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  • flag Kayseri

    piotrstaron: Freeriding
    in: Freeriding

    3199 views | 11 comments | 62 faves


  • flag Nitra

    EwiaProduction: ewia
    in: Freeriding

    2590 views | 3 comments | 20 faves

    Garyho Trail
    Jakub Bereš


  • flag Surrey

    TombPhoto: Winter
    in: Dirt Jumping

    1565 views | 1 comments | 22 faves

    Olly Wilkins

    Golden light on a Winter day at S4P with Olly Wilkins

  • flag San Anselmo, California

    satchscratch: 2017
    in: Freeriding

    2318 views | 23 comments | 92 faves

    Buck Wild
    Garrett McGurk

    Can you tell we were at Supercross the night before? Garrett pushes through the weekend's legendary rut.

  • flag Bellingham, Washington

    ericmickelson: 2017
    in: Freeriding

    3031 views | 17 comments | 33 faves

    Oriental Express
    Matt Russell

    Matt Russell making some backyard pow turns.

  • flag Vancouver, British Columbia

    apeshape: recent-work
    in: Freeriding

    5620 views | 6 comments | 40 faves

    Boogie Nights
    Andrew Teit

    Rider: Andrew Teit | Location: Mt Seymour, BC | Trail: Boogie Nights

  • flag Nitra

    EwiaProduction: ewia
    in: Freeriding

    4906 views | 21 comments | 63 faves

    Stone Pit in Slovakia
    Jakub Béreš

    1. Build your new gnarly line 2. Ride it 3. Be stoked about it 4. Decide to ride it in the dark #NEWlevelOFstoked #everyweekisawesome

  • flag San Luis Obispo, California

    satchscratch: 2017
    in: Freeriding

    4317 views | 13 comments | 33 faves

    Avila Ridge
    Leah Lind-White

    What started as a chilly morning sure turned into an idyllic California coastal winter day when the sun rose. After being pounded by rain in recent weeks, the light, color, and warmth felt incredible.

  • flag Agen

    Airik: 2016-Nugs
    in: Freeriding

    3499 views | 13 comments | 38 faves

    Cobblestone Halfpipe
    Erik Hölperl

    Selfportrait Assistent - Daniela Ufermann -------------------------- Pushing yourself on this spot felt like playing chicken with a semi-truck on the highway. One wrong move and you are in pieces. The 70kmh windgusts did not really help.

  • flag faqra

    DanMilner: Photo-of-the-year-2016
    in: XC Riding

    2469 views | 5 comments | 32 faves

    Lebanon Mountain Trail
    Kamil Tatarkovic, Tibor Simai

    Following the Lebanon Mountain Trail for seven days, at times only 50 miles from the Syrian border, we crossed this natural stone arch. A tough, but rewarding trip, in a country that is now peaceful after three decades of war.

  • flag Golden, British Columbia

    ReubenKrabbe: Reg-Mullett
    in: Freeriding

    6134 views | 8 comments | 66 faves

    Mount 7
    Reg Mullett

    Reg Mullett riding Mount 7 from the summit to valley bottom. There was beer at the bottom, so we rode fast.

  • flag Perth

    Chamakazi: 2016
    in: Freeriding

    26848 views | 28 comments | 149 faves

    Josh Johnston

    What do you do if the UCI decides to host a road cycling world championships in your home town? Build a jump over the peloton of course! Josh slapped on his McGazza shirt and sent it for Kelly. As featured in Revolution Mag Issue 45.

  • flag Sospel

    SamNeedham: Our-Neck-Of-The-World
    in: Freeriding

    2263 views | 4 comments | 39 faves

    Sospel Gold
    Toby Pantling & Rowan Sorrell

    High up in the French Maritime gold. Jan 2016.

  • flag Rotorua

    Chamakazi: 2016
    in: Freeriding

    4938 views | 6 comments | 77 faves

    Eliot Jackson

    Eliot laying it flat into the sunset at the Crankworx Rotorua whip-off.

  • flag Granada

    sterlinglorence: 2016favs
    in: Freeriding

    7259 views | 13 comments | 67 faves

    Cam McCaul and Ryan 'R-Dog' Howard

    Cmac and R-Dog shred in Granada, Spain during the filming of Not 2 Bad with Anthill Films.

  • flag Leogang

    norbertszasz: Random-2017
    in: Freeriding

    3687 views | 9 comments | 52 faves

    Danny Hart

  • flag Numinbah valley

    benstevens: favs
    in: Freeriding

    2008 views | 5 comments | 39 faves

    Ryan Hunter

  • flag Funchal

    sterlinglorence: 2016favs
    in: Girls in Action

    5878 views | 10 comments | 90 faves

    Casey Brown

    Casey Brown in Madeira, Portugal

  • flag Dresden

    natedh9: POY-2016
    in: Freeriding

    4438 views | 1 comments | 34 faves

    Lake Hip
    Lukas Knopf

    Lukas bringing the style to the sunset at the lake.

  • flag Santa Cruz, California

    justinolsen: Photo-of-the-Year-2016
    in: Bikes - Freeride/DH

    3776 views | 7 comments | 57 faves

    Last light take flight. R Dog blazing the line at Cruz Fest 2016

  • flag Halle

    Airik: 2016-Nugs
    in: Freeriding

    5767 views | 15 comments | 33 faves

    Erik Hölperl


  • flag Black Rocks

    lunatyk: freeriding
    in: Freeriding

    4809 views | 16 comments | 71 faves

    Black Rocks
    Aiken Colinge

    Riding in thick fog.

  • flag aelggialp

    Goldfinger: twoWheels-color
    in: Freeriding

    2697 views | 8 comments | 48 faves

    thomas tödtli & felix klee

    Felix and thomas race the last light

  • flag Ingelheim

    Laue: Photos2016
    in: Dirt Jumping

    5291 views | 24 comments | 187 faves

    Max Mey

    About the photo: The picture is called Icarus 2.0. Our inspiration for this shot was the Greek myth of Icarus. The symbol of the first flying man, beating the laws of nature and gravity. According to the myth, Icarus got wings form his father Daedalus to escape a maze on the island where they were imprisoned. The wings were made of wax so Daedalus told his son not too fly too close to the sun because the heat would melt the wings. He also told him to keep some distance from the sea because the water would make his wings too heavy. Their plan seemed to work out: They managed to escape the maze and the island. On the way to freedom, Icarus became a little bit too reckless. He flew too high and got too close to the sun - his wings melted and he fell into the sea. Our athlete Max Mey is flying - just like Icarus - over the water and very close to the sun. The difference between the two flying men is that Max lands safely. His skills and his experience let him know what risks he can take and when he should stop. And of course his bike is not made out of wax, which is the advantage of the times we’re living in today.

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