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We are cyclists from all over the world,
uniting to share the ride.
Thank you to everyone who donated to Share the Ride during our Indiegogo fundraising campaign. Entry into our giveaways are now closed however, you can still keep donating so we can keep sharing the ride all year round!
How does Share the Ride
help the World?
1. Give a Kid a bike, start a dream.

Everybody remembers it, the day they got their first bike. You remember it too. It inspired your sense of freedom and independence; it gave you the ability to go any place your heart desired so long as you were back by dinner! Learning to ride a bike provides a kid with a rewarding self-guided activity, a feeling of accomplishment that boosts self esteem and shows that anything is possible if you work at it. Help give a kid that chance.

2. Go Green.

Kids on bikes are Green Kids. Having the means to pedal their way to school and leisure activities as they grow up stimulates thought on, and encourages the use of, alternate carbon free forms of transportation.

3. Activity and wellness.

Cycling as a physical activity plays a key role in a child’s healthy transition to early adulthood and beyond. Bike riding provides a kid with an enjoyable form of physical fitness that not only helps develop motor skills, but when they ride with others, much needed social skills as well.

Where will your money go?
  • $100 is enough to buy one child a new bike and a helmet.
  • Share the Ride works with community centers, schools, youth and family service programs and other charities to identify children from low income families who will benefit from the gift of a bicycle.
  • Share the Ride operates world wide!
  • Share the Ride aims to ensure that children receiving bikes are educated on basic bicycle safety.

View our work
Recap Video: Share the Ride 2013!
Rachelle Frazer   Jan 14, 2014
Recap Video: Share the Ride 2013!
Check out the action from Vancouver and around the world plus find out who your Share the Ride prize winners are.
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Share the Ride with Diamondback
Jon Kennedy   Dec 28, 2013
Share the Ride with Diamondback
Diamondback Bicycles partnered with Share the Ride to get disadvantaged kids in Kent on bikes and full of pizza. Here's the full report.
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Share the Ride in Boston
Rachelle Frazer   Jan 7, 2014
Share the Ride in Boston
Trek Bicycles, Bell Helmets and Share the Ride collaborate with the Roll it Forward program in Boston to put big smiles on little faces.
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Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham, UK
Simon Paton   Dec 31, 2013
Share The Ride Goes BMX in Birmingham, UK
Si Paton took charge of the UK Share the Ride funding and got the Birmingham BMX Race Track a load of new bikes for the local kids to ride free.
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Share The Ride Rolls Out in Poland
Michał Wilk   Dec 24, 2013
Share The Ride Rolls Out in Poland
Over the weekend Mbike Bike Shop in Cracow gave a group of local orphans brand new bicycles just in time for Christmas. This super cute edit from the event will leave you smiling.
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