U.S. National Championships Day 5

Jul 19, 2010
by Long Nguyen  
Practice started early at 9:30 a.m. sharp. Many kept to them selves to help get in to the groove before qualifying at 11:30 a.m. The track was dusty and loose and hadn’t gotten any better over the days.

After practice, riders made their last minute adjustments. They loaded their bikes on the chair lift and they were off to the top for Downhill qualifying. A rider loads the gate; the count down begins, and off the rider goes. One by one the riders come down the mountain hoping for a good time in qualifying. The Pro man and Woman that came out on top for qualifying was Jill Kintner and Michael Sylvestri.

After qualifying riders headed back to their trailers to gear up for downhill finals. Dark clouds started to roll in over the mountains and the winds started to pick up. The Pro Woman loaded the chairlifts and made their way to the starting gate. Pro woman are the first riders on track. One by one they come down until the final Pro woman crosses the finish line. With a time of 2:46.20, Jill Kintner is your Pro Woman’s U.S. Cycling National Downhill Champion.

After Pro Woman were finished, Men Cat. 1 (17-18 ) took to the track. As Cat. 1 started wrap up Pro Men started to make their way up the chairlift for Downhill finals. The clouds started to turn black and the wind really picked up. As the riders slowly trickled down the last man was on course. With a time of 2:21.17 and your two time U.S. Cycling National Champion is Aaron Gwin. Gwin held the hot seat for over an hour and recapturing his Stars and Strips jersey.

After a long week I pack up my bags and headed home. Congratulations to all National Champions this weekend and Congratulations to Jill Kintner and Aaron Gwin on Sundays wins.

Top 5 Men’s Result
Aaron Gwin 2:21.17
Logan Binggeli 2:24.64
Tyler Immer 2:24.87
Kyle Strait 2:25.46
Brad Benedict 2:25.61

Top 5 Woman’s Result
Jill Kintner 2:46.00
Jacqueline Harmony 2:49.66
Melissa Buhl 2:51.13
Leigh Donovan 2:51.89
Darian Harvey 3:03.18

Ouch of the day
Luke Strobel going down hard on his final run.


  • + 3
 Really good to see Jill Kintner dominating womens's downhill after making the switch from 4X racing - would be cool to see her racing the world cup next year!
  • + 3
 Anyone know the status of the rider who got air lifted out? I was right at the double where it went down.
  • + 1
 So was I! The rider was Sean "Griz" Mclendon. I thought he was severely hurt, something like dislocating both hips, but was gonna be fine....
  • + 2
 he broke his collar bone and pelvis...
  • + 2
 sorry but ouch of the day definitely goes to griz
  • + 1
 this is true.
  • + 2
 what happened to griz?
  • + 3
 went over the bars on the forty footer in the trees and had to be medi vacd out!
  • + 2
 especially in her first year racing downhill
  • + 1
 yeah timmer the farmboy immer and brad
  • + 1
 to bad they didint get any pics of the sick ladder towards the top.
  • + 1
 I got a couple pics of that in my profile. Im gonna upload more sometime today.
  • + 1
 Hell yeah BEEFEATA!!!!
  • + 1
 Cool nice write up Wink
  • + 7
 I wish UK races were 5 days long
  • + 1
 anyone got a link to the full results sheet?
  • + 1
 can anyone answer why J.D swaggen doesnt do the world cup season? i mean he came 2nd at the 2007 juniour worlds and so on..
  • + 1
 If you cant podium at a US national, then chances are slim that you would qualify for a world cup
  • + 1
 yeah Immer!
  • + 0
 the leatts doing its job in strobels crash! congrats to gwin for the win!
  • + 2
 he has an alpinestar brace not a leatt
  • + 1
 yea i saw that but does it really matter? everyone know what i mean...
  • + 1
 is luke ok
  • + 1
 Stoked for Gwin

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