Mole Shoes Product Review

Jun 26, 2002
Shoes have always been a mainstream part of skateboarding, but its not something you give much thought about when your riding, things like your fork and pedals are more important. Besides, most platform pedals do a good job of tearing up shoes anyway. For those who think twice about riding footwear, if you don't know about Mole shoes, you should.
When I went out looking for a pair of riding shoes I knew I wanted a pair of megla comfy, stylish, and affordable skate shoes. After checking Wal-Mart, and finding nothing, we headed over to Forzanis. I tried on a few pairs of DC's and Airwalks, they were nice, but too pricey. Then I saw the Moles on the Shelf, I slipped in to a pair of them, and was super impressed at how cushy they were. After throwing on the other one, and walking around, I decided, this was the pair for me. Crazy thing was, I only paid 60 bucks for them. This turned out to be a very sweet investment.

So I walked out wearing them, and decided to give them a test ride that night. I got out on my bike with snafu pedals, and the grip was amazing. Super tacky, but still hard enough to be stable. After an hour of light neighbourhood urban, I was really stoked, the shoes were everything I wanted in a shoe, and then some. Within two days, I had my "pedal groove" set into the shoes. My feet instinctively go to one place on the pedals, and now the shoe was worn in to that.

With continuous riding, they only got better. And still managed to stay tacky. When winter came around, I still had the shoes, and I had grown out of my boots. I decided to just wear the Moles for winter. That’s when I discovered something else sweet about these, they were mildly waterproof. Through 3 months of daily walking to school, and frequent snowskate sessions, my feet were all good. Only after a long time in deep snow did my feet start to get cold. And then summer came, and I found out I had a hole in my right shoe. My pedal groove had gone a little too far. But I got about 3 more months than I had originally expected out of them.

This is when I popped down to Forzanis to pick up another pair. I went through the same process with the second pair. And I was so surprised again at the price, 70 bucks. I know of a few other people who ride Mole shoes as well. Dale Einarson had this to say about the shoes: "I used to slip pedals riding up curbs, but now no-footed backflips off 25 foot hits are no problem when I’m wearing the Moles. No seriously, these shoes are really stable, stick like mad, and are priced right."

So next time you need a pair of riding shoes, or for that matter, skate shoes, hit up Forazanis for the goods.

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-Rod Leland


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