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  • Canada

    1:35 | views: 8512

    comments: 11 | favs: 103

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  • Wales

    1:49 | views: 17026

    comments: 7 | favs: 58

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  • Canada 71 year old Shreds the Whistler Mountain Bike Park

    6:26 | views: 6670

    comments: 16 | favs: 53

    He continues to amaze me, at 71 he can hit almost every jumps in the park, this a look at Dirt Merchant (all of our favs) and midlle to lower A-Line. Three different camera angles here, how many others can I come up with? I have a few more up my sleeve! 4k version:

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  • Namibia Steep (and Deep) Lines of Namibia | MISSION EP.3 | Kilian BRON

    7:18 | views: 2110

    comments: 2 | favs: 43

    After a first episode on the highest sand dune of the world and another one on the Chachani volcano at more than 6000 meters, the third Mission will be absolutely different. For this third episode, welcome to Namibia – South Africa, for a different goal. To get lost in the middle of the Savannah and to ride fantastic spots, as you all remember the famous « The Lion King » cartoon.

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  • New Zealand Freeride on Dreamline

    2:28 | views: 5768

    comments: 6 | favs: 42

    Antoine Buffart & Olivier Cuvet having some fun on Dreamline!

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  • Canada Yoann Barelli is a man in a rush

    1:27 | views: 15141

    comments: 1 | favs: 41

    Yoann just got his Commencal Meta 29, and I followed him on what seems like his new way of riding, full gas all the time, as he likes to say, and with a baby at home he has no time to waste

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  • Canada Catchin' the Vibe

    2:20 | views: 1038

    comments: 3 | favs: 39

    May 2018. Thanks to Calvin Huth and the Island loc's for having us. Filmed on Sony VX2000. Edited by P. Riders in order: Paul Genovese Dillon Butcher Ryder Kasprick Logan Peat Daniel Fleury Dawson Amann Song: Quasimoto-Catchin' the Vibe

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  • United States DEITY: Driven featuring Brendan Fairlcough

    2:19 | views: 29201

    comments: 7 | favs: 31

    To celebrate the launch of Brendan Fairclough's signature DEITY handlebar, the BF800 BRENDOG... the crew at DEITY assembled a dream team of filmers, photographers, colorists, cable cam masters, audio wizards, and of course, the master of ceremonies, Mr. Brendan Fairclough. Vid: Seager Films

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  • United States Sprang Break

    2:34 | views: 4989

    comments: 9 | favs: 30

    Tanner Stephens on The Hood Bike, factory Brune, trail bike guy Drew, and Kasper the friendly ghost enjoying the California sunshine. Animations by Wiley Kaupas.

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  • Canada The Grandest of Openings

    1:43 | views: 7306

    comments: 3 | favs: 24

    Anytime you get to spend time in the Bike Park is a good reason to celebrate. But, when the Trail Crews add an additional 13km of new trail to the roster, the celebration needs to be turned up a notch. WMBP Team Riders: Lula Darquier and Trevor Burke Guest Riders: Ian Morrison, Dylan Forbes, Peter Matthews and Will Cadham Video: Absolute Cinema and Good Fortune Collective

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  • Norway energetic start to the season!

    4:16 | views: 10595

    comments: 11 | favs: 24

    this is a mash up of my instagrams edits this spting, follow @makkedonia for more

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  • Australia AFTERBURN: Joel Kristensen

    2:52 | views: 4708

    comments: 0 | favs: 22

    Wild bushfires ravaged much of the natural bushland near Joel’s home, providing Joel and I with the opportunity to film something truly unique. After much anticipation, Joel and I headed out to some of his local trails with the plan to capture life returning to the area and see what we were left to work with. This is the result, we hope you enjoy!

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