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We are cyclists from all over the world,
uniting to share the ride.
In 2013, Pinkbike and Trailforks created the Share the Ride Foundation in order to raise funds to buy disadvantaged children around the world brand new bicycles. In 2015 we aimed to raise $40,000 in contributions, but with your kind help we raised $47,124!

We visited twenty locations and gave deserving children all over the world new bicycles, helmets and locks. Those kids can now ride to school, bomb around on their street and of course, learn how to wheelie.

Our goal this year is to raise $45,000 and continue to change the lives of children and youth around the globe by introducing them to the joy of riding a bicycle.

We need your help
Help us create a new generation of young, thrill seeking bicycle lovers by making a donation. Every $5 you donate gives you one ticket to win in the Share the Ride giveaways.

Your contribution will not only go towards a helmet and a bike but a new lease on life for a child. Donate what you can and know that you’ll be the difference between an average holiday season and a wheely wheely great one!
How does Share the Ride
help the World?
1. Give a child a bike, start a dream.

Everybody remembers it, the day they got their first bike. You remember it too. It inspired your sense of freedom and independence; it gave you the ability to go any place your heart desired so long as you were back by dinner! Learning to ride a bike provides a kid with a rewarding self-guided activity, a feeling of accomplishment that boosts self esteem and shows that anything is possible if you work at it. Help give a kid that chance.

2. Go Green.

Kids on bikes are Green Kids. Having the means to pedal their way to school and leisure activities as they grow up stimulates thought on, and encourages the use of, alternate carbon free forms of transportation.

3. Activity and wellness.

Cycling as a physical activity plays a key role in a child’s healthy transition to early adulthood and beyond. Bike riding provides a kid with an enjoyable form of physical fitness that not only helps develop motor skills, but when they ride with others, much needed social skills as well.

Where will your money go?
  • $150 is enough to buy one child a new bike and a helmet.
  • Share the Ride works with community centers, schools, youth and family service programs, other charities and foundations to identify children from low income families who will benefit from the gift of a bicycle.
  • Share the Ride operates world wide!
  • Share the Ride aims to ensure that children receiving bikes are educated on basic bicycle safety.

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Share the Ride Foundation
Canada Not-for-profit Corporation Number 871630-7

For more information about Share the Ride contact