Choosing between the RS Monarch Plus RC3 Debonair and the DVO Topaz T3

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Choosing between the RS Monarch Plus RC3 Debonair and the DVO Topaz T3
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Posted: Apr 4, 2018 at 8:27 Quote
I'm thinking of upgrading my current shock on my trail bike to a newer, better one.
The bike is a Solid Blade (2010ish?), 160mm travel, HorstLink/FSR suspension.
The current shock is RS Monarch 3.3, 190 x 51, C tune.

The current shock is so old I can no longer find service kits for it and I've already had it fail once, the mechanic managed to fix it at that time, but I'm concerned next time is going to be for good.

So, I've narrowed it down to these 2 models.

RS: (360 euro)
+ price
+ mounting hardware is the same (I think?)
+ may work fine outside of the box, requiring no 'tuning'
+ service parts are more readily available
- less sensitive
- more difficult to service
- I've heard people complain about their reliability, but might not be statistically relevant due to widespread use

DVO: (450 euro)
+ great reviews
+ better small bump sensitivity
+ easier to tune
+ maybe could service it myself
- price
- needs new mounting hardware
-/+ may require tuning but it's supposed to be easy
- it's newer so overall less used, less tested, less user feedback
- service parts are harder to find
- I've read about cases where it gets stuck down, apparently due to a slack o-ring (between the +/- chambers)
- I've heard about it loosing air, having to add air every other week or so
- customer support in EU might be lacking (the opposite of US)

I'm not opposed to spending more on the DVO, if I'd be able to feel the difference AND have it perform reliably.
I'm ok with fiddling with it until I get to perform best, but having done that I wouldn't want to have to always mess with it.

I'm also unsure how the high suspension rate would affect the performance of two shocks.


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