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Aug 8, 2002
Here we sit at Invemere in Byron Grey’s back yard. We have completed location/episode 5 and working on number 6 here at Invemere. We have some really cool locations planned from sea level (lake) to above alpine. We’ll provide an update in a few days once we’ve had a chance to enjoy, and adjust to the heat!

The “Drop In” road trip, thus far, has been amazing. Byron, Shawn, Mike, Darren and Dylan have proved themselves time and time again as SICK free-riders. We have completed 5 of our planned 12 locations. The first 5 episodes included some gnarly desert hits and sick lines in Drumheller, late night street sessions and dirty huck pit in Calgary, long flowy trails and stunts in Fernie and more of the same in Rossland, then Nelson where Shawn, Dylan and Mike showed us the prime goods. It has been a trip of a lifetime for all of us. I can report on behalf of all the crew that spirits are extremely high and the bus is extremely messy and stinky!

Let me quickly give our fans a brief update and snap shot of life on the “Drop In” ‘rock star’ bus. It all started in Calgary on July 15th where Byron, Shawn, Mike, Darren and Dylan showed up for a kick off press event and to clutter the bus. The next day we were in the ‘fry pan’ of Alberta – Drumheller! Drumheller was about 38 degrees when we rolled in and it only got hotter. The bugs were thick and the heat was intense but the boys had a blast. With-out spoiling the surprise for episode one I can say the highlight was witnessing Darren drop the sickest drop to tech line sticking it like the man he is. Shawn was quoted as saying “the heat is hot”, which pretty much summed up Drumheller. Our Drumheller kick off episode, airing Sept. 7th on Sportsnet, will blow your mind and set the tone for what to expect from the coming journey.

Calgary was our second location and proved to be just what our street jibbing freaks Shawn and Dylan were built for. This episode will feature late night downtown jib sessions, huge man-made and natural hucks and some crazy antics with our friend Daver. I think the highlights from Calgary would have to be the dirty huck pit session, dodging security downtown for late night urban, and last but not least crazy Daver tripling a stair gap into a busy intersection. We also hooked up with Jared Jespersen who busted out for the cameras and was at one point quoted as saying “If your dumb, you gotta be tough”… and yes he was tough, or maybe it was dumb? You be the judge.

Third episode took the crew to Fernie where we hooked up with Scott Fieldhouse who hooked up the goods. Everyone was stoked to be back in the mountains after the desert fry pan and the concrete cow town. I think the highlight of Fernie was the shuttle provided by Ravens View Express in their 1965 Swiss Army Uni-mog beast (see pictures). We could hardly keep the guys in front of the cameras long enough to demonstrate the bliss of the mountain free-riding around Fernie. The best quote from Fernie came from a kid named Dylan Siggers at the skate park who said “just ride your stuff” after the boys were commenting on his busted up bike. The episode concludes with a special treat, total unrelated to biking, that I can’t ruin…you’ll have to watch to find out.

Our fourth stop on the 12 location tour was Rossland. For Rossland we were lucky enough to have local ripper lunchbox Larry (a.k.a. Chris Lawrence) along for the ride as our tour guide. His comic relief was not only hilarious but therapeutic for all of us. With eight guys on a stinky bus riding hard every day nerves can get a little frazzled at times. Every day of riding was better then the next, we didn’t think the riding could better but Larry just kept pulling out all the stops. Highlights from Rossland would include Larry, Larry and probably Larry! Funny guy and I know you guys will love the episode as a result.

Episode 5 took the crew deep into the Kutenais for a stop in Hippieville Nelson, BC. Nelson is home to Mike, Shawn, & Dylan, and second home to Byron and Darren so we had no worries finding the cream of the Nelson crop. Highlights from Nelson would include a HUGE, never seen before, gap courtesy of Mike ‘I Rip’ Kinrade, amazing stunts/bridges and Shawn going off urban style. I don’t think I need to convince anyone that the Nelson episode will rule!

Today, August 8, 2002, we’re sitting in Byron Grey’s back yard in Invemere to kick off epidsode 6. As I look out the propped open bus window I’m looking at about 1.5 acres of dirt jumps, stunts and bridges built into the trees around his house. Byron is awsome! He has some pretty cool stuff lined up for us. Stay tuned for an update that will be sure to make you quack in your boots!

Until next update keep talking up the show, set your VCR’s for Sept 7th (stay tuned for time schedule) and most importantly “Just ride your stuff”. Over and out

Tim Bieber, Mike Johansen


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