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Name Bicicletta Vancouver
Type Bike Shop
Phone (604) 872-2424
233 West Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia
V5Y 1P5
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Avg: 2.45 (7 votes)
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BICICLETTA is a full service road cycling retail store.

Since 1984, we have been growing the brand throughout the Vancouver cycling community, by our involvement with events such as the Valley Gran Fondo, our Stanley Park social rides, and the 2017 Canadian Masters Road Championships.

We continue to specialize in road and triathlon and feature top tier brands such as Cervelo, BMC, and Bianchi. We stock one of the widest selections of clothing in the city, including Velocio, Assos, Pas Normal Studios, 7Mesh, POC & The Athletic.

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    7 Reviews for Bicicletta Vancouver

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     Great shop, went the other day for a bike fit - and also bought several pieces of gear for distance riding that I couldn't find elsewhere. Great staff, just 'switched-on' about bikes. Thanks Graham & Brody
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     Purchased a Ibis Ripmo AF at the beginning of May 2020. Was advised that it would be arriving within 2 weeks. 2 months later I went to pickup the bike and it was not the one I ordered. They did not bother to contact me and advise me that the primary suspension component (Jade X coil shock) is not installed on the bike and that it came with the standard air Topaz shock. When I asked why the bike I paid for and ordered 2 months ago was not the one that was ready to pick up, the guy just shook his arms and replied "I don't know what to say". Neither owner/manager has responded to my email nor have they even bothered to look into exactly why the order was no correct. For a $4,000+ bike I expected more professionalism. Needless to say, I won't be going back there again nor recommending anyone ever again. I'm disappointed with the purchase as it was not what I had ordered and their lack of acknowledgement nor any form of help or even notice. Stay away.
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    flag kookboy (Jul 6, 2020 at 12:07)
     Owner contacted me and fixed the issue by replacing the shock with the correct one from Ibis within a week. Problem resolved.
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     If I could give a negative review I would.
    Never purchase anything online from Bicicletta, unless you want the wrong item.
    This review is only for their online sales, I have no experience with them in person.
    I purchased a Tire online, quite easy order you would think. But then I received the Tire and it was the wrong one. I tried to call, but of course you cannot speak with anyone. Then I used the Chat feature, thinking this would go smoothly. It did, Andrew told me they indeed sent me the wrong Tire, and said I should return the Tire and order an new one, because they have my tire in stock. They would pay the shipping on the wrong tire - send me a label. I again purchased the tire that I wanted online.
    Fast forward to days later when I still haven't received the label. Liam on the Chat told me that they made a mistake and would not be paying for shipping. They don't pay for return postage. "But they sent me the wrong item" I said. After a number of back and forth through the Chat, they were going to send me a shipping label, no wait, they are refunding me my shipping, nope - they are refunding my shipping and sending me a label. Liam couldn't get it straight. (This was after 1.5 hours chatting with Liam).
    Then three days later, I received an email that said that they don't have the tire that I ordered and would I like a different one. I still hadn't even received my shipping label to return my first order.
    I have now cancelled my order (for the tire I don't want), and I am still waiting for the shipping label to return the tire that I didn't order.
    I would have sent it back on my own, but postage is $15 to return an order that I didn't order but was charged for.
    Very unhelpful staff. I don't think they care much about customers or getting anything right. Very much do not recommend purchasing anything from Bicicletta.
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     Just terrible. Wish I’d read these reviews earlier. I bought a bike. Then was told on two subsequent occasions it had been sold to someone else. When they finally confirmed it was allocated to me, they tried to hike the price by $800.00.
    I opted to cancel the transaction and it took them over two weeks to refund the money. In order to get the refund I had to call them every other day for the two week duration.
    There was one helpful member of staff, the rest promised, but never delivered.
    I chased to recover my transaction fee and they gave me a credit. Eventually I found something to buy that was in stock and it took them two weeks to dispatch. After a week and a half, I asked them where it was and was told they were waiting for payment!
    Something is broken here. They would be wise to find it and rectify as soon as possible.
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     Bicicletta is NOT an LBS (local bike shop) anymore. The problem is they've made this BIG change (no service department) but they don't say that anywhere on their website (unless maybe you drill down into it) or on their marketing emails etc.

    If you don't service bikes then your not a bike shop - your an online retail bike seller. Canyon Bikes isn't a bike shop and neither is JensenUSA. Bicicletta now has more in common with their model then any LBS in Vancouver. There's nothing inherently 'wrong' with this but they really don't seem to want you to realise this change - look at their website, look at their marketing. Nada about this BIG change. Why?

    I bought a $7,000 bike from them 2 or 3 years ago. Had them do a complete clean/service twice a year. Now they won't do that or anything that isn't a Warranty issue. Not cool. Not what I'm looking for in an LBS.
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     the tires that were set up on my bike did not meet my needs and i was asked to pay another $220 to change them after spending many thousands of dollars for the bike
    not impressive customer service
    took several emails before i would get an aswer from them
    • + 1
     Great online shop.
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