Shredmate Jump Tracking Computer Now Available

Jun 29, 2018
by Lisa Irlam  
Shredmate mtb jump sensor on bike

​ShredMate, the first bike computer to track your jumps has completed production, and is now in stock. The team at ShredMate smashed their Kickstarter target and have fulfilled all their pledges. The team are excited to launch ShredMate to the public and bike retailers.

ShredMate combines a motion sensor with our specialized algorithms to give you exciting new information about your riding. The small sensor attaches to your fork and connects directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth to track your ride on the ShredMate app, so that you can view your:

Jumps: ShredMate locates and measures your jump air time – and landing g force. By training to reduce your landing g force you will improve your flow on the trail.

G-Force: ShredMate detects peak g forces – tight corners, g-outs (and even the odd crash!). ShredMate displays these g forces on the map.

Rough Trails: ShredMate automatically detects when you’re riding a rough trail. ShredMate lets you view each trail separately, so that you can view detailed telemetry for the sections of your ride that matter the most.

Speed: ShredMate shows your route as a trace that changes colour depending on how fast you go. Red for fast, green for slow.

Shredmate app showing jumps

Shredmate app showing g forces

Shredmate app showing route

Shredmate app showing telemetry

Rider Testimonials

bigquotesAs well as tracking jumps, ShredMate can track g-forces, detect individual trails and measure your jump landing g-force. By training to reduce your jump landing g-force, ShredMate can help improve your riding.

bigquotesAwesome app and unit!! Great way to track and actually have data to improve on your landings and work on getting more air time!

bigquotesA whole new level of detail in the ride tracking world.. Great to see G force and Jump distance and time... It seems very accurate too, when compared to other tracking apps. Great work.

ShredMate is available now for just £70 ($94 USD, $122 CAD)

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