that spirits roam inside the Tori the entrance to a temple. So, beings that Im always in the mountains in between toris, he said the latched onto my soul as safety.
So, to get rid of them we had to make a little shrine in my house and put rice and tea on the shrine everyday for a month. Every night, I had to take the bowl of tea and carry it with 2 hands walking 100 steps from my house, then dump the tea saying, " please rest in peace and may your soul go to a happy place". Then, I had to walk home again looking down never raising my head a different path than I had left my house. It got very repetitive but, the scary dreams have gone away. I still sense or see spirits randomly from time to time. The same feeling you have, some one is looking at you but no one is there. When I have that feeling 60% of the time I can spot a face and its looking right at me. One forest I was at I had that feeling. As I was taking a rest, I saw about 60-70 faces looking at me from all directions. They were very old spirits ( I think) as they had lost their face, it was just many emotionless faces looking at me. The cool thing is at times I can feel peace with time. Its a very complicated thing to describe but I like how the 3 people all had a different thought but they helped answer their own questions. I was raised going to Church and in the bible their are on remaining souls on earth, so no ghost! However stories from all over the world are so similar that its hard to deny things I have felt and seen, but I don't have to try and make others believe its just what I have seen. hahahahhahahh
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 Like you say.. every one perceives things differently.. our way of dealing with matters as yet beyond scientific reasoning is what interests me. I believe beyond all else we should take a humanistic approach, that means beyond religion, science and whatever else dogma or ideal one follows. I heard once that to take care of this world best we should firstly take care of each other.. Being truly interested in the way in which we perceive things differently is a good place to start.
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 Very deep brother!
I love it!
We first need to learn to take care of each other.
This is something obviously not taken care of yet, as we still in 2014 see so much fighting and violence everyday.
Science and religion are ideas set by one or few made for use to follow or believe if we like but,
there is still way too much in this world to be discovered.
Since moving to Japan, my ideas on the world have changed drastically in a good way.
I now believe in not one thing but everything.
I now believe there is no bad, in every situation Im in I have the ability to make myself and other happy!
Its awesome!
I believe in exactly what Im doing at any moment of the day and until I get to that moment I can't enjoy it so I just stay in the moment.
I used to ponder deeply about the future and still do but, I have learned to not worry or fret about it.

"To take care of this world best we should firstly take care of each other.. Being truly interested in the way in which we perceive things differently is a good place to start."

I love these words mate!
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 Seems obvious right? I think the best way to understand it fully is to immerse yourself in another culture as you have done. There are so many things from Japanese culture I wish I could transplant to Australian..we have so much to learn from each other it seems ridiculous that we are still at war in so many places. Its a shame we are so focused on the past and instead as you said, focused on the opportunities of today.
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 Sage words. Words I live by.^^
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 Color of your bike, shine in the Japan Scenery. You became a long-sleeved. Hahahahaha. Nice video buddy !!
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 Thank you buddy! The Japanese scenery is pure beauty, my greenish yellow bike blends in smoothly, ahhahahhahhahah The temperature is getting colder and colder, ahhah RideOn buddy!
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 I thought pure plum was a color and I don't see that color anywhere, nice video, Nicholas!
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 hhhhahhhahah Plum also means marvelous or excellent so I meant it was purely excellent to get out for a short hour ride! hahahah RideOn brother!
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 The color of the fork is amazing. was it custom painted to match the frame?
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 Thank you buddy! Just pure random awesomeness! I found this fork on sale for half off, and due to the color it was a no brainer! hahahahah RideOn!
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 NIko man VS Post man !!!
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 hahahaha Im the winner!
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 great place Smile
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 Thank you idaivan! This was just a short ride around my house. That temple a cool place to rest!
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 Nice street slopestyle!!
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 Yes, its always fun to get our for a city spin!

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