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  • United States DJ Brandt & Ethan Nell Take on Canadia

    3:49 | views: 5635

    comments: 23 | favs: 175

    When we arrived in Vancouver our friend Caleb Holonko decided he wanted to join in on this trip. So we packed up the truck in Van and set out. The only goal was to push our riding and come home with a solid video. We paid for everything out of our own pockets, filmed the video ourselves and did everything 100% for ourselves. We couldn't be more proud of what we accomplished in these 2 weeks!

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  • Canada Dirt Waves

    2:23 | views: 29931

    comments: 14 | favs: 97

    A Logan Peat video by Nic Genovese of Mind Spark Cinema.

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  • Canada 1 Year Behind the Lens

    6:08 | views: 7832

    comments: 32 | favs: 78

    A little something I started when I realized it had been 1 year since my first video. I sequenced 90% of it a couple months back, just found it again on the hard drive and decided to finish it. I wanted to finish it so I could have something to look back on. It brings up a lot of good memories, and some of the bad, it's been a journey. Song // Odyssey - Dream Koala

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  • Portugal Team InFocus - OTB Portugal

    2:36 | views: 4418

    comments: 9 | favs: 71

    Over the bars with Chromag riders Andi Tillmann and Felix Heine in Portugal! @teaminfocus

  • Must Watch Video
  • United States Asa McGill Howe

    1:18 | views: 4043

    comments: 2 | favs: 64

    Filme dans edited by Zach Youngberg

  • Must Watch Video
  • Canada Blissful

    1:57 | views: 7534

    comments: 2 | favs: 61

    Tristan and I got to the chance to get out and do some last minute shooting before he moved back to Alberta! #longlivechainsaw @konaworld

  • Must Watch Video
  • United States Kirt Voreis: Galbraith Mountain

    3:09 | views: 21739

    comments: 11 | favs: 53

    Kirt and I took a trip to my old stomping grounds, Bellingham, Washington earlier this month. We spent a couple shooting at Galbraith Mountain - an incredible network of fast, technical, and flowy trails. Thanks to the WMBC for building and maintaining these amazing ribbons of dirt!

  • Must Watch Video
  • United States Aptos CA : Reviving The Scene

    1:17 | views: 2301

    comments: 5 | favs: 51

    Over the last few years it is sad to see the Santa Cruz/Aptos riding scene fade and transition into different styles in ways that some of us don't mesh with. Digging alone for months on end in the heat, rain, and any other weather possible, Owen's motivation to ride and dig never seemed to seize. Here is Owen Marks, Reviving The Scene.

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  • Sweden Moments in time

    1:58 | views: 17987

    comments: 3 | favs: 41

    Bikes tell you in no uncertain terms that you are alive. When the ideals and thoughts of everyday life are unsynchronized with reality, bikes allow you to push aside your concerns and enjoy the present. By capturing these moments in time, we simply portray what all fellow mountain bikers are most passionate about: riding bikes.

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  • Canada Standard Def

    6:03 | views: 2368

    comments: 4 | favs: 29

    Friday night, good night for some Sabbath. Riders: Paul, Max, Dylan, Aussie, Sean, Speedy, Derek Dogs: Lucy, Benji

  • Must Watch Video
  • Canada Home - Max Barron

    8:19 | views: 5194

    comments: 8 | favs: 25

    For Max... This is home. Behind the lens or on the bike, the adventure always began at home.

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  • United States Reece Wallace - Yeah Loops

    2:39 | views: 23812

    comments: 11 | favs: 25

    Reece Wallace rides Kamloops on his Glory Advanced in his newest video, 'Yeah Loops'. Filmed by Matt Butterworth. Music: Pull The Hood by The Fling

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