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Aug 25, 2010
by Tim Lake  
Sam Davies is an up-and-coming photographer from Swansea, in South Wales. I've known Sam for a couple of years now and I've followed his progress as a photographer right from the word go. Sam is now one of the more well known photographers on the dirt jump scene in the UK. So for the first in the "New Media" interview series I asked Sam a few questions.

Interview, Pics, and Video content inside!First of, tell us your name, and where your living.
I'm Sam Davies and I live in Swansea, South Wales.

How did you originally get into riding, and photography?
I originally got into riding after finding a little trail when I was cycling along a cycle track at the age of about 13. I got into photography by taking photos of my mates riding with my mobile phone. I then bought my first compact camera and have been taking photos since.

What gear are you currently shooting with?
I'm currently shooting with a Canon 550D, Sigma 70-300mm, Falcon 8mm fish-eye, Canon 420 ex flash and Cactus V4 trigger and receivers.

Do you have a favorite shot? By yourself or by someone else?
My favorite shot by myself is probably my first POD (See below).

Sam's first ever Pinkbike POD. Shot on a compact point and shoot camera.
Sam's first ever Pinkbike POD. Shot on a compact point and shoot camera.

My favorite shot by anyone else, is a photo I only recently saw, by Jordan Manley:

Unsecure image, only https images allowed:
Do you prefer an awesome day of shooting, or riding?
It's hard to say really, there's nothing better than a good, long day riding DH although I love going home knowing I've got a few sick shots waiting to be edited.

Who do you think has helped you most to get to where you are today?
Probably my riding mates, George Hughes and Tom Jefferies have always pushed back up for 'one more time'.

You've had access to some of the best dirt jumps, and best dirt jumpers in the UK, that must have helped your progression?
Yeah definitely, obviously a photo's gonna be a lot better if the rider's doing a 360 double whip or super-flip than someone doing a bar turn. Plus the dirt jumps are pretty special and make for good photos thanks to Dan and Geoff who built them.

Sam Pilgrim, Flatspin 3 from this year's Bike Radar Live
Sam Pilgrim, Flatspin 3 from this year's Bike Radar Live

Who are your main inspirations, in photography and outside?
Photography wise, there's the obvious big names like Sterling Lorence, Harookz etc. Although the majority of photos I look at are from guys on Pinkbike like Justin Brantley, Lescart, Szymon 'Lunatyk' Neiobrak, Jacob Gibbins etc.

Who's your favorite rider you've ever shot with?
I don't really have an individual favorite rider to shoot with, it's always fun going to Clyne and Moos with the Swansea dirt jumpers Danny, Adam, Ash, Dan, Geoff, Harry and Dylan etc. with all the banter and amazing riding.

Have you had any work published? By magazines or websites?
Yeah, I'm fortunate to have access to riders like Danny Pace and Adam Williams so I've had a few advertisement publications in MBUK and Dirt. Also had a few photos in the online magazine Wideopenmag.

Some of Sam's published work in Mountain Biking UK
Some of Sam's published work in Mountain Biking UK

A lot of photographers are now getting into video as well as shooting stills. Do you think you will follow the same path?
Yeah, I recently got the 550D which has good video capabilities so I've made a couple of short web edits and I plan to do a few more.

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Who and where would you most like to shoot?
Whistler is definitely at the top of the list of places to ride/shoot. As for riders, I'd probably say someone fun and stylish like Cedric Gracia.

Describe your average day?
My average day is wake up, go to college until about 3, then if the weather's nice go riding/shooting until about 7, then edit the photos in the night.

What about your perfect day?
Perfect day would be to wake up in Whistler, ride in the morning, then shoot for the rest of the day with a perfect sunset to finish.

Do you intend to carry on shooting MTB, and pursue a career in the MTB industry?
I do intend on carry on shooting Mountain Biking for sure, doing it as a career would be amazing so I'll have to see if I get the opportunity.

Danny Pace throwing a big 360 over the pristine Moos trails.
Danny Pace throwing a big 360 over the pristine Moos trails.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I'd like to see myself traveling the world shooting World Cups, Crankworx, Masters of Dirt etc, whether that will happen I'm not sure, but I'll certainly try to make it happen.

Canon or Nikon, and why?
Canon, no specific reason to be honest, it was the camera I started off with and I haven't seen the need to change since.

Will Soffe racing at the Rheola BDS
Will Soffe racing at the Rheola BDS

Finally, any shout outs you wanna give?
Shout outs to George and Tom for pushing up the hill countless times. The dirt jumpers Danny, Adam, Ash and Rob for making the photos with their tricks. Dan and Geoff for making the trails, Harry and Dylan for providing random comments and jokes and my parents for taking me to races. Slammin'!

You can find all of Sam's work on his Pinkbike profile at

Keep it stuck to for the next "New Media" Interview!
-Tim Lake

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 Awesome write up Tim! Way to go Sam, really doing the work to push yourself forward and give yourself a name! Salute
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 some epic photos.
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 That pic of the leaf is so damn cool!!!
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 it is nice to hear of people like this, starting young with photography and progressing. It is good to see some acknowledgement to the photographer too, often it is the riders that get all the credit because of the sick tick, but without the photographer who would see the trick?

very good article, a nice break from this boring office job Razz
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 Rad, nice one Big Grin
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 Thats 2nd photo is incredible!
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 Woo Sam!

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