Race Report: Sturdy Dirty Round 1, Oregon

Jun 22, 2018
by Jameson Florence  
One stoked crew!

Words: Jameson Florence

The first race of this year's Sturdy Dirty series brings us to Westfir Oregon. Where's that? you might ask. It's a quaint town in the foothills of the Central Cascades just outside of Oakridge. The endless miles of rippin' singletrack have certainly pinned this area on many riders' maps. On Saturday, June 16, hundreds of racers, volunteers, friends and family rolled into town to double the population of this tiny community. They all came to be part of Sturdy Dirty's classic "fun zone" Enduro style racing. Camping and pre-riding Friday through Sunday brought everyone together, making the weekend feel more like a mountain bike ride with 100+ friends rather than a race. Racers and volunteers were giddy with excitement to shred with their friends. But once riders passed those start gates, make no mistake, it was go time!

Photography: Jameson Florence, Patrik Zuest & Jacob Pace

Last week the trails were dusty and dry. Recent rains brought the LOAM.

Smiles all around
No one but the best here!

What's a camping party without a miniramp?

Are you ready? Nancy (the big blue bus) and Ryder (dog Co-pilot) are waiting patiently to take racers up the hill!

Before jumping on a shuttle, racers cruise by the Industry Nine tent, where Sarah was providing much-needed fuel for the day. Dare we say, Aid station #0?

Andy from Squish Dynamics making sure everyone's suspension is in tip-top shape.

Riders meeting means serious business. Photo: Jacob Pace

Cog Wild serving up the shuttles. Photo: Jacob Pace
Who's ready for some bikes?! Photo: Jacob Pace

In true Sturdy Dirty form, there were costumes galore. These two start timers took it real serious.

Now that's a sight to start your race off with!

Ingrid Larouche hammering out of her first stage.

Anna Sullivan carving her way to the top step of the pro podium.

This crew was all smiles all day long on the transfers. Easy to see why with views like this!

This corner surprised nearly everyone; Michelle Warner made it look easy.

The Pro/Expert only course diverted racers off the sunny & dry Alpine trail, taking them way out on Tire Mountain and Cloverpatch trails on and adjacent ridge. The weather over here was quite the contrast to the warm sunny and dry trails they had just been on.

Did someone transport us to the Shore?

Bacon, banana, peanut butter and raisin bread? Yes, please! Adam Andrade saves the day with handcrafted sandwiches for bonking racers.
2018 June sturdy dirty enduro mountain biking women ladies oregon alpine westfir race trees
Nom Nom. Photo: Jacob Pace

A particularly beautiful time of the season for this race, with meadows blooming with balsam root.

Andi Zolton charging down the trail, on her way to 2nd place pro.

Stoked to be riding with buddies.

Every once in a while the trails pop out of the woods, showing off amazing views of the Oregon backcountry.

Keep eyes on the trail (it's hard, with scenery like this).

Even pros occasionally sample the dirt. Leigh Donovan came into a sharp left/right just a little too hot but still managed a strong placing.

10-year-old Molly Blair towing her mom through a rock garden. This kid is stoked!

Back at camp, eyes are fixed on the results screen to see how everyone stacked up.

Race sponsors that help make this event happen also donate awesome schwag for the raffle.

It turns out, if you're name is Dana and you've entered a raffle, you should put your last name on the ticket as well. Otherwise you might find yourself in a pushup competition with two other Danas to win the prize.

Woohoo! New build kit.

Now that's some serious trail stewardship: making sure the racers rehydrate and all. Thanks for the beer, 10 Barrel.
The dance party at this timing crew's finish line stage went strong all day.

What's a podium party without some whipped cream?!

Pro ladies

This is the team who makes it all happen.

Click for Race Results

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Thanks to all the sponsors for helping make this race series a reality


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 Amazing job putting on an incredibly fun event! #stokeridge!
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 Even if you camp, lock your bikes (seriously).
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 Where does this not apply?
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 To bad we don’t have a men’s race like this in oakridge or a men’s and women’s race! Well that I know of at least
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 Timing issues.

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